Friday, September 10, 2021

Friday Musings: It's time to Wake Up!

 Two hour video. All good, but the best part is with Ted Broer starting around the 1 hour mark. All about the Luciferian agenda, the people pulling the stings, how he overcame Covid, etc. 

 V and V
I want to talk a little about Bitcoin and Block chain technology today. I used to be in the tech industry, but after nearly 20 years as a Novelist, I've not kept up with things. Nor do I really care, but the Lord brought the topic of Block Chain technology up to me several times this week, so I did some research.  J.D. Farag did an excellent job of simplifying it in his weekly Bible Prophecy update, if you're interested. 
To make it simple and as far as I understand it, there are these "blocks" which are like mini computers that house all types of information similar to a ledger like Excel.  At the moment, they are mostly financial and contain the URL codes and QR codes for items, bank accounts for people, transactional codes, etc.. So when you purchase something over the internet, your transaction travels through a number of these "blocks" which link or "chain" to other blocks, such as your bank, FedX or Amazon, etc so you can track your purchase. Each block has a key code to enter and each transaction must be verified in order to proceed. We already use this when we get money automatically put in our accounts, when we purchase things through Paypal or Amazon or other websites. It's actually quite amazing. I can even track a purchase to its exact location in the chain.. and see how close the truck is that is delivering it to my house! 
Bitcoin is the digital or crypto currency that travels over these blocks. You may never actually see the physical money and in truth, there is no physical money until you go to the bank to withdraw cash. (which probably won't be an option in the near future)
The problem is, each block or group of computers require a great deal of energy to run, so having a bunch of them throughout the world to create a web of blocks and chains would not be very efficient. 
Introducing, the human body. The human body is like a battery with the ability to create large amounts of energy. That is why you are alive!  So, what if the technology was advanced enough (and it is) to insert one of these blocks inside of you, have it run on your energy, and contain all the information about you that you would ever need. Information such as health and body functions, banking numbers and ids, drivers licenses, credit cards, family members and locations, things you own such as cars, houses, places you've visited AND your vaccine records. How convenient! That way you never have to carry another wallet or worry about losing your credit card or license. Any money you made on your job would be automatically added to your virtual account. Add to that a social credit score and IF you behave and follow the rules, you will be allowed to go into certain stores, public places, concerts, sports arenas, etc. IF, however you don't follow the rules they will have the ability to shut down all of your financial transactions so that you will never be able to buy or sell anything. Plus, they will be able to track where you are at all times, so it will be easy to come arrest you. 

Welcome to the Beast System. This technology is already here. Like me, most of you probably already do most of your financial transactions online. Various countries are now adopting bitcoin as their currency. China has an advanced social credit score system already in place. It is my belief that the current vaccine is a precursor to this system, and they are basically testing it out. This reminds me of an old movie I saw called the Matrix. I'm not really into Science Fiction, but this is one of those movies I highly recommend because, in it, they are showing the world what their plans are. They want everyone connected to the internet by implanting graphene chips inside you to create these blocks that can then be chained to other blocks. Think of it like a giant spider web.Here's an interview with a doctor confirming the tracking nanobots inside the shots.

(If you are a tech wizard and can explain this better, please contact me. I did the best I could. )

Another side to this is that part of the Mark of the Beast will be an alteration of your human DNA, either with a fusion of fallen Angel DNA or a fusion with technology (transhumanism), thus making you no longer human and no longer able to be saved by the blood of Jesus, who only died for humans. 

I do not think we are there yet. But I think we are close. Watch this short video proving there is some sort of chip in the vaccine. The WHO just produced a document announcing they are Moving toward a Digital Documentation of Covid Vaccination Status. Please look carefully at this Patent filed by Microsoft Bill Gates (Back in 2019).  This has been their plan all along... to hook you up to the internet. Notice the patent number? WO/2020/060606  ?  666?  Do you think that's a coincidence? Are you awake yet?

I'm angry today. Angry because every week I hear from more Christians who willingly have lined up to take this vaccine. This week, a really good author friend of mine who I consider to be a very Godly woman sent me an email saying she not only took the vaccine, but she believes the world is heading toward a global revival. Why does she believe this? Because God is love and filled with mercy, she said. Which is true. But my goodness, hasn't she read that God is also a judge and executioner? Or maybe her church doesn't talk about such unpleasant things. Mind you, I'm not angry with her, I'm angry with apostate churches and our enemy's huge deception.
I'm not trying to be rude to my friend, but it broke my heart. No, the vaccine is not the Mark. Yet. But it is well on the way. At what point does it become the Mark? I don't know. I believe the true church will be gone, but what if we are not?  If you can't stand the pressure now to not take it, how are you going to stand the pressure when they come for your head? And revival? There is not one, not one prophecy in the Bible that talks about a great worldwide revival in the end times. From Jesus, to all the apostles and even the OT prophets, all say that once the birth pangs begin, things get worse and worse and more and more Christians fall away from the faith and are deceived. (There will be a great revival AFTER the rapture! Praise God for that)

