Friday, October 23, 2020

To really understand what's going on, you need a Paradigm Shift

When I was a kid, life was a lot simpler. (I'm 61 now). The family unit was still mostly intact. TV Shows were fun and innocent. I can remember my family crowding around our single black and white watching silly shows like Leave it to Beaver, The Horse and Mr. Ed, Mannix, and Rockford Files. No sex, no gays, no transgenders. Most kids grew up outside, playing with neighbor kids, climbing trees, riding bikes. We never worried about being kidnapped. Most families went to church too and if you didn't call yourself a Christian, then you were a bad person. Yes, there was a shady side to life. There were bad people, but we didn't associate with them. We all thought our country was good and moral and most importantly we trusted our news sources. 
I grew up believing that what the news caster said on TV was true. I thought our presidents and congress for the most part were good people who cared about the Country. When you grow up like this, it's a very hard thing to disbelieve these foundational principles you've always clung to. To change a belief system takes time and it often leaves the person in a state of shock for awhile. 
 I think the one thing that really started me on a course of questioning things was 9-11. I'm not an engineer, but I just couldn't figure out how a building that huge and built with reinforced steel rods could topple from the ground up.  So, I looked into it. Now, I don't want to argue with you about it, but the things I discovered were pretty disturbing. Whether they are true or not, this caused me to question government, media, and even our president at that time. 

I started looking into the Illuminati and the group of powerful, wealthy families who are said to be running things behind the scenes. Again, my level of shock at what I found was through the roof. It's a hard thing to grasp that so much of what we've been told about history is lies, so many of the events recorded were all orchestrated by these powerful people. If you even look deep enough, you can find the master of all lies at the very top, orchestrating everything. Yes, there are people who know about Satan and who willingly follow him. Why? Because he's a really good liar and he's convinced them that he is the real god and he is the one who can give them eternal life and riches. 

This of course led me to our own country and how many of our leaders have been put in power by outside sources, Illuminati, Free Masons, etc...whatever they are calling themselves. Some were presidents I liked and voted for! Ever wonder why they tried to kill Reagan and were successful at assassinating Kennedy? Because both fought against the deep state. What about the Iraq war? Why did we attack Iraq when it was Saudis who flew planes into the World Trade Towers? It's all a game of money and power to these people. 

Is America a good nation? I believe there are many good, God-fearing people within our borders, but as a country, we have been taken over long ago by the forces of evil. What do they want? They want to crush us. As long as America stands as a bastion of freedom, they can't take over the world in a One World Government like they've been planning for years. Why a global government? You have to remember who is in charge of these people. It is the master deceiver himself whose goal it has always been to rule over the entire world. The Bible tells us this. It also tells us that he will achieve his goal for 7 years. 

Another hard thing for me to reconcile was that most of our entertainment is also allied with these evil forces. This is why, over the years, our TV shows and movies have become more and more violent, more and more filled with graphic sex and immorality. Rarely can you watch a TV show now without a couple sleeping together or a gay person being glorified. Have you watched any of the more popular music videos lately? I had the misfortune of watching one and I can say without any doubt, it was pure pornography.  I also learned that Hollywood itself is a lion's den of pedophilia and perversion. These people have sold themselves to the devil long ago, and they do his bidding with every thing they produce.  With their so-called entertainment, our enemy has managed to desensitize us to evil, to make what God calls an abomination raise our children to become so familiar with immorality that it is the natural way of things. 

While we were sleeping, they also took over our schools and universities. Have you seen some of the textbooks lately? They not only teach our kids that America is a bad nation full of racists and white supremacists, but they teach them about sex and gender identification and force them to use bathrooms with the opposite sex. My heart breaks for the youth of today. They don't stand a chance. 

But I think the hardest thing of all for me to accept was that the media, who are supposed to be the watchdogs of our republic, were lying to me. Why? Their entire job and the reason they exist is to speak the truth, to report the facts, to investigate our officials and leaders and keep them accountable. Our nation is too big. We have too many people. No one can find out what's really going on in Washington or even in our State Capitals. We rely on our media. We've trusted our newscasters. It's taken me awhile, but I now know that 99% of our media are lying to us. They are paid by someone else, told what to say, and have no conscience, no problem in lying to the American public in order to force a certain agenda. This isn't just conjecture. I've seen it first hand. And it has broken my heart. How are we the people to know what is the truth? If we can't know the truth, then how can we vote appropriately. And if we can't vote with the proper knowledge, then we've lost our country and our freedom. 
From the dictionary:
Conspiracy theory - a theory that rejects the standard explanation for an event 
So why is "Conspiracy theory" have such a negative connotation? Do you know that the term was coined by the CIA to refer to theories about the Kennedy assassination? 
Am I a conspiracy theorist? Yes. I don't believe much of the current narrative I hear on the media these days. It has taken me awhile to get there, believe me. I have studied, investigated, and prayed. I've asked God to give me discernment and keep me from deception. I don't claim to know and understand everything. 
The problem  I see all around me is most people still believe the old paradigm that America is good, our politicians have our best interest at heart, and our news media are trustworthy. That is why our nation is so divided. The media has put out a certain narrative that many people have bought into, even though they have no facts to back it up. We've become lazy and we accept what we hear rather than question everything and do our own homework. 

If you follow me here, then you know I have questioned the entire COVID narrative, along with the vaccine. I've linked to many articles and videos which prove that something fishy is going on. Masks are proven to be ineffective. The virus is not as deadly as the yearly flu. Why are we listening to Bill Gates? What are they putting in the vaccine and why are they making it mandatory? We need to start questioning things. But in order to do that, people need a paradigm shift. They need to realize that our world has changed. Those in power, including many in the medical profession, do NOT have your best interest at heart. But instead, they have another agenda which in the long run will rip your freedoms away and usher in our enemy's global government. 
Do you think Satanism isn't real? Do you think there can't be people who truly worship him? There certainly can't be real witches and warlocks, right? And of course they aren't sacrificing children to their vile lord. That's just too evil to think about. We are a civilized society, after all!  Yet, this kind of thing happened all throughout the Bible. Do you think Satan has become civilized? That he's given up his dream for world domination? That he doesn't preform the same evil acts he has always done? God warns us over and over again in the Bible. He's been working behind the scenes for some time now, but he's starting to show himself more and more in these last days. 
The Bible has prophesied this, yet so many Christians refuse to believe it could happen in their life time. They refuse to believe there could be such evil in the world, that those people we trust the most are lying through their teeth. 

That is why I wrote this article. It's a hard thing to wake up in a world you no longer recognize. But if you don't do it soon, you may become a casualty of the war they are waging against all of mankind.


  1. Agree 100%. Thank you for writing this article!

  2. Thank you all! I expected some kick-back, but you all are so nice. It's wonderful to know I'm not alone.