Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Covid Virus deaths greatly exaggerated!

For months, I've been posting articles saying that this pandemic is being greatly exaggerated, that doctors were being paid to put Covid-19 down as cause of death for most everything, that the Swine Flu (H1N1)  that occurred during the Obama reign killed far more people than Covid has already and we weren't required to lockdown. So, finally the CDC has come out with some reliable Stats.

94% of Covid deaths had other contributing factors

Only 9210 people have died from Covid-19 alone 

So, why the exaggeration? Why force a lock down and everyone to wear a mask when Obama didn't do that with H1N1?  Why risk destroying our economy and cause more deaths by the lockdown? 

Because the extreme left, allied with the Globalists who want a Global government and a New World Order must not only destroy America, but must create such a global crisis of extreme fear, that people will beg for them to take over and restore health, safety and peace.  They are using Covid and other crises to enact a Great Reset of the World's government and economy. Check out the World Economic Forum. The language sounds so nice, doesn't it? It's all a deception for the elite rulers of this world to take power and steal all your freedoms.  

The six stages of the New World Order.  They are following the Communist playbook exactly. They create the crisis, get everyone terrified for their lives, and then sweep in with the solution. But the solution will ultimately be far worse then the crisis.  

 The Fall of America 2020 

Six phases from Freedom to Communism

Remember the group of frontline doctors who came out and made a video about how hydroxychloroquine had cured all their patients who had Covid? Remember how they were immediately removed from the internet and defamed as frauds? I can't find their video anymore, nor can I find any honest information about them. Why? Many other doctors have come forward to say that this drug is not at all dangerous, when monitored, and has a long history of successful use, AND it does seem to cure Covid, if caught early enough. Then why silence these doctors?

Because they want you to take their vaccine! They don't want any other cure to be available for you. 

 If you have time, I encourage you to check out these videos on what the vaccine will contain. This is NOT conspiracy theory. These are real doctors who put their reputations and lives on the line to share this information. You watch and decide

New Content of Bill Gates' Vaccine

US Congressman warns of Government's secret plan

Covid-19 Censorship and Trace

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