Friday, June 4, 2021

MaryLu's Musings: Why so many Christians are deceived.


Greetings Saints of the Most High!!  
I'm home again. I had a lovely trip visiting my Mom and Sister. We did nothing but eat good food and relax, which is a huge change from my real life. I didn't have a chance to follow much of the news while I was there. Actually, it was a nice break from all the horrible things going on in the world. However I did list a few items of interest below. Tennessee has no mask mandates at the moment, and it felt so strange to be out and about without my face covering. It seemed almost like I had just emerged from a nightmare and wakened to a normal world.  But then I had to go back to the airport where we were required to stand 6 feet apart, masks on, before they crammed us all within inches of each other on the plane. Talk about making zero sense. But then again, nothing about this virus has made any sense. 

I was sitting in the airport in Denver, waiting for my connection, and I watched all the hordes of people passing by. I asked the Lord how many were His and He said "Very few", and it made me sad as I watched them and listened to their conversations. There were kids excited about starting college in the fall, older people heading out on vacations, and others chatting about their new business opportunities or moving and buying homes. All of them were planning a future in a world that was about to change drastically for the worse, a world that was about to become an unrecognizable horror. Everyone was wearing a mask and steering clear of others, some even had shields on too, and I wondered why so many had been so deceived by this virus and the media.
Then I remembered that many Christians had also been deceived, God-fearing believers who willingly took the death jab and who, like the many people I listened to, are planning a promising future.  As I pondered this, I believe the Lord gave me the answer, the key to discernment in these end times:  We have to know Biblical Prophecy.  The only other Christians I know who are aware of what's going on in the world and who have a clear understanding of the times in which we live, are those believers who have been taught or studied End Times Biblical Prophecy. You see, if you know that Jesus Himself said that the generation who witnessed the rebirth of Israel would be the last one, and you know that Israel just turned 73, then you can't help but know that we are living in the very last days before the rapture. Then when you realize that, and you know the prophecies depicting how the world will look at this time, the culture, the character of people, the apostasy of the church, and you know that earthquakes, storms, volcanoes, etc, would increase, and that a One World Government must rise, and that there would be much deception, then you look at the events of the world very differently than someone who doesn't know these things. 
The problem is, most Christians have not been taught End Times Prophecy, nor have they studied it themselves. In my last Bible Study, there was a lady who had been a Christian for 30 years, but she'd never read the book of Revelation because she thought it was too scary. But the Lord expects us to be diligent students of His Word!  We aren't supposed to merely rely on pastors and Bible teachers! We are supposed to get alone with God and read and study His Word. For those who have done so, God grants more and more knowledge and wisdom. For those who haven't, they are left in the dark.  Are they still saved? Of course, but they are missing out on knowing the signs of the times AND they are leaving themselves open to deception. If they are falling for this virus hoax (yes I believe it's a real virus) and they are willing to take a Vaccine that has warning flags all over it, how will they be able to discern when even greater deception arises?  I fear for them. 

So, it would seem that only those of us who know and understand Biblical End Times prophecy are the ones who see the rise of the NWO, the rise of Satanism and evil, the apostasy of the church, the huge deception of a pandemic used to usher in the NWO and so many other prophetic things that are happening. So, if you're reading this and agree with me, then you are one of the very few of God's people who are awake and are looking for Jesus in the clouds!  Congratulations! 

The very first thing Jesus said when His Disciples asked what would be the signs of the end.
And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many."  Matthew 24:4-5
Jesus wasn't just talking about people claiming to be Messiah. Notice the words "come in my name".  Who speaks to us in the name of Jesus? Pastors, Bible Teachers, etc. Jesus is warning us that our own shepherds will deceive us, maybe not willingly for some. But if they aren't teaching about End times prophecy and warning the church, they are deceiving you! 
Anyway, below I'm listing the 5 phases of vaccine compliance by Mike Adams.  You can read the entire article HERE. He says we are in phase 3

Phase 1 – Voluntary (pushed by media propaganda, paying off social media influencers, doctors, etc.). This phase ensnares those who are gullible enough to think getting injected with spike protein biological weapons will somehow “save” them or set them free.

