Monday, December 21, 2020

Possible Meaning of Tonight's Christmas Star

 If you haven't heard about the big and rare planetary conjunction that occurs tonight, then you may want to google it and check out a few articles. It seems the whole world is talking about it. Basically, it is the conjunction of two planets, Jupiter and Saturn. These two planets will be closer to each other than they have been in 800 years. From earth, they will appear as one large star. Many believe that the actual Bethlehem star was also a conjunction, but of 3 planets, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars and/or possible the star Regulus, making it even brighter!  Planets mean something in Biblical astronomy. Jupiter is known as the King planet and often refers to Jesus Himself. Saturn represents Satan, and Mars is generally referred to the war planet. I'm not an expert on this, so some of you may know more than I do on Biblical astronomy. 

I have it on good authority that this star tonight quite possibly is a sign of the soon arrival of the Antichrist. This is not something I'm making up, but something I've heard from a very reliable man and prophet of God. Actually, it wouldn't surprise me at all if this is true based on where we are in Biblical prophecy and what is going on in the world. 

Could we soon see the rise of the Antichrist? Personally I believe he's here now, alive and well, and in some power of authority somewhere on earth. I'm sure he has no idea he will become the Antichrist, though I'm sure he is a wicked person. 

If you don't know much about the Antichrist, I've made a list below of what the Bible has to say about him. This is not an exhaustive list but it's pretty thorough. Though true Christians will not be here to watch this monster take power, this is a good list for those left behind in order for them to determine who this man is.

The Antichrist 

  •  Will "confirm or strengthen" a peace covenant with Israel for 7 Years (Daniel 9:27)
  • Will rise from among Ten World Leaders  (Daniel 7:7, Rev 13:1)
  • Will take out 3 of those leaders    (Daniel 7:24)
  • Will have some sort of deadly wound in the head that he will recover from to the point that people believe he rose from the dead  (revelation 13:3,14)
  • He will be extremely charismatic and well-loved by all the people of the world (Rev 13:3-4)
  • He will obtain his power by deceit and flattering (Daniel 11:21,32)
  • He will change times and laws (Daniel 7:25)
  • His kingdom will not be like any that came before it  (Daniel 7:23)
  • He will deny that Jesus is the Son of God  (1 John 2:22)
  • He will be arrogant and boastful   (Daniel 9:36, Rev 13:6)
  • He will cause all to receive a mark in order to buy and sell (Rev 13:16-17)
  • He will blaspheme the God of Heaven   (Daniel 7:25, 11:36, Rev 13:5-6)
  • He will eventually take his seat in the temple of God in Jerusalem and declare himself to be God. (2 Thess 2:2-4, Daniel 9:27)
  • He will claim he is the Jewish messiah (Matthew 24:23)
  • He will demand worship  (Rev 13:8,12)
  • He will honor a "god of fortresses" a god whom his fathers did not know (Daniel 11:38)
  • He will reward those who follow him and his strange god (Daniel 11:38)
  • He shall succeed militarily and conquer many countries (Daniel 11:40)
  • He doesn't care about women (Daniel 11:37)
  • He will oppose everything about God and go after those who follow Jesus (Daniel 7:21, 25, rev 12:17, Rev 13:7)
  • He will have the power to perform great signs and wonders through the false prophet (Mark 13:22, 2 Thess 2:9, Rev 13:13-14) 
  • He will be given his power by Satan (2 Thess 2:9) 
  • Will be defeated by Jesus and thrown into the lake of fire (Revelation 19:19-21) !  
 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming
2 Thess 2:9
Do I think the Antichrist is here now? Yes. But what about the 10 kings? We don't see them yet. No. But remember the Bible says this final world empire is going to be different than any other empire. That means it doesn't have to be a physical empire, nor does it have to have been obtained by military conquest. It could very well simply be an economic empire, such as the one they are proposing through the Great Reset and through the New World Order of the World Economic Forum. These 10 leaders may already be in place somewhere that we are completely unaware of. All it would take is a major world catastrophe (such as a pandemic or nuclear exchange, etc) for them to take power and put in place plans they have had for many years now. (Which I have spoken about before in other posts) 
Will we know who the Antichrist is before we leave? I'm not sure. Paul tells us in 2 Thess
Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God. 2 Thess 2:3-4 
Hence, it would seem that the Tribulation cannot start until the "falling away" and the Antichrist is revealed. How will we know it's him?  I think the first major sign will be his 7 year treaty with Israel.  
However, I'm not sure we will even be here to witness that because it is the true church of Jesus Christ that is holding him back. Only after we leave, can he come forth with his evil plans. 
And now you know what is restraining, that he may be revealed in his own time. For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way  2 Thess 2:6-7
Is the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction happening tonight a sign of the soon coming Antichrist? Only time will tell. Either way, keep looking up, for our Lord is returning soon!


