Monday, December 14, 2020

Happy Release Day! Timeless Treasure!


I am pleased to announce the release of my latest novel, Timeless Treasure. It is a time-slip novel, which is a story that skips back and forth between two time periods. However, there is usually a link between the two eras either by an object or person, and a connection in the form or a moral or lesson learned. In Timeless Treasure the reader is taken on a suspenseful adventure between the present time in Charleston, South Carolina, and the year 1718, Charles Town and the surrounding area. 
The connection is both an object in the form of an ancient coin and love letters, and a person in the form of the heroine, Lexie Cain, who is related to the pirate in the past.  
I've never written a story like this before. What prompted me was a call out from Barbour Publishing looking for time-slips. I had never heard of this genre before so I did some research, prayed about it, and came up with this story. 
I truly enjoyed writing this story. I know some may find Lexie to be a bit rough around the edges, and the story of the real pirate Stede Bonnet is a tragic one. However, both the present and past are incredible love stories, and there are great lessons to be learned about following God's leading in all areas of life. Another secondary lesson involves the question, what does a true follower of Jesus look like?  
I hope and pray that you will find this story as deeply moving as I did. Even in the writing of this, I felt changed for the better by both the past and present tales. I will admit to even crying at the end. 
My prayer is that you, too, will, not only enjoy the story, but be ultimately drawn closer to our Lord, who loves us more than we could ever imagine!
You can order the Ebook HERE
And the Paperback HERE   (Just in time for Christmas!!)
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And Here you can read a little more about the characters. 

Here are two wonderful endorsements I received from two wonderful authors!

If you read and enjoy the story, I'd love a review on Amazon. In order to keep writing, I need to sell books, and in order to sell books, my books have to have a high number of good reviews. It only takes a few minutes and I would greatly appreciate it!!




  1. Ohmyword, OhMyWord, Oh. My. Word! A pirate/timeslip book from MaryLu Tyndall?!?! Christmas wishes do come true! :-) And guess who just found the perfect gift to buy herself?? (HINT: enthusiastically raising hand). Quarantining will be no hardship if I have this beauty in my clutches. Especially after seeing your Pinterest board with pictures of your characters (insert heart-eyes emoji here!) In this crazy, bizarre, frightening time I can't wait to escape to the high seas with this handsome crew.

    1. Amy, I love your enthusiasm!! Thank you so much for making my day. Glad you checked out my pinterest board... I love picking out pictures and scenes for the book. makes it come alive. I hope you enjoy it and it takes you on a grand adventure away from our crazy world right now. ;-)

  2. Congratulations! Wish I could purchase to support..Too many things competing for the, scratch that- the much I have right now.,. Oh, b the way, Ztube aka YouScared, YouTube kicked me off their platform last night, unsigned and terminated my ZTube account with them...Their reason? They claimed my posts contained abusive content and I harrassed and bullied people..Which by the way shows how skewed their moral compass is..What did I do? I kept reporting a Nigerian scammer copy and pasting diabolical messages, impersonating popular servants of God, asking people to send money to an orphanage in Nigeria. This person claimeed, under the name of the impersonated, that he had a vision of a witch with a mirror holding the blessings of the victim in a basket...Welp, I kept warning people not to fall for it and a couple of times, I told this scammer that HELL awaited him if he did not desist from his nefarious activity. I guess telling that person what fiery fate awaits him seems 'abusive' to Ztube....Crime number 2? Disliking posts of Pharasaical stone throwers calling other believers still in the support of the President lunatics, fools, deranged etc..Rather ugly world out there. Anyway, I sent an appeal and though they never provided proof of my 'abusive' behaviour, I was told my account was permanently terminated...So, the Gestapo has shown its true colours...

    1. Kate, I'm so sorry to hear this, but I'm not surprised! We have to stand for the truth and call out evil where we see it. You did this and I'm proud of you. Free speech is gone in this country. I've been severely banned on Facebook and will be leaving them soon. There are some other alternatives to youtube, facebook, and twitter, but they aren't used very much yet. Just keep standing for the Lord and against evil where you see it. This is our job while we are still here. Blessings to you!