Friday, April 16, 2021

MaryLu's Friday Musings and links : The Depopulation Agenda

(By the way, those are not my words at the top of the paper. It came like that! LOL)
I am saddened this week to learn of several friends and family who are taking the V. The pressures of family, freedom, and fear take their toll. I don't judge anyone. Everyone has their cross to bear. I just wish people would do their own homework on the V. At the very least, learn that it is experimental and has not been approved by the FDA. There have been ZERO lab or animal tests performed. Actually, we are the lab rats. The hardest part for me are those who say the Lord told them to take it, or they took it and are trusting the Lord to protect them. Maybe that is true. Who am I to say they haven't heard from the Lord? But I have to wonder whether a Christian would run into speeding traffic and expect the Lord to keep them safe? We are to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.
People write me and tell me I'm strong. But I'm really not. I often find myself in tears over what I see happening in the world and in my own family. Any strength I have I attribute to my Lord and Savior who holds me up daily! And one thing I know for sure, I will not put that Globalist poison in my veins. Never.
Other than the V and the coming V passports, the main thing that struck me this week is the looming war on many many fronts. Is World War 3 about to start? Quite possibly. We have a weak president in the White House and he's a globalist too. Also, my husband tells me that Sidney Powel, Lin Wood, Mike Lindell and others have irrefutable evidence the election was rigged and will be presenting that to the courts over the next few weeks. If that is true, I wouldn't put it past the current powers to start a war as a distraction. Besides, global chaos would fit well into their plans to start their New World Order.  

Below are the links I thought most important for the week. Be sure to go down to the bottom where I talk about some more important information.
This may seem like some horror movie and be completely unbelievable to those of you who aren't quite awake yet, but this has been going on for some time. Satan wants to offer eternal youth to his followers just like Jesus does to us. Trouble is, he can't. Not really. So he does his best to offer other temporary solutions. including harvesting blood from children, adrenochrome, and transhumanism. Of course even if these enable people to live longer or even forever, their spirits and souls will be cast into hell. 

Can someone say, "The Great Deception" ?
We never hear about this in the news. It's tragic what's happening
The Evil Jab
And here we go. This is what I've been hearing from doctors and virologists all over the world. The next variant of Covid will kill those who are vaccinated because the vaccine takes over their natural immunity and disables it from functioning on any other virus but Covid-19
MaryLu here:
Let me add that if you took the V, please don't take this post as condemnation. I may not understand your reasons or the pressure you were under. It's not for me to say. That's between you and the Lord. Please pray that the Lord removes any harmful substances in the V from your body and protects you from all ill effects. 
Things are moving fast. Biden is intent on packing the Supreme Court and taking our guns, one way or another. He has to do that in order to create a Socialist Utopia and usher in the New World Order. Even if Trump comes back, I have serious doubts about him as he is also pushing the vaccine. Maybe they are all part of the same evil group. The two-headed snake. They are trying to depopulate the world. It's been a part of their plans for a long long time. This was all documented and described in a document called SPARS 2025-2028, which you can download HERE and read for yourself. I urge you to download it before it is deleted. Alex Jones spoke about it in this Emergency Broadcast . Whether you like Jones or not, what he is talking about is true.

Again, why am I doing this? To wake up a sleeping church and/or to save the lost. This was all prophesied in the Bible. We are in the end times. The Global Beast System is rising. America must fall. Birth pangs do not stop. They get greater and greater until the baby is born. What is the baby? The Kingdom of God here on Earth!   

The True church is gone before the Tribulation starts. You think it's bad now, this is a picnic in the park compared to what's coming. Make sure you have a relationship with Jesus, a real one, and that you are walking in faithfulness.  Pray for the Lost, Spread the Good news, and always remember you walk under the protection of the King of King's!




