Friday, December 11, 2020

Let's Chat about What's Really Going On

End Time Prophetic News is happening at such a rapid pace, I can't keep up. Especially since I've been trying to publish my newest novel, Timeless Treasure, which releases on Monday! 

Anyway, I come across so many news articles and videos that I want to post and chat about, but of course the powers who run social media are limiting my views. I also hesitate because I don't wish to cause fear.  For me, when I learn about scary things to come, it actually encourages me because then I realize that the Lord is returning very very soon. However, I know not everyone has that reaction, so if you are squeamish and tend to gravitate toward fear, click away and focus your thoughts on Jesus and how much He loves you. 

My husband is a PHD research scientist, and he has taken a huge interest in the election. He literally spends 8 hours a day on his laptop doing research on what's going on. I trust him because I know him and he doesn't easily fall for things. He requires lots of proof. So, I will just say this about what he has found. There has been an enormous amount of voter fraud, and I'm not just talking about ballot stuffing or dead people voting. I'm talking about pre-programmed computer systems loaded with software that can switch hundreds of thousands of votes from one candidate to another. There is a ton of proof and lawsuits will be filed and probably end up at the Supreme Court. I know there's one already there now, but the one coming from Sidney Powell is even bigger. In fact, the very strange thing is that Sidney and others who are investigating this are saying that it's almost like the Democrats wanted to get caught, they made it so obvious and easy to find all the corruption, fraud, and treasonous activity. Which leads me to my 2nd point.

Why would they want to get caught? Are they stupid? No. I'm not talking about the Democrats we see on TV. I'm talking about the elite powers who run the world. And yes, Google, Snopes and others will tell you that's a conspiracy theory but it is not. Very powerful people with tons of money are running things behind the scenes. And you want to guess who is running them? At the very top of the pyramid is Satan himself. Beneath him, his fallen angels, beneath them, the Nephilim hybrids, and beneath them the demons. The Scripture is clear that Satan's kingdom has an organized hierarchy with levels of military power.  So if you think I'm full of it, go check your Bible. 

One thing that may surprise you is that many of the people near the top of the pyramid actually know exactly who they are serving. They follow Satan on purpose, having believed his lies that he is the light-bearer, the illuminated one, not God, that he is the one who can grant them eternal life, not God, that he can supply all their needs and meet all their desires, not God. So, you see, many of the elite are not atheists at all. They know all about almighty God, but they choose to follow His enemy. By the way, many of these people are pedophiles and actually offer children to Satan as sacrifices.

Back to the story. Satan's goal is to rule the world and be worshipped as god. In order to do that, he must first combine the world into a one world empire. Also known as the New World Order, many of our own presidents and politicians have embraced such an idea. But the one major roadblock to world domination has always been that pesky free republic known as the United States.  We are too independent, too fond of our freedoms, our constitution is too strong, and our military too powerful. 

So they plan

1. They get several powerful people in our government to side with the Chinese government in exchange for wealth and power. 

2. They get control of 99% of the media (including social media and use them as propaganda machines

3. They release a world-wide virus that will keep people locked down, kill some, and destroy the world's economy.

4.. They will orchestrate The Great Reset, part of the World Economic Forum that will swoop in and help every one through the pandemic and create a one world economy. 

5. They knew Trump would win the election so they used their computer systems and every other method they could to cheat and make Biden the winner, knowing full well that they would be found out. 

6.. When the Supreme Court reverses the election and declares Trump the winner, the left is all ready to start a civil war and plunge the nation into chaos. 

7.. Once there is chaos everywhere, China will invade. They already have troops on both borders and other military personnel within our borders. Not to mention, they have several of our leaders in their pockets. 

The last 2 points are things that some very reliable people are saying. I hope they aren't true, but based on what I've learned, its quite possible.