  1. I had that very thought this morning about the star being a sign of his coming and setting himself up as the Messiah, but a total recreation would say that it would be many years down the road if he was to be a baby now. Our being here is one thing but I believe it is the Holy Spirit that is doing the restraining, not us... You shall see your children's children and peace upon Israel... I keep wondering if were missing something important here... I saw comments lastnight and a post comparing Trump to Caesar and the crossing of the Rubicon mentioned and that we may be standing behind Caesar and not against him. There are many willing to fight to maintain Peace here in our country and thank the Lord I am not one to sit here in fear as God has given me peace through this whole thing and he has protected us greatly and provide for us greatly in our time of need. Praise Him! Here we are Sis, watching this whole thing play out before our eyes and really not a lot we can do but that...
    Blessings & Much Love
    Linda Marie Finn

    1. It is the Holy Spirit living within us believers that is restraining the evil at the moment.. yes. I know we differ on the timing, Sis, but there's no way we are here for another 40 years as you indicated that the star was the birth of the antichrist. The NWO is rising and the Vaccine is soon to become the Mark. Plus Jesus said that the generation who saw the rebirth of Israel (1948) would not all die off before He came. Even so, blessings and love to you!

    2. I agree with you MaryLu and I had the same conversation about those that were calling it the Christmas star or the Star of Bethlehem. I didn't think it was HOLY one bit!! I think it was the sign of the AC coming to the Earth. I believe the time is so close, it could happen any day that God removes His restrainer from this world, so the Trib can come. And we carry the restrainer in us, as we pray against evil. Without us here, wickedness abound like never before. A google of Saturnalian Brotherhood says a lot about this planet and those who worship it...

    3. Exactly Cillie! We are of the same mind. Time is short. While we are here, we must pray, heal, deliver, and help as many as we can see the light. When we are gone, all hell (literally) will be unleashed. Blessings!

  2. Hello. I always love what you post and your theories, etc. However, can you please explain what you mean when you say, True Christians will not be here when the Antichrist rise? If you're talking about the secret rapture, why would God need to be secret about His rulership over Earth? The Word says the true Christians will face and witness the hardships of this Earth along with the Antichrist and God's Wrath (great tribulation). Remember the 144,000 will be those left to witness God's Wrath. Please explain what you mean. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thank you very much! - From LeQuita

    1. Hi LeQuita, thanks for the question. I believe Scripture is quite clear that those believers in Jesus who truly follow Him (His Bride) will not have to endure the 7 years of God's wrath on earth, otherwise known as the Tribulation. After the Bride is taken many many people will get saved as they realize what happened and will give their lives to Jesus. So, yes, many believers will go through the Tribulation, and most of them will die for the Lord. The 144,000 are Jewish men who come to know Jesus after the rapture and are specifically called to witness to the world about Jesus. When Jesus returns at the end of the Tribulation (The Second Coming) you are absolutely right that all the world will see Him as He takes His rulership over the earth! But the rapture is another thing. Jesus never sets foot on the earth, but rather descends to the clouds and calls up His Bride for the Wedding! I've posted about this several times and would be happy to share Scriptures with you about this. God Bless you!

