Monday, May 17, 2021

FreeMasonry - The Ruler of this Present Age

He said to them, “I watched Satan fall from heaven like a flash of lightning. Listen carefully: I have given you authority that you now possess to tread on serpents and scorpions, and the ability to exercise authority over all the power of the enemy (Satan); and nothing will in any way harm you. Jesus,  Luke 10:18-19 

 Last week I issued a warning to the modern church, and one of the things I mentioned was something I have only recently discovered--that many pastors in Christian churches are Freemasons. I learned long ago that Freemasons were not Christians and that it was a cult of some kind, but I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole went. I extend my thanks to Ron Garbe for putting a link to a video in the comment section of that post because it is from that video and from other X-masons who have contacted me (Thank you Terry Mick!)  that I have learned the truth. The video is 5 hours long, and honestly I wasn't going to watch it, but I felt led by the Holy Spirit to check it out. Because of how busy my life is right now, I had to watch it in half-hour spurts, and let me tell you, it was hard to pull away. I do not know the person talking in the video, but he gives undeniable proof after proof of what he is saying. I will leave a link to this video at the bottom of this post for those interested. I encourage you to check it out. 
Much of what I learned over the past week has literally shocked me. If you were watching me on my computer camera, you would have seen my jaw on my desk. 😲  This is hard to do to me these days, but I learned so much and now understand why the world is the way it is. AND for how long it has been this way. 
I don't want to duplicate what was in the video, but my goal in this post (which I will try to keep as short as possible) is to summarize the high points. If you want to actually see the proof with your own eyes from the Mason writings and their Bible and from pictures and quotes, please watch the video. I'm hoping it will not be taken down until everyone the Lord wants to see it has seen it. 

My Summary of what I have learned about FreeMasons

  • In today's world you must be a FreeMason in order to gain power or fame
  • In order to join the Masons, you must be recommended and then go through various ceremonies in which you repeat several oaths of secrecy you cannot break or you will be killed. 
(From an X-mason who contacted me.: When in the 3rd degree you are kneeled before the alter in the center of the room shirtless,one foot with a sock on, shorts(NOT YOUR UNDERWEAR) and a noose around your neck. You are blind folded and you are asked by the Worshipful Master what do you seek.  Someone whispered in my ear the word light. So i said light. Blindfold was taken off and i saw other masons around the throne with candles around the Worshipful Master. You see the masonic lodge says it is the light or the truth. No man is to be called worshipful. Only Christ. You say your blood oaths by repeating them after the worshipful master and never shall you ever repeat them or even write them to any non member by penalty of having your tongue ripped out by its roots and your stomach torn open to await the beast of the field and or the fowl of the air to get there. Blood oaths they are. You finish by kissing your book of faith
 Most are the bible. But some may have the Talmud or the Koran. You are presented in the 3rd degree after you memorize  a whole bunch of stuff...your masonic apron.)

  • Freemasons have several secret hand signals that are known to each other through which they communicate with each other. You can investigate these on your own but here's a chart I found
  • Most people high up in Entertainment, Music, Media, Education, Politics, and Religion are FreeMasons and you'll see several in the video doing their hand gestures.
  • At least 14 of our US Presidents were FreeMasons
  • Kennedy was assassinated because he intended to reveal their secrets
  • Freemasons are connected and a part of the Knights Templar, the Jesuits, Zionists, and the Illuminati
  • Freemasonry is Satanism in disguise
  • Freemasons believe that Satan is the light bearer, good and pure, and that God is the oppressor and Jesus is the False Messiah
  • They believe we are currently in hell and that when the New Age comes, Satan will rule and God will be defeated. 
  • They believe Satan was brave and noble to reject God's rule and cause a war in heaven from which he fell and took 1/3 of the angels with him
  • 90% of Freemasons do not know any of this. Only when you reach the high degrees are you informed that you are really worshiping Satan
  • The highest degree you can reach in FreeMasonry is 33 degrees. 33 because Satan cast down 1/3 of the angels when he fell. 
  • The Church of Satan was founded by a 33 degree mason 
  • Charles Darwin was a FreeMason
  • The hand signal circled above in red is the sign of 666
  • Freemasons consider people who are not masons to be vile, ignorant, and profane. They hate Christians
  • Freemasonry is a sex cult. The all seeing eye (one of their symbols) represents the male organ
  • They erect obelisks all over the world. The obelisk is the male organ
  • Nature is their moral god. Do as thou wilt is their prime commandment
  • Free Masons are into child sacrifice and abuse. They sacrifice children to their god Satan. They do this with blood rituals and torture children and the innocent.
  • Over 8 million children go missing each year in the world and are never found
  • Free masons hate Christianity and Democracy
  • The Papacy and the British Monarch are all Masons
  • Our US $1 is covered with Masonic symbols all over the back. 
  • The New Age and new agers was started by FreeMasons. 
  • Billions of people need to die in order for the New Age to come to pass
  • They believe Jesus is evil because he denies human nature and burdens people with sin, while Lucifer sets people free from sin
  • One of the symbols of Masonry is the 2-headed eagle, which represents 2 opposing sides. One good, one bad, but both lead to the same outcome. 
  • Order out of chaos. They create the problem, blame someone else, then swoop in to solve the problem when the people beg them to help (Think Covid and the vaccine) 
  • They have been planning the New World Order for a long, long time.
  • The World Economic Forum Symbol is a 666 symbol (have to see in video)
  • Google's Logo is also 666 (hidden in plain sight)
  • Founder of the KKK was a Freemason
  • Mormonism was founded on Freemasonry
  • Freemasonry embraces Buddhism and Zionism (not Judaism)
  • They embrace and believe in the Noahide laws, which may sound good on the surface, but one of them is an anti-idol worship law which includes death by decapitation if you break it. (Jesus is considered an idol by them) 
  • Why has Chanel created a Smart Guillotine?  
  • Every leader of the world has signed the Noahide laws

