Friday, June 18, 2021

MaryLu's Musings: The Persecution of the Unvaxxed

Dear Precious Saints of the Most High,
This week on Tuesday, my lovely state of Communist California graciously lifted their mask mandate. BUT ONLY FOR THE VACCINATED. LOL.  My daughter said there was a sign outside Target that said if you're not vaccinated, you must wear a mask, and there were a lot of people shopping without masks, but they weren't checking. Mark my words, they will start a way to verify vaccination. And Soon
Then look what I got in my email from my county
The County of Santa Clara, the SAP Center, the Golden State Warriors, and the City of San Jose are collaborating to raffle off more than 100 tickets to upcoming events, as well as other prizes, to anyone who gets a COVID-19 vaccine at select County-run vaccination sites in the next few weeks. Tickets to the Golden State Warriors, Harry Styles, the Weeknd, Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber and other artists will be given away. Different prizes will be raffled off every week. Each Wednesday, 8 to 10 winners will be announced.
Individuals who have already been vaccinated will be eligible for the raffle if they bring proof of vaccination and accompany an unvaccinated person to a County-operated clinic for a vaccine.
And then I received this from John Muir Heath
What are the changes in mask guidelines?
For people who are fully vaccinated, indoor and outdoor activities pose minimal risk and masks are no longer required. Masks are still required for both fully vaccinated people and unvaccinated people in the following situations:

    Health care and long-term care facilities (including at John Muir Health facilities)
    Public transit, including busses, trains and airplanes
    In schools (K-12) and at child care facilities
    Emergency or homeless shelters and cooling centers
    The workplace, pending new guidance from Cal/OSHA

People who have not been vaccinated are required to continue wearing a mask indoors in public settings and in businesses.
We encourage you to get vaccinated
Vaccination is the key to ending the pandemic. With eligibility currently open to everyone ages 12+, we encourage you and your family to get vaccinated. 
MaryLu Here:  I expect a digital vaccine passport to be created and required in CA some time this summer.  Of course this is all against the Constitution and our rights to privacy, but when have they cared about that? Also please look up Covid Delta Variant. This is a new "variant" of the virus which they are now releasing here in the US. I believe it is what killed many people recently in India. It's starting. It is my opinion that either this variant or others will soon be unleashed and many people will suffer, leading to more lockdowns and more vaccinations. I don't mean to instill fear. I'm just trying to keep you informed. Things are moving fast and we need to spend any spare time we have in prayer, praise and worship. The Lord will rescue those who are His!  As we see these things happening, let it encourage you that our King is coming very very soon! 
This is just a small portion of the news I review each week. I try to pick out the most important things. If you're a watcher like me, you probably know most of it.

The V and V
I don't know if this is true, but I've found The common Sense show to be reliable in the past. I don't think he would report on this unless he'd received credible evidence.
One World Gov
Culture, Perversion, Immorality, violence
The 3rd Horse of the Apocalypse - Famine
We are starting to see hints of a coming man-made famine. The NWO powers are manufacturing drought conditions, dumping fresh water into the sea, cutting irrigation water to farmers, and manipulating weather to suit their needs (and yes, they can manipulate weather) This will result in very very high prices of food and a soon-coming famine, which they will blame on Global Warming, which then will give them the power to tax Carbon, take away your cars, and basically shut down the economy so they can usher in the Great Reset (which is the global economic Beast system) 

In all honesty, I don't recognize this world from just 2 years ago. Things are moving so very fast. They have put their plans in motion and they are not going back. I really and truly believe we will be rescued this year. It not, I don't think we have another year.  The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that you have a personal relationship with Jesus. Nothing else matters. You do not want to be left behind. 
I highly recommend memorizing Scripture. The Psalms are really good ones.. such as Psalm 103, Psalm 91 and others. Memorize Luke 10:19 and other warfare passages. And speak them out loud often during the day. Put on Praise music in your house. Fill your mind and heart with  thoughts of Jesus and Heaven. 
If all this news freaks you out, just avoid it and spend time with Jesus. As always, I pray for you all. If you need to chat with me or have a prayer request, please email me at
Love and Blessings to my fellow brothers and sisters!



  1. Oh Sister, just like you, I don't recognize this world anymore. The labor is so intense now. We are being backed in to a corner with this VAX and that tells me the Lord is about ready to part the Red Sea and get us out of this insanity. Your advise to draw deeper into the WORD, worship and pray, that is what I feel the Lord is saying to me too. Claim the covering of Christ's blood upon myself and loved ones. No greater place to be, than our intense longing and relationship with our Lord Jesus. I've never longed for anything as much as wanting to go Home and be with our Savior and King! This world has nothing to hold me here, except for doing the WILL of GOD and that is the only reason I'm still here. But praying that is about over for me and all the Brides with their lamp oil full, longing and watching with every fiber of their being. No greater love could we ever wish for. May the Lord Jesus hold all of us Brides close and encourage us through these last days in this darkening world. What a joyous day we are about to see! Ramblin Rose... AKA Cillie...

    1. Amen! That day is fast approaching. How blessed we are to be in the generation who will be swept up to see our King!

  2. Amen! This world has nothing for me. Waiting expectantly for His soon return! Until then, going about the Lord's business.

    1. Yes, I got your note, Barbara, Weird. But I wouldn't be surprised if they took down my site soon.

  3. Last night when I tried to post, it wouldn't. Now it is. Perhaps there was a glitch.