  1. I'm with you! Ever since I was 5 years old and reacted to immunizations, my mom ceased all vaccinations for me and my siblings. I got seriously ill and was throwing up. I had to go to the Emergency Room. That event scarred me for life. I remember it as vivid as if it were yesterday. Everything from the Mac-n-cheese and Fritos for dinner that night, to the red balloon dog that a caring nurse gave me... I do believe vaccinations were originally intended for good. However, our medical society has become the Medical Mafia. They've turned the tables, realizing sick people are more profitable than healthy people. And there's extra money in "preventative" medicine. There are caring people in the medical world. Not all of them are bad. It's just the bad apples at the top who are running the show. It sucks.

    ~Amber Ludwig

    1. Yes, Amber, I, too, believe in the beginning some vaccinations were good, but in the past 20-30 years that has not been the case. Many many children have developed horrible diseases, including autism. I'm no sorry you got so ill, but I'm glad your mother was smart. Its all a profit making business now. And more recently, they want to depopulate the world.

  2. Thanks for the info. 1. Unca Bubu(President Muhammadu Guhari)and his ilk are finding it very difficult selling the vax to people here in Naija and our CDC has gone on the offensive of bombarding phones with messages encouraging people to go and take the vax, forgettimng the reality that the advnt of social media and Android phones here has opened the people up to other news sources ans we are not blind to the horror stories coming inabout the vax
    2. Life has basically come back to normal here in Lagos..Many churches are worshipping the Lord sans face mask and some have gone to the extent of holding night prayer vigils back again...
    3. Inflation is biting hard here..The inflation rate now is 18.7% from 17.1 in march...The currency is nothing more than paper, food stuff and other goods have gone up and we are looking at an increase in fuel pump price soon...
    4. Fed up Nigerians is the UK organised and harassed Unca Bubu during his 'medica'trip to the UK, demanding his resignation for the state of the nation
    5. As for the church in Nigeria,hmmmmm...That is all I can say...

    1. Hi Kate, thank you for all that information. I'm glad that life is somewhat normal there and people can attend church. I've heard there is much persecution in Nigeria against Christians. At least some people are awake. Blessings!

  3. I for one will not be taking the jab. Just too many red flags with it. Stories of people dying, getting very ill from it. A friend's aunt is in ICU 3 days after taking the jab.
    Oh, I pray for Jesus to return soon. It's hard living in these times. Thank you for sharing that photo that God is continually with us. A very powerful reminder!
    Blessings to you sister!

    1. Blessings back to you, Barbara! He's coming soon!

  4. I tell you MaryLu you are on the same page as I am and a few others I love. Except one step ahead, so always learn so much from you too as to what we already are seeing. I am really feeling the rumors of war getting ready to end and wars, could be WW3 coming soon, the way things are lining up. The balloon feel like it's going to pop! I just pray that signals the Rapture and the Tribulation SOON. We are so weary here and every day so many things we never thought possible coming down like a freight train. The think I know about you from reading some of your wonderful Pirate stories, is that you research a lot of your information to make it more substantial. And knowing your gift of researching your interests and that Jesus is your EVERYTHING in life, this is top priority, I value all your hard work in trying to inform all of us that are seeking the TRUTH. Two days ago we had high jets flying nonstop over us for HOURS and can't help but feel something is about to happen. As we are not on a flight pattern. May the peace that surpasses all understanding hold all of us together through all we are experiencing. God's love to you for your special messages always. A sister eternal Cillie

    1. Great analogy.. yes the balloon is about to pop. I've heard many solid Christians say that the Lord told them that when all hell breaks loose, when the Bride starts to think the Lord has forgotten us, then He will come and rescue us! I appreciate your very kind comments. Yes, I do my homework, but I'm only human and fallible. I try to vet every link I post but I cannot vouch for all of it. Not in this age of deception, so I encourage people to do their own homework.
      You are in CA right? That's interesting about the jets. Something is definitely getting ready to explode. God's love and my love to you, my sweet sister! stay strong!

    2. MaryLu we are over by Sonora, CA. About 70 miles, mostly East from Travis Air force base too. I wonder if that's where all the jets were coming from! And yes we need to stay strong, because we are getting at the point where many are questioning if the Lord has forgotten us. Reminds me of the last hour of labor with my son, thinking surely I was going to die before that baby was going to be born! Much love to you Sister!