Like I said, the video gives proof of all of this, including pictures of some of your favorite stars and singers using masonic symbols. I knew many of them had to be evil already, but some, I was shocked at.  Also many many of our politicians and those in power are Freemasons. Now that you know the symbols, you can look for it.  So, why am I telling you this? Because our current world is ALREADY BEING RUN BY SATAN. Don't believe me? See the proof in this video. I'm also telling you because many people, politicians and pastors that you trust are wolves in sheep's clothing and are indeed, Masons! 

Here's a quote from an X-mason who wrote me. The R.A. or Royal Ambassadors is for young boys in the Southern Baptist church which is a prep to the lodge as well. Since about 52% of Southern Baptist Pastors are Masons

Here's just a few Freemason pastors I discovered.
Billy Graham 
Franklin Graham
John Hagee
Ray Comfort
Joyce Meyer
Oral Roberts
Jesse Jackson
Norman Vincent Peale (who was Trump's spiritual adviser by his own words)
Louis Farrahkan 
The Pope
Rick Joyner
Kenneth Copeland
Benny Hinn
T.D Jakes
Rick Warren
Robert Schuller

Now I realize some of these are shocking. But they give the Gospel! Don't they? They get people saved. How can they be Freemasons? I honestly don't know. I'm just reporting what I have found and what there is proof of. If they are Masons And they are high up around the 32 or 33 degrees, then they know very well who they are worshiping. But remember Freemasonry is cloaked in Christianity. Our enemy is very clever.
Here's an article you may find informative. I can't vouch for everything in the article but it is certainly worth a shocking glance

Other FreeMasons of interest
Bono - the entire band, actually of U2
Alex Jones
Ted Cruz
Oprah Winfrey
The Bushes - both of them
The Clintons
Al Gore
Greta Thunberg
Ronald Reagan (yes, sorry) 
Gerald Ford
Harry Truman
Franklin Rosevelt
Lyndon Johnson
George Washington 
Benjamin Netanyahu
Walt Disney - All of Disney is Satanic

Here's a short list of some more famous Masons
And a longer list here in this Article
Here's a short video displaying the pastors who are Freemasons
Many of our founding fathers were FreeMasons. I like to think they didn't know what they were into, but all it takes is one look at the way D.C. is laid out like a Pentagram, designed by Freemason Charles L'Enfant. And how the Washington monument, which represents the erect male organ, and whose measurements are 6666 inches tall. 55.5 feet x 12 inches/ft = 666 inches wide, is the prefect complement for the female organ in the Capitol building. (A setup very similar to the Vatican) I won't even mention the tons of pagan symbols and statues all over D.C. And the Statue of Liberty in New York (A pagan goddess)
Is America a Christian nation? While I do believe there have been many many good Christians here, I do wonder if we are truly a Christian nation at all.  Remember Freemasonry is clocked in Christianity, making many believe it is part of Christianity. They do many charities too! But we must be aware that they are a two-headed eagle. One part is good, the other bad, both leading to the same results.  I brought this up in an earlier article about The Great Awakening where I mentioned that on the surface it looks great, but if you dig down deeper, it is all New Age. 

So what is their end game? They want a New World Order, a Global communistic government with Lucifer as the supreme ruler. They hate Jesus and everything He stands for, and they hate those of us who follow Him. I believe they are about to enact their vile plans. The Covid-19 virus was the catalyst. They have all their players in place. Remember their initial goal is to kill off billions of people whom they consider unnecessary eaters. What is the best way to do that? Release a virus, instill fear, lockdown the world, and then demand people take a vaccine that will eventually kill them. When people start dying off in the months to come, and World War 3 kicks off, and potentially an alien invasion occurs simultaneously, they'll have the perfect reason to take over everything.

