Friday, June 25, 2021

MaryLu's Friday Musings: A World Gone Mad.

  Dear Precious and Greatly Loved Saints of the Most High!
You should have heard me yesterday charging through my house, yelling at the devil and his minions and casting them out of my home, my family, and all my loved ones' homes. He is a liar and the ONLY thing he can do to those of us who truly follow Jesus is LIE.  The best defense against Lies? The Truth, the Word of God. Learn it and use it often against those lies when they come at you. Anyway, it's been a busy week. 
There has been much progress made on a digital version of vaccine verification. Amazing how fast it is moving. As I'd been hearing, we are now faced with a new Variant called Delta. Google it. You'll be amazed how quickly they are releasing this and putting out news clips about it. Unfortunately, we may be seeing more deaths soon.. and from those vaccinated, it would seem. But that was their plan. 
They are forcing the Vaccine on kids now, several of whom who have been injured or died, Even though even the WHO says not to give it to kids. And speaking of kids. they are indoctrinating our kids with perversion in cartoons and the classroom. God will not tolerate this much longer.
Another development is the rise of digital currency, now being tested in Israel. Of course we already have Bitcoin, but be on the lookout for all transactions to be soon moved to digital and for cash to decrease. Most of us are already doing this, right? They just need to centralize it.
They are also starting to punish those of us who have not gotten the poison jab, by charging us more to attend public events, excluding us from certain activities, forcing us to wear masks, etc. Watch for this persecution to increase or even for them to blame the rising variants on us.
Russia seems to be taunting us by moving war ships off the coast of Hawaii. They are also threatening British ships. I believe they smell weakness and, along with China, are ready to attack. You should familiarize yourself with the Kigali rules Obama put in place, basically handing over authority for the UN to put troops on our land. 
Climate change lockdown? I see this coming. Some natural disaster will occur or the famine will increase and they will blame it on Climate change and use that to grab power and take away our rights. They will restrict our driving, eating, and use of power. Mark my words
My brother tells me there's a lot of military movement in D.C. right now.  It's unclear for what purpose, but something seems imminent. The FBI headquarters are all boarded up. Why? The Arizona audit is nearing it's completion, which will prove our election was stolen. America is all prepped for a civil war. 

But God.....  who already knew all this would happen and WHO has the day of our rescue already set in stone. He WILL come for us at the exact and perfect moment. In the meantime, He promises to protect us. See my Monday post!  

Sending blessings and prayers to all my brother and sisters in Christ!
The V and V
Regarding Covid Passport. I learned from the article below that here in the US, there is a law against a Federal Database for immunization records, which would be necessary to install a Federal Covid passport. This law was presented by Ron Paul (God bless him) in 1998 and though they have tried to overturn it, they have yet to be successful. However, that doesn't mean that each individual state (such as mine) cannot enforce a Covid passport.
Magnetic nano-materials in the Vaccine !  Long but worth listening to.  
This is what I had heard from banned doctors. That the vaccine prohibits the person from fighting off any new coronoviruses 
The NWO Beast system
No masks or social distancing for the elite!  We are in a two-class system worldwide. Wake up! 
Why is it okay for Hunter Biden to use the "N" word?  Among other infractions by this man, most illegal
If your house is a smart house that is online, disconnect it! They have the power to change your thermostat, turn your lights off, etc.. 
 Our Groaning planet
The Great Deception
He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.”Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!  
 Revelation 22:20


  1. If you aren't familiar with the Kigali principles, you need to familiarize yourself with what obama did as he left office.

  2. I mentioned last week about two big trips coming up...well, last night God canceled one of them. I'm still set to leave for the other one in three weeks, but the one He canceled would have required 4 tests! Plus, in canceling this, He immediately opened a door for me to have housing and work in missions with exchange students. I would have missed this amazing opportunity if I had went. He is so good....even as the world grows darker and darker. Thanks for all your updates. SMH

    1. Praise God! That's great news, Katy! I love how God answers prayer and directs our steps. Yes, we continue to work and help save others even as the world grows pitch black. I pray that you have a huge impact for the Lord on these exchange students. I am still praying for your son.

    2. Thank you for your prayers. J grows more brainwashed daily. My daughter's college also came out this week and said all must get 'it' or they can't come back. I'm trying to convince her to move with me and transfer, but she's not hearing it right now.

      On another note, I'm getting conflicting info on the rapture. If we see the clouds open and trumpet call, that could be the AC and meant to deceive. That first "trumpet" sound is not Jesus. It's counterfeit. I'm assuming this happens after the bride is taken though. Those that remain will see the sky open and think it is Jesus coming to save them and they will run to the AC instead. But God doesn't want us looking up, but to wait on Him to take us. Yes? No? Maybe? ;) Being in the mountains now, I spend so much time looking up. I just don't want to be tricked.

    3. I'm so sorry, Katy. Don't let the enemy discourage you. My son "appears" to be more and more lost every day.. But we serve a huge God of the impossible. Sorry about your daughter too. What a hard decision for her to make.
      Regarding the great deception and the trumpet call. If you are a child of God, which I can tell you are, you won't be deceived by the true or false trumpet. When the Lord calls us home, Scripture says He will shout. I'm of the opinion He will say "Come up here!" Then an angel shouts something and the trumpet blows. Only His Sheep know His voice and follow Him. You will know because you will suddenly be transformed and find yourself in the clouds with Jesus. The Deception will be obvious to us, whether it occurs before or after we are gone. We are told to look up, to watch for Jesus! You will know His voice when He calls you home. No worries!