Please understand me. I'm not trying to come down on you if you got vaccinated. I'm trying to get you to see what is in the shots and what their plans are! Hopefully, I can pull some of you from the fire before you end up taking that one coming shot that will damn you to hell. 
I haven't listened to this podcast, but I read the article and clicked on the links. There's some good info here about Trump and the Abraham accords. Remember those? I warned people about them in a prior post. This post is mainly about how the UN  World Health Organization has put forth a plan to give everyone on earth a Digital Covid Vaccine passport 
Italy considering country wide vaccine mandate
Majority of US companies may mandate the vaccine in coming months
Pfizer developing a twice a day pill to prevent blood clots from their vaccine. 
good news the UK refuses to force vaccines on healthy 12-15 year olds

Syrian missile launched into Israel.. fragments scattered in Tel Aviv
Taliban founder becomes new Afghan president 
As we remember 9/11, remember that things were not as they seemed that day. Do buildings reinforced with steel rods that go deep into the ground collapse in a heap of rubbish looking eerily similar to planned building demolitions? Hmm. They wanted war. They wanted oil. They wanted to make tons of money. They sacrificed human lives to their god, Satan.  
Earth groaning

Central Bank to test digital currencies!
Apple is announcing the rollout of putting state ids/drivers licenses on phones
 Immorality / Evil
Biden vows to protect Roe vs Wade after Texas law is passed
Think we are not in a spiritual battle? The forces of Satan are in full force with their worship and rituals while the America church has potlucks and prays for Trump to return

Signs in the Sky
I leave you with this copy of the Rockefeller Creed, The Secret Covenant. Of course this has been debunked by Mainstream Media. Who knows if it is real or not? But it sure sounds like exactly what they are doing and it agrees with Biblical Prophecy.
Again, I'm listing below some great sources for truthful news if you want to do your own homework

 There is no doubt in my mind that the Tribulation is about to start. That means that Jesus is coming for His own. If you aren't sure you know Him or that you would "escape the things coming on this earth" Luke 21:36, please click on "How to be saved" at the top of this site, or feel free to contact me. I'm not a prophet or pastor, but I'm a daughter of the Most High and I walk with Jesus in the cool of the garden, and He wants me to warn you not to mess around with the great Salvation He is offering to all mankind. The Bible is true! Prophecies from over 2000 years ago are coming true!  No one can do that but the One True Living God!

 Have a Blessed Weekend! 


  1. Hi MaryLu, Thank you for another excellent and informative post. I am so ready to ride home on the clouds. I found it interesting yesterday that among the "big news" was that the trailer for another Matrix movie came out. My first question was "why now?" Surely not a coincidence....

    I've also been intrigued by the 9/11 stories this past year. I had no idea until this year that it had been anything other than what it seemed. Another recent article on that can be found here:

    I also found this interesting article from a link in a different article on the same site - WOW:

    But as you have pointed out many times, and we ourselves have seen, they are not hiding it - for those who have eyes willing to see. Like you, we are irate with those who are leading people down this false path, yet they won't listen to any other opinions or facts. Sigh.

    Waiting for the Lord's soon return! Soon - and very soon!


    1. Wow.. I just checked out the trailer for the new Matrix. Amazing timing. Thank you for the links. Very interesting about the 9-11. I hadn't thought about it from that perspective. And the other one about the vaccine.. oh my goodness.. I need to research that one.. I believe it's true, based on what I know. Everyone should read that!
      Anyway, Rebekka, thank you.. the Lord is coming soon!

    2. You're welcome, MaryLu! Martin Armstrong's blog is very interesting. He seems to be in the know about a lot of political stuff as he used to speak to candidates to gauge their aptitude in financial matters. He has interesting stories about Bush and others, and has a personal connection to the 9-11 story that, if I understand correctly, landed him in jail for a time. The stuff on the vaxx is definitely something else. I have read similar comments from other censored experts, though not with that much detail saying to look for the amount of graphene oxide in the blood. Mind-blowing if true! Would not surprise me at this point. I feel like I need to pray for resolve to share it with people, even the ones I know won't listen.

      Hope to meet you in person in the clouds very soon!

    3. In the clouds!!! Can't wait. I'll be the one clinging to Jesus's leg. LOL

    4. Me, too - can't wait! I'll be the one touching the border of his garment, like the woman in Luke 43 - 48. Hope I get to meet her, too. Her story has been an inspiration to me.

    5. Luke 8: 43 - 48 (oops)

  2. Thanks, MaryLu,for all the helpful information and links, as always. I know this takes an enormous amount of time for you to vet your sources. It is much appreciated I know. I agree with all you've written today--especially about the deception that even the elect seems too willing to accept. The "news" and "science" sources we read and listen to are absolutely critical to decisions we must make in the near future. I continue to be stunned at the unwillingness of Christians to consider all the implications of the zine. Hope things are better for you, sweet lady. Remember this prayer from one of Ronie Kendig's books: May you be uplifted by His grace and feel enfolded by the peace of His embrace! Maranatha!! love, judi

    1. Thank you, Judi! I'm doing better yes! The Lord is my comfort and my strength. I love that prayer from one of Ronie's books. Thank you!!

