Saturday, June 5, 2021

UFO's - The Great Deception and Luciferian plan!

 I wanted to pass this video on to you. Very enlightening about all the UFOs people have seen and what is the endgame. Worth the hour. To me, this just emphasizes how close we are to seeing our Lord! 


  1. Oh my word! So much has been in the news about the UFOs lately. Crazy! I really believe when we are raptured out of here the world will be deceived into thinking we have been captured by aliens. I've told you this before that I have already written notes to let those left behind that we were not taken by aliens but taken up by Christ!

    Just a side note. I am re-reading your book The Reckoning. Such a great story! ❤

    1. I've left notes too for my family so they won't believe the lie! Aww.. I loved Reckoning.. my one time travel. So fun!! :-)