Friday, October 9, 2020

Jesus wants His Bride to stop fighting and get along!

 Hi everyone. I'm writing just a short post today. I've been spending quite a bit of my time working on my book, trying to get it in your hands by late this year. However, I felt impressed by the Lord to tell you all that He is very sad at the infighting of His children, particularly over politics and theology. 
By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.  John 13:35
The only thing that matters and the only thing that bonds us as family is our love for Jesus and that we are part of His Kingdom. Whether we vote for a democrat or a republican or whether we believe in the pre-tribulation or post-tribulation rapture or no rapture at all or any other theological opinion, we should treat each other with love and respect. Yet all I see all over the internet, are people who get viciously angry at their fellow believers, even to the point of calling them names and saying they can't be Christians if they believe a certain way! It's actually quite shocking to watch. 
Oh, how the devil must be gloating over his victory. Because let's face it, when we are behaving this way, none of the lost are drawn to us. Why would they be when we behave just like everyone else in the world? 
If your argument is political, state your case and be polite. If the other person won't back down or gets too angry, simply move on and pray for them. I speak from experience because I have not only lost friends but a family member over my political leanings. 
If your argument is theological and it has nothing to do with someone's salvation, state your case with love and respect (if you feel led) and then let it go. Paul tells us in Timothy not to engage in useless theological debates. 
If your argument with a believer has to do with their salvation or an issue that would put them at risk of not being saved, again, state your case with proof from Scriptures with love and respect. If they won't listen, try again as the Lord leads, and if that doesn't work, pray for them. 
My point is, the Lords doesn't want us fighting and calling names and tossing hatred at one another. He's begging you to stop. We all belong to one family and we will be with each other forever. Might as well learn to get along now.
Besides time is too short to be displeasing the Lord, to be doing something that may lead a lost person to hell.  Instead of arguing, we should be out there doing all we can to win the Lost, right? 

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