    2. Hello. Thank you so much for your response. Yes, please send me scriptures that states a secret rapture of the true believers and how they won't have to face the 7 years of God's Wrath. My church and I are studying Revelation again. The Word says when Jesus makes his second appearance/ his return all eyes will see him saints and sinners. Sinners will die at his glorious sight and those dead in Christ will resurrect and meet Jesus in the air with those still alive (144,000). The Word says our bread will be sure during the tribulation period yet before this there will be a great persecution of the believers by the anti-christ and his one world regime. That's why the number is so low (144,000). Yes, please share your scriptures and thoughts with me when you get the chance. Thank you again for spreading the Word of God and please stay safe and God Bless!!! - From LeQuita

  3. My name is Dominic and I share my wife Facebook page. I have been on the prophecy trail for 40 years and enjoy your prophecy updates. Discovered you from Sandy Armstrong's ministry. Wanted to refer you to "High Time to Awake" ministry with Craig White. He along with other prophecy teachers like Joel Richardson believe the "head wound" of the Anti-Christ is actually referring to one of the world empires. The Ottoman or Turkish Empire is coming back to life after 100 years when they were defeated in 1923 at the end of WW1. This would make the leader of Turkey who is Erdogan the Anti-Christ who will oppress Israel after breaking a 7 year peace treaty which included the rebuilding of their temple.

    1. Hi Dominic! Yes, I'm familiar with Joel Richardson. I have not heard of Craig White, but I did read Joel's book some years back about the Islamic Antichrist. He makes some very convincing points but after much prayer and study, I'm not convinced that the final world empire will be Islamic. For one thing, the Scripture says this empire is UNLIKE any of the ones previous and that it takes over the whole world in a way none of the other empires did. However, I do believe Islam will play a huge role in the last empire as part of the One World Religion combined with the Catholic church and the current Pope. So, yes, Islam will take over the world but not as the political ruler, but rather as part of the religious. Just my belief, based on Scripture. Also Joel doesn't believe in a pre-trib rapture so that gives me pause as well. I believe the Scripture is clear on that. We are seeing the final world empire rising mow with what they are calling The Great Reset, part of the World Economic Forum and they are using Covid to take power. This will be more of an economic and technological empire worldwide, rather than one achieved through military conquest.

    2. Yet, I do see Erdogan as an evil guy who will definitely play a part in end times. Look for him and Putin and Iran to soon attack Israel. I know he wants to bring back the caliphate too... I guess time will tell. Only God knows what's going to happen. But thank you for your thoughts. :-)

    3. The Anti-Christ is seen as the rider on the white horse and he goes forth conquering and to conquer. In Isaiah 19 it describes the Anti-Christ ruling over them and the treasures of Egypt shall not escape. This is what Turkey is planning for the Middle East. The Turkish Empire will revive and come back to life. It is one of the Unions that will form the New World Order along with the European Union, the Russian Union etc.

  4. Yes I think the Christmas star is a sign of the soon coming Tribulation. It was timed to come at the same time the vaccine was available which will lead to the mark of the beast.

  5. Thank you for your posts. For some reason I am not getting them in my email. Hmmm.
    Yes, I do believe we are on the cusp of the Rapture of the church. I just celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago, and I had a strong sense that it would be the last birthday I celebrate on this Earth, either through the rapture or if God decides to take me home another way. Not sure. Looking forward to that day to being in my eternal home, Heaven. 😊
    In the last couple of weeks and last night I have been having dreams about being pregnant, NIW I am 56 and had a hysterectomy when I was 43. My previous dreams I have had a flat stomach, but last night in my dream, my belly was sticking out, like I was several months along. I woke up this morning wondering if God was trying to tell me something. I'm going to be in prayer about it today. But, I did get to thinking about the birth pangs this world is going through before His return. Just a thought. I'm so looking forward to His return. With everything that is going on, I'm thankful His return is imminent!
    I did just get your most recent book, Timeless Treasure. I'm reading it now and loving it!
    Many blessings to you sister! Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Barbara Wilson

    1. Hi Barbara.. I'm not surprised that you aren't getting my blog in your email. I no longer receive notifications from You tube pastors I love. SO Strange about your dream. You know your dream reminded me of the Revelation 12 Sign of the woman giving birth. She gives birth to Jesus of course, but she also gives birth to the church! I wonder if the Lord is telling you that it's nearly time for the church to be birthed OUT of this world! Wouldn't that be lovely? I grow weary of the evil all around me and all the lies. Come, Lord Jesus! I'm glad you are enjoying my book. Merry Christmas to you, dear sister!

  6. It would be great! And I feel the same.
    Christmas blessings to you!