Friday, November 20, 2020

What's happening in Germany will come Here Next!

 I have a good friend in Germany who keeps me appraised of happenings there. If you have heard that our military conducted a raid on Dominion servers there, you'd be right. However, recently, other horrifying events have come to pass that I feel an urgency to post here. I will copy, word for word, her email to me below. Remember, Germany has been through all of this before with Hitler. For the people there, it's terrifying to see such things happen again. 

From my friend.  I had asked her about the government spraying water cannons on protestors.

Yes, that happened this week. It was about the new infection-prevention law I mentioned in my previous email. Basically this law overrides our constitutional law in the event of a „epidemic emergency“. (It is also the same type of law we had about 90 yrs ago, „Erm√§chtigungsgesetz“, which made all the horrible things happening around the 3rd reich etc possible). It basically allows the top ministers in charge to rule without consent of the parliament in case of „epidemic emergencies“, allowing them to cut our basic human freedoms as they see fit. So now, they can search your house without warrant, vax you without your consent, put you in quarantine camps etc…
For the most part, those who don’t believe in „conspiracy theories“ said, this would never happen with our constitutional law, as the founders of the Republic of Germany after the war built in this clause making it seemingly impossible for such a thing, the passing of a law that would give all power to one or just a few on top without needing the consent of parliament, to happen again. They left one loophole, though: natural catastrophes or epidemic emergencies, and that is exactly what they used now.
Many Christians here prayed. And thousands came to Berlin to protest peacefully, as they did in the past months against the CV restrictions. Whole families were there with their children, they were not exempt from the water guns. AND its pretty chilly here, it being winter now! Medics were forbidden to help protesters who were injured, at least one Parlamentarian who was on the side of the protesters was thrown down, injured and detained by police. I saw a video from one who was there at the front where all the action was. He said, it was all very young policemen who looked like they were high on adrenaline (who knows what they were told and what their orders were) and would not look anybody in the eye. Even during previous protests, there have always been calls out to to the police to join the protest (as all of this will apply to them as well…). But it is, as far as I have seen, only very few older, more seasoned police who dare to rebel against these types of orders. 
MaryLu Again
You don't think this could happen here? Think again. If you still think the Covid-19 virus is as bad and contagious as they say, you need to get your head out of the sand. They are using it to take control over every aspect of your life and they are putting technology into the vaccine that will change your DNA and track you everywhere you go and record everything you do. This is no joke.  It's time to wake up! Life is not going back to normal. The Globalists have been planning this for decades. Whether Trump remains in office or not, their plans are going forward. Please, please. wake up.
Here's the video of the water being sprayed
I'll end this with a word of Hope! Jesus is coming soon for His Church! It's not a matter of years anymore. I'm talking months, weeks, maybe even days away. We will NOT be here when the Antichrist rises and the Mark of the Beast is enforced. Jesus is our only hope and the rock of our salvation. It's still not too late to turn to Him, repent of your sins, and put your faith and trust in Him!  See my links at the top of my blog on How to be saved. If you're a believer who loves the world more than Jesus or who is living in willful sin, it's time to get serious and return to Jesus!  


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