Tuesday, November 24, 2020

To take the VA--XINE or not to take the VA--XINE?

And yes, I misspelled it on purpose.  Those nasty little bots might miss this post and not ban it! Ha! Anyway, I've had several people contact me, asking the question about what they should do when the Va-xine becomes available. All I can do is relay to you the information I have discovered regarding the CV-Va-xine. Hence, I will include several links below for your investigation. I would not link to these sites if I  did not personally find them reliable. In addition, I do not just list information from one source, but I wait until I hear similar things from multiple sources. I have also seen several You Tube videos from prominent doctors that have said the same things, but those videos have been removed. (Which speaks highly of their truth in my book) 

Is the Va-XINE the Mark of the Beast? No. It is not. I believe it will become the Mark in the future. But it is NOT the Mark now, so please do not worry about that. As one pastor said, it can't be the Mark without the Beast, and we don't see the Beast yet!  

Personally, I choose NOT to take the vaccine for many of the reasons you will see below in these articles. This is a personal choice that I cannot make for anyone else. I suggest you do your research and then pray about it and see what the Lord will have you do. I realize that quite possibly in the near future some of you will not be allowed to work or go to the store without the va--xine .  So, this is definitely something you need to bring before the Lord.

This first one I highly recommend because it includes a video that cannot be denied.

I'm not trying to scare anyone, nor am I a conspiracy theorist. These links all include proof. I urge you to do your own homework.  I simply want you to be informed before you make a decision to take the vaccine or not.
 Either way, the Lord will protect us if we follow Him!!


  1. No vaccine for me. I saw another post about CDC doctors warning about it via FB, too. Thank you for continuing to provide a safehaven here, MaryLu. For being truth and light. So needed, now more than ever!

  2. Thank you. I won't get it, but my family won't have the liberty to say no. It concerns me.

    1. I have family members in the same boat, Katy. All we can do is pray for God to keep them safe!