  3. Nahum 1:7 KJV
    The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.

  4. Hi again, I didn't have this link in front of me when I posted earlier, but we can very much relate to what Judi also wrote in her comment above that people - even Christians - seem SO unwilling to consider any other information or implications about the vaxx. Yesterday I came across this video posted by an online acquaintance who is a Rabbi in Israel who "gets" what is going on. The video he shared hits a lot of key points about the propaganda and "psy-ops" being played on people around the world. I agree with a previous post you shared, MaryLu, about those who don't know prophecy not being able to see through this murk; this video adds additional layers to that in illustrating the tactics that (evil) people of this world are using to (probably unbeknownst to them) carry out the Lord's plan for many to be deceived in the End Times. It's only a six-minute watch, I highly recommend it:

    Blessings to everyone who follows your page, hoping to meet you all in the clouds very soon....


    1. I just watched it. Oh my goodness. the Covidian cult! So true.. the perfect name for the deceived masses. Thank you for sharing. I will try to share this as well. Lord, please wake people up!!

    2. You're welcome, MaryLu. I hope many will wake up very soon!!

  5. Oh my goodness, as I read the book of Nahum, prompted by ASC's quote, look at Nahum 3:13 in the context of our feminized/woke military leaders, the crisis on our southern border and the fires in CA:
    13Look at your troops—

    they are like your women!

    The gates of your land

    are wide open to your enemies;

    fire consumes their bars.

    1. Wow.. how prophetic!!! That's awesome. Thank you for sharing.. Every time I read the Bible, I see how the Lord put things in there for both the past and the present and the future! What a wonderful God

  6. So informative, thank you! Especially the block chain info. They are planning to make us robots. :( Come quickly Jesus! Stay safe this 9-11, Marylu. I've been reading the transcripts from the arrested terrorists supposedly behind 9-11, and the defense is pushing for lesser sentences because of the torture the men received by the CIA after arrest. Could you imagine if they walk? It wouldn't surprise me if they were promised not to receive the death penalty...and even their freedom. Obama already released or "traded" 5 of them for one because they promised not to attack the US they are running Afghanistan. All hell is about to break loose. This pretrial is supposed to be finished by Sept. 17. Will know soon. And isn't Yom Kippur Sept. 16th? Day of Atonement and reconciliation with God. Perhaps we'll be gone before the hell breaks loose. ;)

    1. Hi Katy! Yes, I would wager they may let these 9-11 guys go. Why not? Like you said, BO already let a bunch of their top leaders go and they are now ruling in Afghanistan. Insanity rules this world. Like you I believe we are on the verge of war. Several Godly pastors with the gift of prophecy are saying the same. But God surrounds His beloved with His mighty angels! Can't wait to hear that Trumpet! Blessings!

    2. MaryLu, what you said about how "God surrounds his beloved with His mighty angels" reminded me of a book I am reading. I recently found the movie The Cokeville Miracle on YouTube and was totally taken in by the story of how the children said angels came to help protect them from the people who took their school hostage. I was not familiar with the story, but it was from 1986 in Wyoming. Maybe you or your readers have heard of it.

      In any case, after starting to read a book about the event, I came across the verse from Matthew 18:10, "Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven THEIR ANGELS do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven." I had never noticed that part of the verse before, and still marvel at how this verse played out in modern times.

      In addition, on page 53 the authors describe how the classroom looked after the hostage crisis was over (a bomb was exploded in the classroom) and that "Debris was everywhere, and everything was black, except for one white patch on the east wall about the size of a human figure with its arms partially outstretched. In the smoke-stained wreckage, this area stood out sharply." I have come across two passages in the Bible since then, where Moses (I believe both verses were from Deuteronomy) describes the Creator "stretching out his mighty hand" and it reminded me of this mysterious appearance on the wall of the school.

      So, good news (which we all know but sometimes need a reminder), the Lord IS truly watching over us even in these crazy modern times where things are such a challenge. I hope this blesses someone, and if anyone is interested in the movie, it was really of good quality, not the usual Hollywood glitz and embellishment, with some of the survivors participating in the making of the film as well. Below is the link, it's a 90-minute film and I found it quite uplifting. Yet another instance where, as Joseph tells his brothers, something intended for evil was turned to good by the LORD. Amen!

      Hope you are having a blessed day!


    3. I have never heard of that movie, Rebekka. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. It sounds like the perfect thing to watch during these trying times.. to remind us that the Lord and His mighty angels NEVER leave us. I love it that the Lord assigns angels to each one of His children! He's an incredible Father!

  7. Thank you Marylu as always. Thankful our God is still on His throne and getting ready to take us home soon. This morning the song, God is in Control came on. I was really upset by Biden's overreach with the mandating of the jab. God knew I needed to hear that reminder that He is in control. We are covered by the protection of His care. No need to fear. I look forward to hearing that trumpet sound soon and very soon!!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

    1. AMen, Barbara! God is in control and He promises to protect and provide for His Bride! He has not given us a spirit of Fear! See you soon!!