Friday, November 13, 2020

Censored, Denied, and Moving On! They will come for you next.

 As an independent author, it is essential that I have a strong and wide social media presence so that I can let my readers (and new readers) know when I have a new book out, what it's about, book sales, etc. I must admit that as an introvert, this has been difficult for me. What should I talk about? I'm a private person and I don't want to show pictures of my home, family, food, hobbies, etc. It's okay with friends, but when you're an author, 90% of the people on my author page on Facebook are complete strangers to me.  So, I did the next best (and probably best) thing and that's talk about Jesus, things I have learned in my walk with the Lord, and all the signs and prophecies of His soon return! 
However in the process of doing that, I have come against the Deep State Machine. I have tried to expose the Global agenda and how they are planning (through Covid and lockdowns and vaccines) A Great Reset, which will usher in a New World Order and the Antichrist Final empire. On more than one occasion, I have posted an article about these topics. My motive is not to sell books, but to open eyes to the huge deception currently going on and to get believers to prepare for what is coming. 
Facebook has not liked that. Although the articles I posted were from reliable sources and the information contained in them I had also heard from other reliable sources, they marked my posts as False News and then shadow banned them and other posts from being seen. When I finally had enough, I sent them a note and told them they were restricting free speech and should be ashamed of themselves. The result was a massive Restriction put on my author page and all of my subsequent posts being banned from the main home loop. 
The number of page likes and reads has dropped SIGNIFICANTLY. These are the stats I see on my own page. Do you see the People Reached, Post Engagements and Page Likes?  They were ALL GREEN and climbing 2 weeks ago. I wish I'd taken a screen shot, but please believe me. I was getting a Ton more exposure. Then it just suddenly dropped enormously. 

My Ability to Boost one of my posts has also been removed, along with my ability to place a Facebook Ad to advertise one of my books.  See their reason below.
Why am I showing you this? 1. Some of you have questioned whether I'm overreacting to the censorship. 2. It's NOT about me. This is about our Freedom in this country to FREE Speech and not having opinions and ideas banned just because the powers that be don't like them. 
 This is happening all over, people. ALL over social media and even in Google searches. I'm just a peon in the list of far more important people being banned. If this can happen to me, it can happen to you. Don't think it won't. Not to mention the fact, that you are no longer going to be seeing posts or hearing news that contradicts the narrative they want you to hear. If you don't do something now, as in go in search of alternative news sources, then you will be deceived, along with most people. The Bible warns of us a great deception coming on the earth in the end times, a deception that will trick many people, even the elect. Please heed the warning. 
I will be leaving Facebook by the end of the year. Not only does it do me no good if my posts aren't seen, but I do not want to support a Nazi organization like them. I'm moving to WeMe for now. It is a similar platform that does not censor information (at least for now)  I hope you'll come and join me there! 
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I believe this censorship will only increase as far worse things are coming. But we are not to fear, for the Lord will never leave us! And soon, He will come rescue us from this place!




  1. Sorry to hear this, MaryLu, but not surprised. We know it is coming. I refuse to post anything on FB or to support them, but I do have a pseudonym acct. just so I can access other people/businesses. Actually, I rarely go there. I just joined and Will check out WeMe. I feel as if we are merely holding our fingers in the dyke, but we do what we can do until the Lord takes us out of here. I don't look for you on FB as follow you here. Best, Judi

    1. Good analogy Judi.. holding fingers in the dyke. I agree! Pretty soon all conservative Christian posts and even websites will be banned. I don't think most believers understand what is coming. A quick read of Revelation will inform them.

  2. What happened to everyone being tolerant of each other and being able to speak 'their' truth without being judged? Funny, how that only applies UNTIL you disagree with them, right? I do not have FB, nor will I. My friends that do have it are all fed up with it. I recently joined Instagram, but only so I could see other Christian authors post who I like (i.e. Ronie Kendig, Tamara Leigh, Becky Wade, etc.). Glad you still have your blog so I can read your posts here.

    1. They speak of tolerance and unity but their actions prove otherwise. Thank you, Amy!

  3. This has all shown me why people risked their lives in WWII to listen to radios late at night to find out what was really going on out in the world. Their "news" was all fake and propaganda. And now, so is ours. I found OAN and Newsmax, but I'm still so wary and distrustful.

    I'll be deleting all my posts and pics on FB and leaving it too. I've only ever been on it for my books too, but now God is moving me to more of a freelance writer life and using my writing for missions groups and stuff. Until He comes for me, I will carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

    Glad I follow your blog. I won't miss a post. ;)


    1. OAN and Newsmax are good sources! We have stopped watching even Fox. Such a shame. What a blessing the Lord is using your writing in such wonderful ways! I pray every day that the Lord gets my books in the right hands to open eyes and hearts to Him. There's nothing else more important. Blessings!