Thursday, June 10, 2021

The Secret Covenant of the Illuminati/Masons



  1. Hi Mary Lu, First must say thanks for all your good posts, it takes time & effort to regularly keep posting, so we appreciate what you do! The web page NOW the END BEGINS, covers many of the signs that are happening across our world, on a daily basis. This item is a rather amazing: On Another subject see this LINK:[0]=AZWgE8YoMyq4GVEs3p6sT8qLgfl6Ulnr7CPtTXxzl6scMQvbo9Vq4OLiMshlWFcTrYQwXC9KjRGrbsc6ywPYVgQZoIkfwK3flKbBfGMt0F3_K95gw8FdQoSRwWEx7sWhAUGhF9UcKTTcYV_7pJbArEPhce47p3ZJsYX9iN9KmNBHUvug7oM0KeHxi0mHiRj2_tYGqXvubAInsuPQ5-UNt9Ke&__tn__=EH-y-R This is a VERY good post about(June 10) today's WEDDING RING eclipse (Perhaps the Rabi Kiduri Prophecy could come true this month) Also I think I read, that the number of days between the Rev 12 sign of Sept 23, 2017 and June 20 2021 is 1335 days which could have a duel prophetic biblical meaning, pointing to a possible Rapture timing! God Bless TITUS 2 V 13 MARANATHA!!

    1. Hey Ron, I often go to NowtheEndBegins! It's a great site. Thanks for the links. I had already seen the giant one. Amazing how fast the tech is going. And TW Tramm... been following him too. Lots of amazing things that point to June 20th!! Simply Amazing, the times in which we live. I'm living in hopeful expectation..,. but knowing the Lord's timing will be perfect. Thanks for the links and your encouragement! See you in the air!! I pray for a June wedding!