Friday, July 16, 2021

Friday Musings: The Ever-Tightening Narrow Path

Dear Precious and Holy Saints of the Most High,
I'm going to make a guess that maybe 5% of Christians and maybe 1% of non-Christians in the world actually have a clue at what is going on. This makes the road very narrow and lonely for the rest. Even if we try to tell people, we don't have what most would call reliable, professional news and articles to back up our claims. In fact, I love the Lord's sense of humor because it seems He does indeed choose the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. 
But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty; 1 Corinthians 1:27
I look at myself as a prime example. I am an over-60 wife, mother, grandmother and romance novelist, yet for some reason the Lord has chosen me to be a watchman for His coming. Other watchmen I know and other people who are awake are not notable people as the world sees things. The few pastors I follow online are not highly educated or worldly acclaimed. I say all this because some people only believe something if it comes from a world-renown Scientist or doctor or leader or a "reliable" media outlet. This is why I think so many are deceived. That, in addition to , not knowing the Bible. I find it very telling that the people I know who are awake to the truth are also people who know the Scriptures really well. Jesus is the Word and He said He is the Truth. If you know the Word, you won't be easily deceived. 
I say all this because I know many of you are feeling the pinch of this narrow road and the frustration of trying to wake up friends and family only to be mocked and shunned. Jesus never said following Him would be a bed of roses. Quite the opposite, in fact. 
The interesting thing that seems to be happening this week is an increase in pressure to take the poison jab. Biden is sending goon squads door to door to convince people to take it. There's an article below which describes how these people are trained. The French president is making it mandatory in his country for most people, threatening to make it mandatory for all.  Of course they told us this will never happen. I have heard from friends who have said their friends and/or spouses are told to get vaxxed or lose their jobs. Why are they so intent on injecting us with this "vaccine"?  Well, if you're awake you know that it is full of DNA altering poison, possibly nanobots to track you, and most recently Scientists in Spain discovered that it contains over 90% graphene oxide. Please read the articles below to see what that is and how they will use it to either kill or control you with 5G.
On top of that, inflation is at a 13 year high and experts predict a massive economic collapse is coming soon. Expect food shortages to appear this fall. There are violent protests and riots in Cuba and South Africa, China is threatening us daily, and a great UFO disclosure (Fallen angels) is coming to a town near you. 
Meanwhile they are teaching our kids to hate the USA and all white people, in addition to telling them they can be any gender they want. Forces are in play that are trying to take the power of that decision away from parents, along with the decision on having our children vaccinated. Children are being handed condoms at school and encouraged to have sex at very young ages.
Yet Jesus warned us of all these things. And to think we aren't even in the Tribulation yet!  I know I seem to be a purveyor of doom, but it is my job to keep you informed so you won't be deceived. I'm not saying I'm right about everything, but I do pray for wisdom and discernment every day and I line up everything I read with the Bible to see if it's true. Everything that is happening is lining up with Biblical Prophecy perfectly.
The present rulers of this world are Satan worshipers doing his bidding. They've been planning to rule a one world Government for centuries now and finally, they are achieving it. Our entertainment, media, churches, and music are all compromised and run by Satan. It is vitally important that you keep aware of what is happening, but spend most of your time in the Word of God and with Jesus. That's the only way you will not be deceived. 
If this is your first time reading my Friday musings and you find yourself thinking this romance author has lost her marbles, I get it. It took me awhile to accept the truth about our world. But again, I sift everything through the Word of God and if it matches what is supposed to happen at this time, I pray about it and receive it. 
If you're finding this info too upsetting, believe me, I get that too. But I'm one of those persons who would rather be in the light than the dark, even if the truth is disturbing. Just browse the articles and get an idea of what is going on. No need to do a deep dive. I promise my posts on Monday are more uplifting 😀
If you're reading this and you don't know Jesus, this is your proof He is real. Only the Bible contains prophecies of the future that come true. Only God knows the future. Click on "How to be saved" at the top of this site. 
Jesus is coming soon for His true Saints. Every week when I report the news, and I see how fast things are accelerating, I know that He is right at the door!

