Monday, August 30, 2021

Come Up Higher!

Everything we receive from Father God is received by faith. Without faith, we cannot please God.
Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6
Our very salvation is obtained by faith
For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, Ephesians 2:8
Every important act in the Old Testament was achieved by faith!
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Jesus said if you have faith as little as a mustard seed, you could move mountains and nothing would be impossible for you!  Matt 17:20 

Faith is very very important to God. It seems that we won't receive much from Him without it.  The thing is, how many of us have seen real miracles, healings, deliverances... all the things the early church experienced every day in the book of Acts? Not many, is my guess. Our faith has been muddied by false wimpy doctrines of our modern church that says things like

  • Miracles, prophecies, deliverances, and healings stopped after the last Apostles died.
  • God doesn't heal everyone.
  • Christians can't have demons

I've heard countless pastors say these things. But the truth is, none of these doctrines are in the Bible. I've always told the Lord, I want more faith! I want to heal people, deliver them of demons, preform miracles! Not for my glory but for His, so people can witness His love and mercy and power!  I want to come up Higher in Him!
But faith is a tricky thing. You have to have it to move mountains, but you need the mountains to move so your faith will grow. Vicious cycle! However, our Lord is so compassionate and understanding. He understands our weaknesses, so what does He do? He sends trouble! Trials, tribulations, problems come our way and most of the time we just complain and pray for them to go away. But what if the Lord is giving us an opportunity to grow our faith!?
I'll give you an example from my own life, a very personal one. I've written about this before, but it begs repeating. My husband and I were on vacation in Jamaica ten years ago, celebrating our anniversary. From the moment we landed, I felt the evil on that island which has a history of witchcraft and vodoo. We stayed at a Sandals and for the most part had a good time. Every day I spent time in the morning reading my Bible and praying, regardless of our plans. On our last day there I walked out onto a pier that extended onto beautiful turquoise waters to pray. As I sat there praying, dangling my feet over the edge, one of the waiters approached, a young black boy about 20 years old. We started talking and I eventually mentioned the Lord and told him to seek God about the path he wanted in life. He was called away and I walked back to my room, where my husband waited, so we could go to lunch. 

All I can say is that my husband had been somehow taken over by a demonic presence. He started yelling at me, accusing me of flirting with the waiter, telling me I was embarrassing myself in front of everyone. I will be quite honest with you and tell you my reaction was not Godly at all, and we ended up in a huge fight which lasted for hours. Finally we sort of made up, got some dinner, and went to bed. What I didn't know was that we had invited tons of demons into our hotel room. Apparently, they were not too happy about my witnessing to that young man and reading my Bible, so they were looking for a way into our lives to mess us up. If only I had realized this earlier when my husband first got mad, I could have cast them away. I'm telling you the honest truth here, as God is my witness. I am no saint. I blew it, and I should have been more discerning.

I was awakened in the middle of the night by the lights in our room going on and off.. not just on and off, but the were repeating down a line of lights... like one would go on, then off, then the next one would go on, then off. The thing was, there was only one switch that turned them all on. So I sat up, rubbed my eyes and watched for a minute, kind of in a daze. That's when my husband started screaming in his sleep. The only other time he screamed in his sleep was after he first got saved and demons were vacating his body. So, I immediately knew what the issue was. I got up to check the light switch, but it was off.

If I had been fully awake, I might have gotten frightened. But I was in a sleepy daze, but yet awake enough to see what was happening. I shouted. "Get out in the name of Jesus!" And the lights went out. My husband stopped screaming and we both went back to sleep. In the morning, I discovered he was having a horrible nightmare where he was pinned against the wall and ravens were pecking his eyes out.

I learned several things from this encounter.
  1. That I am saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. Otherwise the demons would not have obeyed me. Not that I doubted that, but you know how sometimes you wonder.. "am I really saved?"
  2. Demons and evil spirits and principalities of darkness are real and they can manipulate things in the physical realm
  3. They run like scared rabbits at the all powerful name of Jesus!!

After the incident, you know what happened? My faith grew by leaps and bounds. Yes, it was a horrible ending to a vacation and a memory that still lingers and saddens me, but I will never again doubt that Jesus is real, that He died for us, and that if we trust in Him and commit to Him, we have the power of His Spirit within us to do all the things Jesus did while here, and more, He said. 

I also learned that in order for faith to grow, we have to go through problems. For only in the problem, when we are backed against a wall, can we truly see the power of God. IF we follow His Word. It seems that only in the struggles and trails, do we finally turn to Him, when we've tried everything else. 

As we face an ever-growing evil world, God is calling us to come up higher, to stand on His Word, His Promises, and to call upon His name with faith and power. So when the struggles come, as they will, we will step out in faith, maybe just a little faith at first, but all we need is a mustard seed! And...

  • Believe God will heal you
  • Believe God will provide for all your needs
  • Believe God will protect you
  • Believe He will never leave you
  • Believe you have the power to tread on snakes and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing will in any way harm you!
  • God answers the prayers of the righteous

So, welcome the trials and ask the Lord how you can grow in your faith. 
"Come up, Higher," He says, "And see!"



  1. Thank you Mary Lu for that powerful testimony. I read somewhere recently that it’s a good idea to plead the blood of Jesus over a hotel room when traveling. The reason being is we don’t know who all has been there, or what happened in that room. As far as the nightmares, I think they are always demonic. My son used to have them, and so we started praying before bed for his protection, and they stopped. One night we forgot to pray and he had one. My son has never forgotten since, and his faith is stronger than mine.

