Tuesday, February 2, 2021

We've All Been Fooled our Entire Lives!

 Hey Brothers and Sisters, I'm going to start sharing here videos and articles I feel are TRUTH and on  Need to Know Basis. Since I am no longer on Facebook, this blog does not feed over there, and I feel I can be more open with what I share. The video below is well worth an hour and 15 minutes. It describes the enemy's plan for Global Government that began over 200 years ago and how they have been operating behind the scenes for all those years, digging their claws into every nation and causing wars. I encourage you to write down notes and go check things out for yourself. Try using a non-censored browser such as DuckDuckGo when you do your research. 
Some of this will shock you, depending on how awake you are. The world as you know it, or as you have known it is all a delusion. Our Freedoms in America are a delusion. Please open your mind and pray for God to show you the truth as you watch. God Bless!


  1. Wow thanks for sharing this MaryLu, I pretty much had an outline of this info in my brain, but this is really filling it in. Amazing this man trying to wake people up over sixty years ago. Four pages of notes and I've only listened to 15 minutes so far! These Luciferians are so deceived and just fulfilling the book of Revelations, so we can move on into Eternity with out THEM. The TRUTH is so clear seeing it all unfolding right before our eyes, with Biblical prophecy being fulfilled.I started putting some of this puzzle together when I lived in a National Park in the Sierras. Right behind our cabins were "vacation" cabins that were owned, fenced in and monitored by the "Free Masons." That was almost 35 years ago. Three very interesting President's that visited our park there, Both Bushes and Bill Clinton! Heightening my suspicion! I experienced unbelievable things while up there and was so thankful to move out of that park. I could write a book on my time there, but for my own safety would rather not. It was frightening. Going to take a break and get back at this video after I digest what I just saw!

    1. Thank you for watching it Cillie! I doubt many will. It's hard to get a grip on how bad things are and how we have been deceived for many many years and who really runs the world. Your time in the park next to the Free Masons sound both interesting and frightening. Yes, as much as I'd like to hear your stories, you best keep them to yourself for now. Listening ears are everywhere. Blessings!

  2. Yes Sister, you got that right, listening ears are everywhere. And I figure God's justice will take care of it all in His perfect timing. And like my cats, I feel I have lived at least nine lives. I'm ready to explore God's Kingdom now as soon as I get my boarding pass!! Blessings and may HE hold you and yours close and safe always.

  3. I thought maybe this was an old post, but I see it’s new. I’ll be sure to watch this tomorrow, it’s nearly midnight right now.
    However, I’m betting I’ve already seen or heard most of this. For more study, check out Now You See TV on YouTube. Their show, Midnight Ride, on Saturday nights is very informative!