Friday, August 7, 2020

We are on the Brink of the Tribulation

I realize that's quite a bold statement, but based on everything I see going on in the world, coupled with Biblical prophecy, I am convinced the Tribulation may indeed begin this fall. Why fall? Because of the Biblical Feast days and appointments which God set up. Yes, they are Jewish feast days, but they are also called God's appointments with man!  The first 4 that happen in the Spring, have already been fulfilled by Jesus's first coming. The last 3 which occur in the Fall will be fulfilled at Jesus's second coming. Hence, if the Tribulation is exactly 7 years long (we have the numbers laid out for us in Revelation) then it has to begin and end in the Fall. But this Fall?  Like I said, based on the signs and prophecies, I'm pretty sure. I know some of you may not be happy with me saying that. Some of you have plans for your life, and you're looking forward to them. I understand. But let me say this, Life as you have known it will never return to normal. The plans they have formulated for years to install the New World Order across the globe  have begun, and they aren't going back. Covid is the first step, Chaos and Rioting the second. These people are immensely powerful and extremely intelligent. Everything they do is pre-planned and calculated. It has begun.

One of the main reasons I believe the Tribulation starts soon is this upcoming vaccine. it's not a mere vaccine as many are reporting, but it contains aborted fetal tissue and possibly (in this round), nanobots or quantum dots or some sort of microchip. They already do not hide the fact that it will alter your DNA. I don't believe THIS is the Mark of the Beast. But I do believe it will become the Mark in the future. That, coupled with the Communist takeover of America (and the world), the increase in earthquakes, the upcoming famine, the upcoming economic crash, the incoming asteroids, pedophilia, immorality, and that "every thought and intent of man's hearts is evil continually" as in the Days of Noah, well you see my point. I could go on with Biblical numbers and other prophecies, but I'll stop there.

I'm Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but in truth, it is NOT bad news for those of us who follow and love Jesus.  IT is great news, in fact, for soon we will hear that Trumpet blast and be instantly transformed and with our Prince!  I can't wait.
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In case you haven't heard some of this news, I'm posting highlights from last week below. Not to cause fear. But to encourage you to pray, help save the Lost, and get ready to get out of this place! 

Checkpoints are just the beginning of having a vaccine chip that will allow you to travel and purchase things

Bill Gates is evil and is a part of the NWO plan to take over the world. He knew about Covid long before it even started. Obama gave tons of money to the Wuhan Institute in China.

Found this to be very scary. Even Trump is in on this. Using the military to deliver vaccines? Why the military? Why the DOD? Is it because eventually they will force it on us?

Thankfully, someone at MSNBC got tired of spitting out propaganda

I only post this because there have been numerous dreams and prophecies of tsunamis striking the East Coast. Also Scientists say there are asteroids heading our way.

If you've been following China, they are really persecuting Christians there, closing churches, tossing them in prison, and demanding they renounce Jesus. We need to keep our brothers and sisters in prayer.

We already knew this, but they will use our phones soon for Virus tracing

This is a huge step and will lead to the 3rd Temple being rebuilt. Watch for it...

The Great Reset is a real thing. It is the beginning of the New World Order. Must read.

I'm hearing lots of reports of food shortages and coming famine. What would you do if you had no food and they demanded you renounce Jesus in order to be fed?

Emmanuel Macron means "God with us", "The Mark"  Think about that for a moment.

Have a blessed weekend!!

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