The V and V
If you read any article, read this one. If you want to connect all the dots about what Satan's kingdom is doing with Covid, the Vax, Graphene Oxide and 5G, this will clear it all up!
Highly recommend this pastor's sermon on the Vaccine. He covers all the bases. It's an hour long
Our groaning planet
30 School districts in 15 states teaching kids that "whiteness" is from the devil   (MaryLu: this is all part of their plan. Divide and conquer)
The Great Deception
 Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection. Over such the second death has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years. Revelation 20:6


  1. I like how you say you were chosen to be a watchman. Isn’t that the truth? I marvel sometimes about why on earth God chose me. I spent my entire young adult years in total rebellion. I am impatient and argumentative by nature, even though I am extremely sensitive regarding children and animals. Then my husband died after we were married for 7 years. I was reading in Matthew where it says Anna was widowed after 7 years. In my spirit I sensed God saying I was going to be like her. I had no idea what that meant. It was the solar eclipse and the connection to the Rev 12 sign that woke me up in 2016. I know all about feeling alone, mocked, and scorned. But God. I have experienced things that I got called a liar for testifying about. My own mother refused to believe me. The funny thing is, I really feel sorry for her, and all the others who have worked so hard to do what is right in their own eyes, and yet don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, and don’t have eyes to see. I think I would rather carry on knowing that I am actually one of the few that God drew to him, than be in the crowd that may realize soon enough how they were duped. My MIL got jabbed after her PHD in science holding daughter convinced her. I tried to tell her the truth. I even told her about the 666 patent, and the Gates of hell. But she went the other way. Yes, I think God chooses the unlikely, in order to bring glory to himself. I have to believe it will all be worth it someday.

    1. Cheryl, wow, you brief testimony blessed me. We have much in common. I, too, spent years in rebellion to God doing a host of sinful things. I, too, am impatient and possess a host of other bad traits I won't list here. LOL My daily walk is always a struggle.. but for some reason the Lord chose us. I'm so humbled by that, as I know you are. Im very sorry to hear about your MIL. I am the only member of my immediate family here in CA who is not getting the Jab. No one listens to me either though I have pleaded and pleaded. I am dismissed as a conspiracy theorist. So you aren't alone in feeling alone, mocked and scorned. I'm reading through Jeremiah right now. You might try it. He was in the very same boat we are, only worse. Some day all I hope and pray for is to hear Jesus say. "Well done, good and faithful servant!"

  2. Oh my are we Watch Sisters on the same page. I think my past has made family members scornful of my relationship with Christ over the years. They are the hardest to witness too. Cheryl relating to Anna, God is good... Unfortunately I'm the lady at the well, but finally got the message, go and sin no more. That hasn't made my testimony for Christ any easier either, with such a rebellious past. But thankful for my husband that God finally blessed me with, a man devoted to Christ and equally yoked to me. Twenty one years together now. Anyhow MaryLu, it's interesting how you are always on the same page with me. I had a phone call from a dear "Brother" who is walking this narrow path and feeling the depression and division that satan is causing everywhere. We covered so much of what you have shared here today. I have really been feeling the oppression and so many of my loved ones are going through horrific stressful times. A lot of illness and suffering. I do my best to direct them to Jesus for answers, THE WORD and prayers. Lean not unto thine own understanding, but Trust in the Lord with all of your heart... etc. I've been wondering what book I wanted to read in the Bible lately, I think I'll go through Jeremiah since he went through what we are today. Thanks for that. I think we must be so CLOSE, like the woman in labor, I am going through all the last stages. Jesus please come get Your Bride, she's feeling mighty tattered and torn these days. Very TIRED of it all... May His light shine bright on us that are looking for Him with every fiber of our beings. God's love always..

    1. I feel so blessed to have found this fellowship. Imagine how awesome it’s going to be when we can all meet and hang out in heaven forever, far away from this dark creepy world. But in the meantime, finding others on the same page is so uplifting.