Believe me, I know how crazy this all sounds. Please before you write me off as some weird conspiracy theorist, please watch the video. Even then, we know this is ALL prophesied in the Bible. How can we deny the truth of their plans when Jesus already warned us?
The Bible says during the Tribulation, there will be a One World Government ruled by the Antichrist and Satan. So everything is going according to plan! 

There's one more person I need to show you who is a Freemason

Even if he comes back as President, he's just playing the part of the good half of the eagle. He's just playing a role to deceive the masses. When will you wake up? 

Here's a list of FreeMason books if you're interested. 
Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike 

Here's the Video I'm talking about. If you make it to the end, he gives his testimony, his reason for doing this, and how much he is risking to put all this information out there. If you're not sure about the video, try watching the first hour and then make your decision.

We are close to going home, Saints. Satan's kingdom is rising and they aren't even trying to hide anymore. Keep looking up!!



  1. Well done Marylu, well done. I remember some of the things you posted that i had long ago forgot. To all the Masons,women of The Eastern Star,Demolays for young boys,Rainbows for young girls and any other organization associated with the Masonic Lodge. You can come out of it. You don't have to be enslaved by the oaths you took. There is forgiveness in Christ. Just ask him to forgive you. He is just,true and faithful to forgive you of all your sins and cleanse you of all unrighteousness.

    1. Hi Terry! Yes, you are absolutely right. It's never too late to come out of this Satanic cult. Thank you for reminding me to say that. Jesus is always waiting at the door for anyone who turns to Him!! Blessings to you and your wife!

  2. I was raised in the SBC, and my father was a Freemason when I was little. He left it at some point. My mother doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with it to this day. She also loves DJT, and got “saved” by Billy Graham. He subtly taught works salvation. Apparently, the wives are used to recruit the husbands, as apparently the man has to ask to join.

    I used to see paranormal activity in our home when I was little. Apparently, no one else did, nor was I believed.

    Walt Disney was also a Freemason, and his whole organization is evil.

    1. All I can say is Wow, Cheryl. You have had first hand knowledge of the evil in your own home. Thank you also for the reminder of Walt Disney. I just added him to the list.

    Mary, here are 3 more good videos on the Convergence of end time signs. Of course I only try to view Biblical based watchers for link-ing purpose.
    Thank for for such an excellent post on the Masons. You did a great job of covering the very long video! So much Biblical convergence, so much happening everywhere, it makes ones head spin! TITUS 2 V 13!! MARANATHA!!

    1. thank you, Ron!!! I've actually watched the first 2 videos already. Great minds, eh? I'll be reading the article by lynn soon. We have grandkids today. :-) Thank you so much for the original article on the Masons! I pray that it and this post wake some people up. Maranatha!!!

    2. Ron, THANK YOU for sharing that incredible video. What an eye opener.

  4. Sorry, but should have been a break in-between, the 2nd link and the 3rd link of

  5. Hi MaryLu, wow, I have known about the dangers/cross-purposes with Christianity of freemasonry for some time, but this is truly eye-opening. I looked up the Barbara Bush reference to try to verify parentage--unbelievable. There are some other organizations to be cautious of as well--though not as insidious as masonry. When I was in college I joined a sorority. After becoming born again, years later, I became more and more uncomfortable with that membership. I did not stay active after college, but was still a member of a group that bases its membership on exclusisvity. I remember how I hated the post rush party discussions of potential candiates as to their "worthiness" or not. I was not even a Christian but extrememly bothered by this. Then I remembered the initiation ceremony, that includes paying homage to a patron goddess. I eventually wrote headquarters to disallow my membership explaining that as a Christian I could not support the organization. It is so easy to be innocently duped. But as you point out, the higher one goes in freemasonry, the more enlightened they are. There can be no "innocent" participation at that point. It's downright scary to read the list of famous masons, past and present. How in the world is one to know whom to trust? Jesus alone.

    1. Thank you Judy. Yes, it is so very easy to be deceived today! That's why Jesus and the Apostles warned us over and over! Wow, I didn't know that about sororities. That's very scary.. esp that so many of our young are taking those vows to other gods. I pray every day for people to wake up.. esp "christians" caught in Satan's web of lies. We were warned but so many are asleep. The Lord Jesus wins and will be victorious!

