Friday, July 2, 2021

MaryLu's Friday Musings: The Covid Variant is here! Important updates!

Dear Saints of the Most High!
Well, it looks like the prophesied and predicted Delta Variant has arrived. Released at the perfect time. Of course, they had hoped that more people would have gotten the vaccine by now, but they can use the variant to their advantage by blaming it on the unvaccinated. As you will see in some articles below, it's mostly the vaccinated who are dying from the Delta variant. Why? Because their immune systems have been taken over by the m-RNA spike protein poison, only intended to stop the Covid-19 virus. Now, with the new variant sweeping across the world, they can demand that the vaccinated get booster shots and then more booster shots when the next one comes, injecting you with more poison and more nanoparticles. And of course the unvaccinated will feel more and more pressure to get the vaccine and more hatred from their vaccinated friends and family for not taking it.  They are also now going after our kids with the vaccine now.
We are seeing more and more restrictions put on the unvaccinated. I expect to see this increase exponentially as these variants are released. If you are like me and refuse to take their poison, determine now to stand strong during these trials for however long the Lord waits to come get us.  

Food shortages are coming, and I'm hearing that our utilities, water, power, etc expect to be hacked and brought down. Make sure you have emergency food and water in your home and a camping cook stove and/or generator with gas. It doesn't hurt to be prepared, though I fully believe God can rain down manna from heaven and shoot water from a rock if we need it!  

I'm not even reporting on the recent plagues, earthquakes, heat-waves, and volcanoes. There's just too much to report. 

If you read anything at all from this post, I encourage you to read this Leaked document sent from a doctor in England to other doctors, who must all be part of the New World Order/Freemasons/illuminati.  The mainstream media has said this leaked document is fake. I really have no idea, but it certainly reads true to me, based on everything I know. You can decide for yourself.

If you want to hear the video on this, click HERE 
Also DON'T ALWAYS TRUST YOUR PASTOR. (He may be on the right side, I don't know, but you need to question everything) Have you heard about Clergy Response Teams? These are real teams consisting of thousands of pastors being trained to help their flock comply with the government demands and orders. Don't believe me? Check it out
Let me close with this. Every time I read the news, even though there's a part of my heart that sinks in horror and despair, there's also another part that gets excited. Why? Because I know Jesus is coming soon to rescue us from this place. I realize so many have no clue what's really going on.. but we were warned of a great deception in the last days. Unfortunately, most of the church is involved in that deception, whether willingly or unwillingly. There are only a few of us awake. We are the Remnant.. and it's our job to remain faithful, warn others as best we can, and stand strong against all attacks. Remember to love everyone. People are not our enemy. 
This is the time to get close to Jesus, closer than you've ever been. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please click on How to be Saved at the top of this site. If you are a lukewarm Christian or one who lives a sinful life, now is the time to repent and turn back to your Savior and make Him Lord. He loves you so much and doesn't want to leave you here for the worst 7 years of mankind's history!

We are still in the Summer Wheat Harvest time through the month of July. So keep looking up!
New World Order
The article below may be hard to believe but I've heard other testimony from people who have seen those in power and those who are famous suddenly shapeshift. I believe they are demons or perhaps Nephlim in disguise. This is completely Biblical, whether you choose to believe it or not. I know the music and tv and movie industry has been taken over by Satan long ago.
The V and V
White House to deploy Delta Variant Response teams to low-vaccinated areas (for what purpose? To push the vaccine of course) 

 “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God.” 
Revelation 2:7


  1. Hi MaryLu
    I was thinking about the connection of the vax to the mark of the beast.
    As some have stated, the vax was not developed for the virus but the virus was developed for the vax. Neither is the vax experimental, it only use the benefit as an experimental vaccine in a pandemic. Its being developed over year's for a specific reason.
    I have a theory. The virus is necessary to implement the vax and the vax is necessary to implement the mark of the beast. The death rate because of the vax will rise exponentially. I believe the powers behind the scenes have not only developed the vax but also an antidote for it, incorporated into the mark of the beast. In the same way the sheeple took the vax out of fear for the virus, they will except the mark of the beast out of fear for the consequences of the vax.

    1. Very interesting Chris.. and quite possibly true. Of course I doubt they will admit that the vaccine is killing people.. they will most likely just say everyone needs additional shots to make the vaccine work more effectively. But yes.. I've heard it from many reliable pastors.. this all will lead to the Mark of the Beast. And it's definitely fear that's motivating people to take it.. and will continue to motivate. Good thinking! God Bless

  2. With all of the reporting on these jab injuries or deaths, it is despicable that they would be still pushing this farce of a vax. Torally mind boggling! My husband and I won't be getting it.
    On a side note, my husband and I will be putting down our beloved dog Lucy. After 17 wonderful years she has finally had enough. Looking forward to seeing her soon.
    I'm really looking forward to the rapture. This world is not my home.
    Have a blessed weekend Marylu.

    1. I'm so very sorry about your dog. I know the pain of losing a beloved pet. But yes.. soon you will be reunited again! I was just telling the Lord this morning how much I hate this world.. there is nothing here but my loved ones that interests me.

  3. Hi Sis, WOW.. things are insane with the jab. I am so weary of it all, I just want to go HOME. I was talking to the Lord out watering my garden this morning. I told Him, that all this "stuff" I know is making me ready to POP! So weary in the last hour of labor and ready to "pop" right before the "baby" is born. I pray some people in the UK print off millions of flyers on the info from "caring" DRs and Neil Ferguson and drop them from the sky everywhere. They should do this in Israel too, with the information they know that's going on in their country. I remember seeing some papers dropped from the sky about eight years ago and guess what there were about, and this was in Sonora? They were exposing the chem trails and whats in them and why it's happening. I made copies and took them to the Church we were leading the worship at. Handed out about 25 of them. As sad as this sounds we almost need that third world war to get out of here and to stop the JAB for awhile. God's WILL be done of course in all things. May we shelter under His wings while we wait for our Groom! God's love always Cillie aka RR

    1. I didn't know that about the chemtrail flyers. What a great idea to get the word out. If I had the money I'd make up some flyers with the Gospel and drop them everywhere! Like you, I'm so weary of this world and all the encroaching evil. I know the Lord is patient, not wanting anyone to perish.

  4. All of this is just so overwhelming. I just hope Jesus is coming soon. I hope we’re not wrong. I have never understood what the shape shifting stuff is, but it would not surprise me.

    1. We aren't wrong. I follow very reliable, Holy-Spirit pastors and ministers who are hearing from the Lord that this whole covid thing will usher in the final Beast government. (Out of the mouths of 2 or 3 witnesses) If I wasn't sure about it, I would never post it here. I never want to mislead anyone. Hang in there! Stay close to Jesus!

  5. Love your blog and books, ML. Keep up the good work for Jesus.