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She Walks in Love 
Protectors of the Spear, Book 2 - June, 17 2019

Cristiana D'Clere, the new protector of the Spear, is on the run from the steward of her estate who has kept her drugged for years. Overly trusting, naive, and frightened, she is easy prey for powerful men. But with the Spear of Destiny in her possession, Cristiana discovers she is never alone and that God has given her the greatest power of all--love. Yet, will it be enough to help her escape from the grip of  Lord Braewood who keeps her inprisoned for her power of healing.

Sir Jarin the Just has never forgotten the woman who owns his heart. Intent on finding her and restoring her to her proper place at Luxley castle, he must learn to rely on powers far above his own knightly skills. But what he is up against may take all the powers of heaven to defeat.

She Walks in Majesty
Protectors of the Spear, Book 3, March 2020!

Into the Deep!
Timeless Treasure, book 1 (Coming Christmas 2020)

A New Time Travel Romance Novel involving sunken treasure, a love that spans the ages, a lady treasure hunter, and a pirate long since dead.