Alongside the plan to take over the United States, we have the lovely vaccine coming our way. This Covid-19 virus is not as deadly as they are saying. The death rate is no worse than the seasonal flu. 99.9% of the population recover from it. ( This is not to lessen or belittle anyone out there who got it or anyone who lost a loved one. My heart breaks for you because this was a planned disease and shame on those people who released it on the world!)  But why the masks and lockdowns?  Control. It's all about control and fear. Also they want to trash the economy so people will be more and more dependent on government for help. 

Yet, it's the Vaccine that will be even more deadly than the virus. This is what I've heard from very reliable sources. 

The Vaccine will contain (as many do) aborted fetus tissue

The Vaccine will contain recombinant RNA technology that changes your DNA

The Vaccine may or may not contain one or all of the following: nonobots, microgel or some form of technology that can be used to

a. Track you

b. Keep track of your health

c. Attach to your brain and be used to download instructions at a later time once 5G is installed everywhere. 

This information comes from doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. Most of which have been silenced or their sites and interviews removed from the internet.

I am not a doctor and therefore cannot really say how much of this is true. But, based on Biblical prophecy, and what I know about our enemy, I wouldn't doubt it. 

They are going to make the vaccine mandatory. This is already starting. Many of the airlines in other countries are saying that they will not allow you on their planes without proof of a Covid vaccine. In Israel, they are already saying that you can't attend a sports function, concert, museum, etc without the vaccine. This is how they will get us, just like they did with the mask. It won't be the government forcing it. It will be the stores, restaurants, gyms, airlines, etc, which won't allow you inside without a vaccine card.  

What about people who get government help in the form of welfare or medicare? You can bet they will require you to be Covid-19 vaccinated before receiving anything from them. 

There is a coming food shortage. Several reliable reporters have been talking about it for awhile. What if you had no food and no way to get food, but the government offered you as much as you wanted, IF you get the vaccine. Do you see where I'm going? 

Of course they will say this is all for your good and the good of everyone in the country and world. They will call you horrible names if you don't take the vaccine and eventually I believe they will force you into a quarantine camp.  

But why? If the virus isn't that deadly? People need to use their brains. Why are they so dead-set on pumping you full of this thing? It has to be because there is something in it that they can use to track, control, or possibly kill you. They want to rule the world. You must keep that in your mind. These are not nice people. They are ruled by Satan.

I judge everything by what the Holy Scriptures say. Since we are obviously in the end times, all you have to do is compare what the Bible says with what's going on around you. Believe me I would love more than anything to think that this virus will fade, the vaccine is good for you and will work, those who perpetrated voter fraud get arrested and we all go back to living life as normal.

But that's not what my Bible says. We are nearly 73 years past the birth of Israel and Jesus said He would return before this generation passed away. The average world wide lifespan in 2020  is 72.63.  We also see nearly all the signs of the end Jesus said we would. If none of this was happening and Israel was still a young nation, then yes, I would think that all this madness would pass and we would return to normal. 

I have not linked any proof or articles to this post. Mainly because if you want to verify what I'm saying you can certainly go out and find proof. I will list some reliable sites below. Also, I write best when I sit down and let it all out at once without trying to find links to corroborate what I'm saying.  

Is the Vaccine the Mark of the Beast?  As one of my favorite pastors says. "No. There is no beast yet, so how can we have his mark?"  He's absolutely right. We do not see the Antichrist yet. And for True believers, we will NOT see him rise. So, taking the vaccine will not send you to hell. The choice to take it is completely up to you and the Lord. 

Another thing I've noticed lately is a lot of talk of "aliens". In fact, a former Israeli Security Chief says that both Israel and the US have been in contact with aliens for years. Plus, there have been strange monoliths appearing all over the country and then disappearing. These aliens are not from outer space. They are Nephilim and they will perpetrate the greatest hoax on mankind ever. I believe that after the church is raptured, these aliens will arrive and say they took us for reprogramming. They will also tell people there is no god and they are our creators. Now, we are seeing their existence being broadcast all over the news. 

