Friday, June 11, 2021

MaryLu's Musings: The Calm Before the Storm


Greetings Precious Saints,
Have you noticed that many States are lifting their mask mandates and opening up businesses?  Of course not here, but I didn't expect that here in communist CA. However, elsewhere people are excited about getting their lives back, things returning to normal: Sports, movies, concerts, etc.  And while that's a good thing, I must admit that it all makes me slightly suspicious. I often feel like I'm living two lives. When my husband and I are caring for our grandkids, life almost seems complete normal, innocent, and wonderful. We watch cartoons and read books and play with unicorns and everything is so innocent and fun. But then I read the news and dig into Scripture and I know this is all an illusion. Just like the illusion that life is going back to pre-Covid normal. In truth, even pre-Covid was not normal, based on what some of us know about the demonic agenda behind the scenes. Yet it's easy to trick yourself into thinking maybe you're wrong about the soon Tribulation, maybe you've been lied to about the Illuminati, FreeMasons, One World Government, even the Jab. But then the Lord clears His throat and asks me, What does it say in My Word

Do you know what I discovered in His Word the other day while reading 1 Thessalonians 5?
But concerning the times and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I should write to you. For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night.  For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.

Peace and Safety! Those words jumped out at me. That means that the rapture will occur when the world has been lulled back to sleep, when everyone is going about their normal lives and no major catastrophes are occurring. In other words, the more things return to normal, the more likely our rescue is imminent

Besides, like I said, this normalcy is all an illusion. The world is like one giant volcano. It may look peaceful from a distance, all green and lush and covered with trees. But deep within it, the lava is bubbling and fuming and rising and rising, ready to explode. 

What is causing the lava to rise? 
More and more information is coming out about the virus and the vaccine and all the lies that were told. This is making the Illuminati/Masons/Powers-that-be very nervous. They cannot allow the common man to become aware of the real purpose of the vaccine.
There are still roughly 25% of Americans who refuse the V, despite all the incentives they are offering. Another reason for them to make a major move to take over.

Ongoing vote audits are producing indisputable evidence that Trump actually won the election and this is making the Biden Admin very nervous. Expect them to create an event to distract from this, either a war, a natural disaster, or criminal charges against Trump. 

China will not stand for the truth to come out that Covid was a bioweapon they released on the world. They have plans to attack America when she is down, probably after a civil war starts, an EMP Attack, or a major natural disaster. Several reliable men and women of God have seen Chinese troops on our soil and/or at our borders.  See below an article on how the Chinese military has purchased 200 acres in Texas. 

A major change in government in Israel from very conservative to very liberal (and allied with muslims) could cause further warfare in the region. Can you say Gog-Magog? 

Several recent hacks on US interests may be trials to see what they can get away with. Our energy grid is extremely vulnerable. 

So, you see that the peace and safety being proclaimed this summer is all an illusion. They can't allow people to figure out what's going on. They can't allow people to demand their rights back. They've come too far. They will have to do something, perhaps release a more deadly virus? Something.. yet before that, Peace and Safety can only mean one thing--our soon escape! 

For some encouragement, please see the article I posted after the links

The V and V
The C Vax was not made for the C Virus, but the C Virus was made for the vaccine. They want you to take the vaccine. That's the end game! 

This information below is from TW Tramm's Facebook Page. Thank you to Ron Garbe for pointing this out to me. This is for your encouragement. I hope it's a blessing to you. 
JUNE 10 MARKS two important anniversaries this year:

1) Ascension Day, the anniversary of Jesus’ ascent into heaven.

2) Jerusalem Day, the anniversary of the recapture of East Jerusalem by Israeli forces in 1967.

So in a rare concurrence, Ascension Day is also Jerusalem Day in 2021.

Something else biblical is happening on June 10: a rare annular eclipse, a phenomenon in which the outer edge of the Sun remains visible as a bright ring around the Moon, will cut a path across the northernmost point of the globe.

Understanding that God uses eclipses as “signs,” it is significant that the ring-eclipse will be visible above the spot where the longitudinal lines connecting every landmass on earth converge. So rather than being addressed to a particular nation, the June 10 eclipse-sign would seem to be addressed to the whole world.

What could be the message of a “ring” eclipse on Ascension Day and Jerusalem Day?
A ring is the universal symbol of betrothal and God’s faithfulness; it reminds us of His “wedding covenant” with believers.

Ascension Day reminds us that Jesus ascended into the clouds and that we will, one day, meet Him there at the “wedding” we call the Rapture (1 Thess. 4:16, 17).

Jerusalem Day celebrates the restoration of Israel, which in itself is a sign of the Lord’s appearing: “When the LORD shall build up Zion [Jerusalem], he shall appear in his glory” (Ps. 102:16).
Therefore, an awesome celestial ring at the top of the globe on Ascension Day and Jerusalem Day could be read as a sign of the Bridegroom’s coming.


Ten days after the ring eclipse, June 20, marks Pentecost, the festival associated with the wheat harvest, the Church, and weddings (Ex. 34:22; Acts 2; Ex. 19).

Pentecost is also seeing a rare concurrence this year: the harvest festival lands on the solstice, marking the beginning of summer, which also happens to be Father’s Day.

Thus, June 2021 is seeing two rare date-concurrences—one on June 10 and another on June 20—both with major eschatological overtones.

In addition to marking Pentecost and the beginning of summer, June 20 marks the one-year anniversary of a ring-eclipse that occurred above the Eastern Christian world on the first day of summer in 2020. Again, viewing the ring as a symbol of betrothal, the timing of the 2020 ring-eclipse is particularly striking because, according to Jewish tradition, the bridegroom comes to gather the bride on the one-year anniversary of the betrothing.

