Friday, February 26, 2021

Direct words from the Lord for His Bride!


I listen often to a pastor on You Tube, Pastor Patrick Winfrey. He is an evangelist with a mission to the Philippines where he runs an orphanage. His videos are long and he often comes on late at night, hoping to draw in the lost and hopeless so they can hear the Gospel.  He has a prophetic ministry wherein he often gets words from God. He tends to ramble and often breaks out in worship songs. LOL But I love that about him. There are many people who get "words" from the Lord on You tube, so I'm very very careful about who I listen to. I check everything with Scripture and also look for fruit in a person. I've been listening to Pastor Winfrey for at least a year now and I can vouch for him. I only say all of that because earlier this week, he came on and gave the following Words from the Lord. They came in short sentences as you'll see, but I believe this are coming directly from Jesus to you, His Beloved Bride. I hope they bless you as much as they did me!
  • The battle is not yours for I, the Lord, will fight for you
  • Be at total peace. I have you in the palm of My hand
  • I will be your banner
  • I will deliver you through the storm
  • Just keep thanking and praising me!
  • The battle is already won
  • It is over. The storm shall cease. I have rebuked it
  • The Storm is bigger than you can imagine
  • I have stilled the waters along the path on which I am leading you
  • I will shake the evil foundations of the world
  • This will be world wide shaking
  • Warn the lost
  • I am about to shake the whole world with a mighty shaking
  • Be ready now!
  • I am about to move on the wicked of this world with fear and trembling
  • But you, my child, be at peace!
  • I am with you
  • Look up!
  • The devil is a liar
  • You shall be raised up to glory with me!
  • I am opening a door for you and the name of the door is Honest
I looked up the word "Honest" in the Bible and it only appears in the Old Testament but it is the Hebrew word ṣeḏeq, which essentially means righteous judgment, which is what the rapture is. 
I don't want to read anything into God's own Words, but it seems to be like He is coming to get us soon and He is going to then judge the world. In the meantime, we are not to be afraid and we are to warn the lost! 
Have a Great Weekend!


  1. Very encouraging words. Thanks for sharing Marylu. God bless you and your family. Pam

  2. Thank you for sharing. My heart needed this tonight. Maranatha!

    1. Praise God! I'm so glad it helped you! Maranatha yes!

  3. This brought me such peace. Thank you!

  4. It really touched me to hear from Pastor JD how the Chinese Christians have grown under persecution. The miracles those people must see to have their faith grow like this! And to think the beginning Church suffered great persecution and look at how many believers there are today because they stayed the course, so we could all have the opportunity to believe today. God Bless these strong and courageous soldiers of the Cross. I so agree the American Church has grown so complaisant and soft. I pray we are gone before the persecution goes into full force in this country, but it's inevitable with the direction it is heading today. Sodom and Gomorrah trying to take over the Church... Great message MaryLu!! As always you are right on. And thanks for sharing Pastor Patrick, I'm going to check him out next. God's peace and love upon His children...

    1. Hi Cillie! Yes, the Chinese Christians amaze me. I hope when persecution really hits here, that the church finally gets on fire and grows like crazy! God bless you and yours!