Phase 2 – Incentives (lottery tickets, free beer, free donuts, etc.). This phase ensnares those who are stupid enough to trade their lives for beer and donuts. There are a lot of these people, and even the globalists realize that such low IQ people have nothing to contribute to human civilization.

Phase 3 – Private sector punishments – in this stage they use corporations to deny people access to services (such as air travel, cruise ships, restaurants, sporting events, concerts, etc.). This phase hopes to make being unvaccinated extremely inconvenient. WE ARE HERE NOW.

Phase 4 – Criminal fines or jail time (government sector) – This phase will kick in after the fake news media blames the unvaxxed for continued spike protein outbreaks that are killing people. Laws will be passed in some jurisdictions that require constant vaccines and booster shots. Any who refuse to comply will be fined or jailed. You can expect this push to originate in blue states.

Phase 5) – Kinetic (military sector) – open biological and kinetic warfare on the American people, carried out by the “woke” military against the citizens. This phase will take place after the vaccine deep state works with the Biden / Obama regime to stage a massive false flag shooting tragedy that can be blamed on anti-vaxxers and gun owners. Once this event is carried out, Biden and the Democrats will call for turning the U.S. military against the citizens to carry out nationwide gun confiscation and force covid-19 vaccines at gunpoint.

MaryLu here: Don't be alarmed. The Lord is coming to rescue us! Hang tight. Be strong. Don't give up or in.  Push through the crowd, of only to touch the hem of His garment!
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  1. Hi MaryLu was just wondering if you made it home safe and sound. Thank You Jesus! And she's back to share the TRUTH with us all, that have ears to hear. I was just having the same discussion you shared here with my husband and my Sister Wing Flapper this morning. That's what I love about your posts, they are affirmation that we are on the Bride's path home here. So thankful for your refreshing truth, as things are really closing in all around the Bride. She is in a corner calling out to Jesus with all her heart, please Lord Jesus come quickly as the world continues to darken everywhere. These people who have the jab going about like it's all "normal" shedding those spike proteins with us all and then to turn on us later, those who aren't following in their footsteps. That is frightening. And I see it coming. I am praying for the TRUTH to be revealed to as many that are open to it NOW. Anyway, my garden is calling me to come water, as it's been hot here, almost a hundred every day. So better get out there. I love and appreciate you so much Sister... The Rambling Rose

    1. Bless you, Cillie! So cool when the Lord confirms for us what He's telling the Bride. We are backed into a corner, but not for long!!

  2. Happy you made it back home safely and that you had a nice relaxing visit. ❤

  3. I agree with you! We are indeed in the very last days. Lots of love from Dubai

  4. Glad you had a good time with your family.
    Thank you for posting these truths. You were missed.

  5. And the masks. So many places are lifting the mask mandates, but the airlines are still requiring masks. And you are right, it makes ZERO sense. One would think they would lift the mask mandates since many are. I'm traveling to Myrtle Beach next month to visit my twin sister and brother, unless Christ takes us home before then, and I will be flying there from MI. I dread the thought of having to put on a mask again just to take the flights. Just plain crazy. Jesus come quickly!

    1. It was horrible. At one point during a 4 hours flight I pulled the mask just below my nose so I could get some air and the nazi stewardess yelled at me to pull it up! I did find a mask you can breathe through, but I think the authorities are onto that one. Here's the link:

  6. Thank you for the link. I had that happen to me too on a flight. The masks are ineffective against any virus. Maybe I will bring popcorn on my next flight and eat it very slowly. Lol 😂

    1. LOL ! That's exactly what I did! I had a bag of popcorn that I enjoyed for 20 minutes at least! :-)

  7. Did you have one of these mesh masks on? I went ahead and ordered one. I'll let you know if it works.😁

    1. Yes, I did! You can totally breathe through it! But I also had another real one over it because my nephew said when he was flying they were aware of those kind of masks and told him to put on a real one. LOL