  6. All so very true. My father was a freemason and made it to the top of his local lodge. There was so much secrecy. All those chants brought mental illness and sexual abuse into my home. A few years ago, after reading Derek Prince's book "Blessing or Curse: You can choose," I vocally repented for my father's role in the Masons, and my life changed instantly. I had never experienced such a flood of the Holy Spirit as I had that day. It was like He had been pushing against the curse over me, and once it was lifted, He could finally get inside where He wanted to be. I laughed so loud for thirty minutes straight, uncontrollably. The book took me through so many curses that are put on us through the generations before us and ones that we put on ourselves without realizing it. Freemasonry is one of them, but a big one. It's possible that breast cancer comes from this curse because of the oaths taken over the chest. Also, check out the Georgia Guidestones. Planted in rural Georgia with the freemason plan for depopulation for all to see in many languages. It's horrifying.

    1. Katy, Wow. So you really do have first hand knowledge of this. I'm so very sorry your father was so high up on the Mason pyramid. Did he ever get out? I'm not surprised it brought demons and curses into your home. I have also read Derek Prince's Blessings or Curses book and gone through the list too! Derek was/is my mentor. I have nearly every sermon and book he's produced. Anyway, I'm not surprised at your Holy Spirit laughter! That's amazing. We serve such a loving God! And yes, I have seen the Georgia Guidestones, I think they said they want the population under 500 million. Seems like they are starting that depopulation now. By the way, how is your son? Email me privately if you wish.

    2. I took your advice about biting my tongue, and it worked well. :) On Sunday, he asked if we would like to attend church at his original non-denominational church he had been going to for two years. I said sure, then learned after that he went to two services at the two churches. But that was nice of him to consider us....but get this....we showed up to church, and the pastor spoke on the Tribulation and rapture. God is so good! My whole family who won't listen to me, got an ear-full. :) I continue to be amazed at His unfolding plan. I don't need to take all this on myself. Just trust Him.

    3. That's fabulous news, Katy!! Wow. I love how God works. It's always in the most surprising way. Nope... it's not on you... God's got this and He has your son too!

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  8. You did an EXCELLENT job on this. Thank you for all your work and time.

  9. Hi MaryLu you have done your research on this one for sure. And I'm guessing some folks aren't happy to hear who has partnered with such evil corruption. I know that out of all those Pastors that were mentioned, MANY have been saved. So satan's plans backfired there. Most of the denominational churches are drawing a thin line with TRUTH and so many lukewarm at best. But there are the true seekers that have to come through this way to find Jesus and except the WORD as Holy and Inspired by God. Like the ENTER NET and the WORLD WIDE WEB, what satan has meant to trap us with, God has used it for TRUTH AND GOODNESS with all of us who seek HIM. The Free masons under satan's influence remind me of a terrible fast spreading dark cancer and to look into them, it's very intricate, revolting and huge. Unbelievable sickness and take over of the world. Satan draws people in such a subtle way and what appears to be the truth and innocent, before pulling the rug out from them. The visions in my mind of those people and the evil HELL they are truly living in, is more graphic than my mind can handle anymore. Praise Jesus it is finally almost over. I don't know if my stomach can handle the five hour video as my knowledge of this is enough to know where it's all coming from. Hell on Earth for those that live in such filth.
    I have a cousin that is very involved as a producer in Hollywood and I knew him as a child. I have seen Holly HELL take over his soul. Pictures of him the past few years I see no light in his eyes only darkness. He sold his soul for money and fame. And sacrificed his children and wife too, seeing where their lives are all going. Nothing of Jesus. With Israel surrounded by all the enemies of the Ma-Gog war, I think what is building with satan for his global AC take over, can be left behind, as this Bride is feeling the tug UP WARD. And God help those Left Behind, when they see who has taken over this world. We are so close now. I love that you are exposing the truth here for all those that NEED to know how deceived we've been by these so called "leaders" of the "faith" and the govt's. May the Lord keep us from these deceptions as we purify ourselves for our final HOME with HIM for all eternity in Jesus. love you Sweet Sister for your honesty. As someone told me recently, they thanked me for my "raw" honesty. This one is definitely "raw." But purely out of the deepest love and care for those who are willing to listen.

    1. Well said, Cillie! I add my Amen to all you posted. Blessings and hugs to you and yours! See you soon in the clouds!

  10. Thank you so much Mary Lu for exposing the truth about goes all the way back to our founding fathers and to this day, most of our presidents have been masons as are so many in congress and judges. The Hegalian Dialectic is being played out pitting right against left, conservative against liberal and they are all masons, Jesuits, playing their role to bring in their false "light bearer" Satan. So much deception and we were warned. You are truly amazing and I just wish more people read your blog! God bless you and keep you!

    1. Thank you, Susan! The Hegalian Dialectic! That's the term I was searching for! I couldn't remember it. Yes, they are all playing a part.. good and evil, leading SO MANY astray. Including most of my friends and family. ALL leading to Satan. But yes, like you said, we were warned and warned and warned. If you knew me, you would not find me amazing... LOL God is just using this crazy romance author for His purpose. And I'm thrilled to be His servant. :-) God Bless you!!