Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Warnings and information on the Coming Vaxxine for those interested

  I came across this information from two sites, one is a blog from a fellow watchwoman and the other is from an end times site that I have found reliable.  In addition, I've heard the same things these people are reporting from other sites. Is any of it true? Honestly in this day and age, I have no idea. But I feel compelled to pass along the information and warning and to encourage you to take it to the Lord in Prayer. 
I misspelled the word in the title on purpose to hopefully keep the censor bots from censoring this post! 
This lady has a ton of good info and lots of links for you to verify what she is saying
Now the End Beings site
I do not know if the Church will be here when these things are implemented, but we see the writing on the wall. If we are here for the beginning, whether you will take the vaxxine or not is something you may need to decide soon. Remember it will not become the Mark of the Beast until the Antichrist rises and demands you submit to him and his One World Government.  So, if you decide to take the vaxxine, you will not be dammed to hell. 
For me, I'm not taking it. I know too much about what's in it to ever want to put that in my body. I do not want my DNA changed, nor do I want some tech inside of me so they can track my every  move. It disturbs me greatly that Trump is pushing this to come out early. I do wonder if he has a clue what they are putting in it. 
Of course this could all be fake news, but I've brought this before the Lord on multiple occasions and I believe I'm sensing from Him that this is happening. The good news?  Since the church is gone before the Mark gets implemented, that means we are going home soon!

In the meantime, God will protect His Bride from any and all harm. Just remain in the secret place of the Most High! 

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