    1. Good idea, Cheryl. I wish I had thought of that when I got there, especially since I felt the evil on that island. I'm so glad God used demonic nightmares to increase your son's faith... it's painful but worth it. When my husband first got saved, every night for weeks he would scream and moan in his sleep, and we realized later that the demons were being evicted by the power of the Holy Spirit who had taken residence there. He was cleaning house!

  2. I've been reading (and LOVING) Hebrews right now which coincides perfectly with what you wrote today. After reading the list of men (Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David and Samuel) in Hebrews 11, one commentator stated that "each one of these were men of faith, yet had notable areas of failure in their life. Still, they are commended for their faith and listed in the 'Hall of Faith'." This statement encouraged me greatly that even though I have failures in my life, their examples put a desire in me to strengthen my own faith. Kind of like ‘if they can do it, so can I!’
    Funny thing you mentioned your husbands nightmare in today's blog, as I had a nightmare of my own last night and in my 'dream state' I started quoting the scripture verses from your blog (Do You Trust Me? Says the Lord. It's Time to Prove It!) posted on 1/18/21. As I started going through the verses, the nightmare eventually went away. I have these verses printed and keep them by my bed and read one each night before going to sleep. Doing this and immersing myself in God’s Word has given me such peace during this tumultuous time and aid in growing my faith.

    1. I love Hebrews 11. Like you said, it shows us these men and women were just like us.. and it also shows us that it was IN the trials where their faith grew. :-) I'm so very very happy that you were able to quickly stop your nightmare by the Word of God. It is so powerful. What a great idea to read them before going to sleep, imprint them on your memory so no weapon of the enemy can ever come against you!

  3. Very good word, MaryLu! Sounded like your old self I recognize so well, more than the one trying to keep up with and share all the links of troubles we face today. America has always faced troubles and evil. And the Lord has always brought us through. I've been busy in all sorts of spiritual warfare and casting down the enemy over the years, with individuals, and then over cities. And its true so many Christians either don't know about or don't use their authority over the enemy. It's really why I published my mini booklet, Power Over Satan, a crash course on our authority after I retired from full-time ministry (Assemblies of God). It's on Amazon now for only 99c. And I'll even be glad to send a free gift copy to anyone who asks for it. All they need to do is email me at with Power Over the Enemy in the subject line. Meanwhile a good Bible word I've chosen for this summer is the Shunammite mother's faith confession in the very face of death, "It shall be well." It's so vital for us to speak and share faith vs. doubt, fear and unbelief. T.D. Jakes said once, "A setback is a setup for a comeback."
    Knowing and using my authority in Christ, still leads me to live in a balance between Luke 10:19's authority Jesus gave us, and Paul's admonition in Phil. 4:6,7,8. I practice diligent spiritual daily warfare and prayer over things God brings to my notice, but then I determine to fret not and think on the good things Paul told us to dwell on...and the peace of God will and does mount guard over our hearts and minds through Jesus Christ.
    Love and Blessings,
    Elva Cobb Martin

    1. Hi dear friend!! I'm still my old self! However the Lord has called me to wake up the sleeping church before the rapture, which is imminent! So, that's why my Friday posts are full of bad news. I compare news with Biblical prophecy so people can see the Bible coming true before their eyes and turn to Jesus! The Lord is NOT bringing America through this current evil, I hate to say. The New World Order, the final Kingdom of the antichrist is rising and the Tribulation is about to start. But I also encourage everyone to keep their main focus on Jesus. Despite what we see coming, we can maintain peace if we keep our eyes on Him! But I do not believe the Lord would have us ignorant of the times in which we live. He said that His people perished for lack of knowledge.

      Anyway, I encourage everyone reading this to get Elva's book! She's a very Godly woman, a great author, and a strong spiritual warrior. Bless you, Elva!!

  4. Come up here!

    That is what God started to tell me a year and a half ago. He was so loud. It was not an invitation but a command. From there He set me on a course to reach people of many nations. I started my global studies graduate program with a scholarship. He took me to eat with refugees. And now, as I sit here on my mountain top in a home that He literally gave me for free, fully furnished and everything paid for, I am surrounded by the most wonderful boys from 9 nations. I'm in awe. Only God could have done this. But I will say the attacks are relentless. Which is why I so appreciate this message of yours today.

    It is time for me to move mountains. No more doubting. No more sicknesses in my body. Satan must flee from me completely. I too want to be so filled with the Holy Spirit that people just walk by me and are healed. Oh, please, Lord!

    I also feel the oppression strongly in certain places. When I was on mission in Jordan and Israel, I felt the evil so strongly to the point I would become violently ill in the hotel room. I was afraid to return each night. Time and time again, I have noticed when I am about my Father's business, I get attacked immediately after. But I have learned to laugh and say, "I still love Jesus and always will." And until God calls me home-and then into etnerity- that is what I will do.

    Thank you for this post today! Perfect timing.

    1. Katy, you are a real inspiration to me and I'm sure to many others. I sense your hunger for God and to help save as many as possible, and to live the Christian life as they did in the book of Acts! When you step out of the boat, God holds you up and provides everything you need to do His work! You are an example of that. And of course people who are on the front lines will be attacked. It's inevitable. Sounds like you have learned how to do battle well. Like I said, you are an inspiration to me. :-)

  5. Dear MaryLU, I just wanted to let your readers know that Our Brother in Christ Scottie Clark is in need of our help and our PRAYERS! I had followed him for years as he researched and did videos on the 2014-15 Blood Moon Tetrad and the REV. 12 SIGN of 9 23 2017! He had faded of late but I just happened to check his channel and he had made a new Video... I hope many will be led to help him and at least hold him up in PRAYERS at this very low time in his life! TITUS 2 V 13!