    4. He is my shepherd. I WILL know his voice. Thank you for that reminder. I'm also sad, even though I have been blessed with God's guidance this week, I've also had close friends receive horrible news. My friend's son was hit and run by a person driving a car and killed last night. My other friend that I was supposed to go on this canceled trip with learned her husband has Leukemia two days ago. Everywhere I look I'm seeing death. I've been seeing it since January. I want to be compassionate, but I also want to keep telling everyone to look up. Don't get distracted. I don't know about you, but I can barely breathe. I have to stay in his presence and His Word to relax.

    5. That's so horrible. I can't imagine losing a son or having a husband diagnosed with such a deadly disease. I'm so sorry this has touched your life so much. You are right, death is all around us. Reminds me of the 4th horse in Revelation. Death and Hades follows behind him. Like you said, the important thing for all of us to remember is this life is but a vapor... it really doesn't matter. All that matters is that we know Jesus. I am always in His presence.. talking to Him all day long. It's the only way to survive this madness. You are in my prayers!

  3. Hi Sister! Boy have you got that right, the World has gone MAD!! The big delusion has taken over their brains. All we can do is pray for them. I was thinking of those that have taken the V, how their "churches" convinced them it was for the good of all... "love" right? And now I'm wondering how many of them are drawing closer to Jesus and becoming stronger witnesses with this poison in their system? The ones I know that have taken the V do NOT seem to be getting closer but further from the WORD and the TRUTH! Throwing Biblical teaching away and letting the world take over their churches. I have been overly tired lately, thinking it's the last stage of the Labor, this is one "BIG BABY" that's coming, cause the "labor" has gone through every awful stage imaginable. I'm so tired I'd just crawl in a ball if I could and wait for Jesus. But He's still using me to the last drop of my life here. I have places I witness and I"m steady. The Lord showed me years ago, it's that steadfast faith that doesn't waver that helps bring the lost to HIM. So us soldiers of the Cross endure until the final battle is over. Even on our death bed if that's the course we must go through. Thank you for putting so many sites to check out on what's REALLY going on. I have seen such a censoring on FB and You Tube, it makes me sick. FB had a group that was just about people that were telling their experiences with the V and it was HORRIFYING to hear how many have been affected already. Now of course they have scrubbed their site. Can't say anything negative about the V or they'll kick you off FB or put you in FB "jail!" The censorship is literally taking over FB and YT!! More then half of my YT sites are just GONE!!! I haven't read the post above about posting scriptures on FB goes against their community guidelines yet. But do have to say every morning on FB I post five different meme's with scripture in them. One of my book pages, Jesus Calling for the day, also now typing pages of "The Voice of the Martyrs" it's stories from the time of Jesus until 2000 on people that have died for Christ. I want people to see that being a Christian is not an easy road, as many think. That it's seed was planted at the Cross and then in the lives of so many that died for the truth. The book is actually called "Jesus Freaks" but I think the title could keep some from reading it, so adding the stories one by one, so they can hear the voice of these Martyrs and it lets them know the cost of our faith in Jesus today. It has touched a few already. What I find amazing is these Martyrs are still alive in these pages. Their stories being told from almost two thousand years to this very day. Praise God!! Their sacrifice and lives still live on. The push for the jab here in CA and around the world is so intense. Even to the point where the VP K.H. is telling those vaxed to HARASS their neighbors until they get it. They want us all done NOW before people start seeing the poison and ruined lives that will increase more each day.

  4. Sorry had to put the rest of this message on this post. ;) You know us writers speak through our finger tips. ;) I wonder what's with boarding up the FBI buildings. I know that there is a whole lot of birds going blind, having neurological behavior and dropping dead. Started in DC area and now spreading to several other states, along with those Caididids or locust that are now there and moving fast to other states. Weird all those soldiers in that area with this happening. And for Katy's remarks about tragedy hitting loved ones, I am seeing the same thing. I have at least five people close to me, going through AWFUL stuff right now. I think it's the Lord trying to get peoples full attention. WAKE UP before it's too late!! Well, thanks for posting dear Sister, you are on my mind a lot and in my prayers, I know your battle is rough too. We are surrounded by those that are trying to force their bad choices on us. And the good thing about the darkest hour, it's right before SON LIGHT!!! Much love from Rambling Rose AKA Cillie

    1. Thank you, Sweet Cillie! What a great idea to post about Christian martyrs! I have that book too, Jesus Freaks. Today's Christianity is all about comfort and blessing but you are soooo right. Being a Christian isn't easy. It was never meant to be. We have been lied to. I'm so tired. There are days I feel I can't go on, but as you said, God expects His soldiers to stay alert and fight until the end... hopefully to bring in the lost before its too late. Interesting about the V. I wonder if it does do something to their minds to keep them from God. What a shame! So many have taken it. I hear they may be coming door to door soon with the V to inject those who haven't taken it. I won't be answering my door on that day! Love and hugs!