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Legacy of the King's Pirates, 7


Pregnant, in prison, and about to be hanged for piracy, Lady Gabrielle Hyde has lost all faith in God, man, and life itself. Unlike her wildly adventurous family, all Gabrielle ever wanted was to settle down with a good man and have a bevy of wee ones. Then how did she end up about to take her last breath at the end of a rope?

Captain Cadan Hayes despises women of noble birth. Betrayed by his wife and her lover, he spent five long years as a prisoner-slave on Barbados. Now, as a fierce and successful pirate, he longs to enact revenge on the man who ruined his life.

When Cadan discovers that Gabrielle carries the son of his enemy, he captures her to use as bait. What he didn’t expect was that the lady would be the one to trap him! Ship battles, sword fights, kidnappings, and a hunt for lost pirate treasure send the couple on a wild adventure that could either grant them their hearts’ desire or end up in disaster for them both.


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What Others are Saying

 THE RESOLUTE is a masterpiece in storytelling! Spellbinding action, polarizing characters with magnetic personalities, and an exhilarating adventure Tamara Tilley, Author

Oh what can I say - this book is absolutely a sit on the edge of your chair can't put down book. It is one of MaryLu's best Vicky Dedda, Book Reviewer

Ahoy, me hearties! Shiver me timbers! MaryLu Tyndall has done it again with this heart racing, exhilarating, seafaring conclusion to the Legacy of the King's Pirates series—replete with nefarious, swashbuckling buccaneers, bejeweled, lace-trimmed gowns, sword fights, buried treasure, and romance! Di'z Reviewz

I didn't want it to end! I may even go back and read the whole series again. I recommend the series,( Legacy of the King's Pirates) but you can read any of them on their own. Great books! Shadowfax, Book Reviewer

Wow! What did l just read? Such a thrilling, fast paced exciting story. This is a new to me author, and she just blew me off to sea!! Norwegian booknerd

Grabbing you from the first page, this an adventure beyond all adventures. From one heart stopping chapter to the next, you'll find a damsel in distress, a villain, a hero out for revenge and so many thrilling moments. It will pull at your heartstrings one minute and give you a since of peace and reassurance the next. Chaplain Debbie

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