Sunday, August 9, 2020

Incredible Prophectic Dreams about the coming Rapture and Tribulation!

 I posted this on Facebook, but realized I should have posted it here as well. I've watched this video twice now and asked the Lord for discernment. I believe this woman is telling the truth about her dreams. I pray it encourages you that soon those of us who love Jesus will be rescued from this evil world and be with Him! I, for one, can't wait!



  1. Great video!
    I deleted my FB acct. I was tired of the garbage on FB and the censoring that FB was doing. But I have missed your posts. So I decided to come to your website.
    Glad I did.
    Again, great video.
    Do you send out emails?
    As I have said before, I do feel the Rapture is very soon. With everything going on I feel it is imminent.🙌
    Thank you for your informative and encouraging postings.

    Barbara Wilson

    1. Hi Barbara!! If you sign up to follow this blog by email on the right side, then every time I post, it will send it directly to your email. Anyway, good to see you. I haven't been posting as much on Facebook either. Jesus is coming.. sooner than we think! Blessings to you and yours!