Which brings me to our Glorious Hope, the appearing of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who promised to rescue us from the wrath to come and keep us from the hour of trial that will overcome the entire world. (Luke 21:36, Revelation 3:10)

Will our country descend into civil war and anarchy? 

Will the Chinese invade? 

Will we be forced to take the DNA-altering vaccination?

What will happen if we lose our jobs, homes, and health?

NONE of this has taken God by surprise. NONE. He's not up there pacing, wondering what to do. This is a God who keeps your tears in a bottle and knows the number of hairs on your head. We, who truly follow Him, do not need to worry about any of this. IF we are still here for some of it, HE will provide and protect! He promises that in His Word. He can't do otherwise. It would go against His nature and His faithfulness. So, trust in Him. Stay in your Word. Grow to love Him more and more. Claim Psalm 91 over yourself and your family. 

Then why are you telling us all this, MaryLu? 

To prepare you. So you can have an idea of where we are in End times prophecy and be able to discern the signs of the times. Jesus chastised the pharisees for not doing that. How much more should we be following His instructions?

So you can pray for effectively.

So you can be more diligent about sharing the Gospel with others and warning others of what is coming. 

So you can get excited that soon and very soon, we are going to see the King! 

Here's some great sites for you to investigate further.

Humans Are Free

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  1. I’m amazed at how many people have their heads buried in the sand and don’t see what’s truly going on. Praise The Lord that because of what’s going on I’m able to shed some light to non believers. They are starting to listen and I pray that I can continue to be a light and lead them to the True Light, Jesus. Thank you for writing these articles! I believe He is coming ANY day now!

    1. I'm amazed too. I think it's because our educational system has taught us only to memorize and then regurgitate, not use critical thinking. We are like sheep who just believe everything we hear and we don't stop to think deeply about it. But you are right, this is a great time to spread the good news! So many people are wondering what is going on. I, too, believe we will see our Jesus soon!

  2. Thank you! I pray everyday that when the time comes, should it, I shall stand firm for Jesus and die for Him. It will be incredibly hard as I have 4 small children whom I adore, but I stil pray we won't give up and get our eternal reward.

    1. Your children are safe, Rachel! We will be rescued before we have to endure too much. We may see it coming.. but we won't have to endure it. God will keep you and your kids safe. :-)

  3. I agree, I am not stressing on any of it as I know that all things work together for good to those that love God and are called according to his purpose. We can know that the Lord is with us and he will take care of us... Praying through Dear Sister, really all we can do is pray, praise and pray some more!
    Love & Blessings unto you
    Linda Marie Finn

  4. I agree with your timeline completely. In every direction I look into, I see another angle being played out that moves us closer. God has also given me a "window" into what is going on in various agencies. I was shocked this year to get a couple internships, but I know God wanted to show me some things firsthand. With my internship, I am seeing so much on aliens. I just sat through another webinar on them. It's becoming normalized. I also just got word that I am to head down to Atlanta in the spring on a mission trip to minister to the refugees. I didn't even sign up for this. I applied to go back to the Middle East, but was asked if I would go to GA instead. There are over 18,000 people (Muslims) there. I didn't think (hope) I would still be here come spring, but if I am, I will go where God leads and bring the Gospel. Also, my daughter has been offered a job with an agency and being moved to Utah. I will drive her out there in a few weeks. I pray as my family separates, we will still meet up in the sky, but until then, God is giving each of us tasks to do and positioning us strategically for His purposes. It's exciting, but making it hard to write. I'm also under two deadlines for January. Part of me wants to cancel them and focus on all God is showing me, but I also know God has blessed me with a job I love, and I can do it anywhere He sends me. :)

    1. Very Exciting Katy! I've been asking the Lord what He wants me to do with these last minutes... should I keep writing? I don't know. I assume you are talking about intelligence agencies? SO interesting that they are talking about aliens!! Do tell! I want to know more if you can... Regardless, let's keep focusing on doing God's work until He comes for us! Can't wait!