    2. Cillie, you are a treasure.. as are you, Cheryl, and all my bothers and sisters here. We have all been brought here by the Lord to encourage one another as the end of the age approaches. Cillie, my mother describes herself as the Woman at the Well too! She had 8 husbands! LOL She is now living for the Lord, praise God! Reminds me of when Jesus said that "He who has been forgiven much, loves much". We have all been forgiven much! It will get harder before we leave, but we have the encouragement that we are not alone.. we have each other and the Lord will never leave us. Yes, Cheryl, how wonderful it will be when we can all meet in heaven! Can't wait!

  3. Hi Marylu!
    Thank you again for another insightful post. Things going on in this world are crazy and yet so sad. I know I have said this multiple times, but I am so ready for Christ's return! He gets the final victory! Everything going on now is temporary what is unseen is eternal! I need to continue to remind myself of that.
    I am currently near Mrytle Beach staying with my brother and sister n law who both had Covid but still chose to take the poison jab. I tell you I have been having a very hard time keeping my mouth shut, because what good would it do since they already took the jab? They asked me if I got jabbed and I said no. We already had Covid. Even if I never got it I still would not take it. They did not say anything to that. It grieves me they have fallen for the lies concerning this poison. My sis-n-law is not saved and not sure about by brother. I'm praying for them. I love them both.
    I told my sis-n-law how much Jesus loves her. That she was created in God's image.
    Praying for God to give me the wisdom to what to speak and when to speak it.
    So looking forward to being away from this dark world and being in Heaven with Him. Come quickly Lord Jesus!!
    Bless you Marylu. ❤

    1. Barbara I can relate to having a hard time keeping your mouth shut. I feel like I'm living in a matrix and everyone is walking around like everything is fine but I know it's all an illusion. You are right to not mention the poison jab... the main thing is to share God's love with them. They need Jesus more than anything right now. Just keep in silent prayer for them while you are there and rebuke the spirits of deception. I pray God leads you to say the right things at the right time. Remember just your presence there brings light into their home, dispelling the darkness. Blessings, Barbara!!

  4. Thank you!! I am praying for them.

  5. Ah what precious Sisters here! We are all experiencing so many of the same things. And loved your comment about your Mom, MaryLu, I can so relate to how this happens and "he who has been forgiven much, loves much." Thank you for that word of inspiration. I printed the article on what satan is doing with covid and the rest of the deceptions. 21 pages!! But wanted all that info to reread. So far have read two pages and it all lines up with what I've been suspecting all along. Much worse then people can even imagine. And knowing that Big Pharma is pushing for a monthly jab, look out. I hate to say it, but we need a big war ASAP to deter this evilness and for the Lord to collect His waiting Bride. Because the jab and stab is the worst thing I've ever seen and to be forced on an entire planet. We are really being backed up to the Red Sea. Please Jesus part it and deliver Your Church. Much love and blessings to all of you precious Sisters here. And prayers the Lord keeps us strong and able to witness to those around us as much as we can.

  6. Such an honor and privilege to be involved with such an inspiring group. God loves each of you and is using you all to spread the word and be the light. Stand fast guys and gals time is short and life is fixing to get even more interesting soon. God bless you all. Pam

    1. God Bless you too, Pam! I agree, things are going to get crazy soon. I'm so blessed to have all you precious saints here to encourage me!

  7. Kathy Pitts SmithJuly 19, 2021 at 9:35 AM

    I have read all 21 pages and have sent it to some people that I care about deeply in the hopes that they too will understand and not take the vax, and hopefully attempt to protect themselves, although even that seems almost impossible just now. I appreciate all of you who keep spreading the Word and God's love of us who believe. It seems I never had the "right words" to try to lead those who do not believe into knowing the love of God. I try to do that on social media, but I will never know if I have reached anyone with my words of faith. I can only hope. I pray for us all in the name of Jesus Christ!! Come soon Dear Lord. I do not want to be here much longer.

    1. I'm glad some of this info has been useful to you. I hope and pray each of us can reach people first, for the Lord to be saved, and secondly to not take the vaccine. Believe it or not, I'm really good at speaking on paper, but in person I get my words all jumbled up and act like an idiot. LOL So I have a hard time sharing my faith as well. The Lord will rescue us in the nick of time... just when we think all is lost and we can't hold on much longer!