A second coincidence related to June 20 is that there are exactly 2,520 days, or seven “prophetic” years, between this date and Israel’s 80th birthday in 2028. Israel’s 80th birthday is a crucial milestone because Scripture defines the upper limit of a human lifespan as 80 years, and Jesus says the generation who sees Israel reborn will see all the end-times prophecies fulfilled (Ps. 90:10; Matt. 24:32–34).

A third coincidence related to June 20 is that Pentecost, a festival whose date varies from year to year, lands on the same date (June 20) in the years 28 AD and 1948, linked to Jesus’ first coming and the start of the fig-tree generation, respectively.

With the years 28 AD and 1948 in view, consider Hosea’s prophecy about the Lord’s second coming:

“After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will raise us up, that we may live in his presence” (Hos. 6:2).

A day can represent a thousand years in Scripture (2 Pet. 3:8). Counting two (thousand-year) “days” from 28 AD, we arrive at 2028, the calculated upper limit of the fig-tree generation and a likely year for Jesus’ Second Coming—the time when He will raise up Israel so they may “live in His presence” during the Millennium.
To be clear, no one knows the day of the Rapture (Matt. 24:36).

However, concurrences like the ones noted here are not coincidental and should be read as “signs” that the time is indeed near and that summer is a pivotal season.

So be encouraged and look up, the Bridegroom could soon be on His way!


  1. Good morning Marylu,
    I'm so excited about Christ's soon return and I find your posts so encouraging! I'm looking up every day!
    On another note, I received a wedding invite from my niece who is getting married in October. I did get the invite very early. Anyway, I decided to look at their wedding website and saw that in order to attend you either have to have been jabbed or take a Covid test two weeks before. I was sickened reading that. My husband and I have already had Covid and therefore rely on our God given immunity and not on an experimental jab. Even if I have never had Covid I still would not take it. My niece and her fiance are not Christians, however I do pray for them everyday. They have been living together for the past 2 years. They ultimately are succumbing to irrational fear.
    So I wasn't sure if I was going to go anyway. God has given us an out here. We may be outta here anyway thru the Rapture.
    You are absolutely correct on this being the calm before the storm. I feel it.
    Have a blessed weekend my sweet sister in Christ! ❤

    1. I'm so sorry about your niece, Barbara. So many people are living in fear. Could you ever imagine a day when a relative would require you to take a shot to attend their wedding? Strange and evil times we live in. In all honestly, I doubt we will be here in October anyway.. and if we are, the world will look very different. I will pray for their salvation! Blessings and hugs to you!

  2. Thank you for this! I continue to look up as God also leads me to complete the work He has for me. I am supposed to go spend a whole week in a castle in Ireland in July. But perhaps, I will be in the Lord's Kingdom instead. :)

    1. A Castle in Ireland! Wow. That sounds so cool. Yeah, I'm hoping we are gone this month.. but if not, have a blast!!

  3. Hi there Sister! Could so relate to feeling like I am living two different lives. I have so many I love that I can't talk to them about whats REALLY GOING ON and the conversations have to stay on the surface. Each one can only handle so much, so always juggling what I can to get the WORD into them and trying to get them to look up instead of playing in the world, like there is no end.
    I am so feeling like I could POP! Everything is so heavy as to what we know. And it is more then suspicious this false security that it's all going back to normal. RIGHT... NOT... the media has so blinded people from the real things that are taking place in the world right now.
    I like what you said about the age and life span being 80 and if this is the last generation of Jews, from the time they finally were brought back to a Nation, then we are barely seven years away from the 2028, so the Tribulation is AT THE DOOR!! This could be that feeling I'm going to POP.
    Something is definitely getting ready to blow as I can feel it in my gut. It's intense! This take over in Israel is huge and I believe significant in bringing in the Tribulation.
    Where I see people going on about things, buying, marrying, traveling, I keep getting this feeling it's all about ready to crash. And prayerfully that means we go UP to be with Jesus and the Tribulation can start.
    I love the idea of June 20th setting the stage in motion too! Because the govt. still hasn't revealed the alien stuff and I'm thinking they are waiting until we are GONE and they think they can explain our disappearance this way. And since June is the month they are planning on the big reveal, which they've really been putting on a show for that day too, June sure has a lot of signs that things are about to happen. I think the Thessalonians scripture perfect for what we are seeing too. How much longer can they hide what these vax are really going to do to humanity too. They are on steroids trying to JAB us all, as it will be exposed more each day the corruption behind it.
    Well I'm just rambling around here, so better move along. Thank you for your most timely message. Can't wait to meet on the other side with Jesus. God's love and prayers always Ramblin Rose

    1. Yup Sis.. you are spot on! the world is about to pop. It's a strange feeling for us who know and see... we earnestly pray for our lost loved ones while keeping one eye on the sky, hoping to see our Prince call us home. Soon the vax will start killing off people... they need to get as many shot up with it as they can. And yes, the alien reveal. Where is that? Maybe when we leave. you're right! See you in the air, Sis! Blessings!

  4. Cilli you are absolutely right time is short and it is all getting ready to blow up. Everyone stick to the word and look up. We may be in the world but we are not part of it. Bless you all. Pam

    1. Definitely NOT a part of this world. I feel more and more like an alien every day, Pam. Let us not forsake the race at this late hour but step up the pace as we see the finish line ahead.! Hugs!