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Timeless Treasure  - Christmas 2020

Lexie Cain is all alone in the world. All her mother left her after her death is a chest full of faded pictures, old letters, and an odd ancient coin. Tossed from her home by her stepfather, she sets off to Charleston, South Carolina to search for buried treasure left by her pirate ancestor, Stede Bonnet. If only the letters he wrote to his lover, along with the coin, held a hint of its whereabouts, but the ancient words are hard to decipher and Lexie reluctantly goes in search of a history professor who is an expert on Charleston pirates.

Professor Barret Johnson is annoyed when his busy day is interrupted by a girl wearing faded jeans and a too-tight t-shirt. Obviously, she is not one of the students at the college, and he has little time to discuss Stede Bonnet with a pirate groupie. Yet, when the attractive girl insists she is related to Bonnet and produces a letter from the pirate to his lover, Barret is intrigued and has the letter authenticated. He can hardly believe it is real!

Barret represents everything Lexie hates. Born to wealth and privilege, Barret’s family are pillars of the community, successful, educated, Christians who never suffered a day in their lives. Yet she has no choice but to allow hm to help her decipher the letters. As the couple reads each letter, we are transported into the past where we follow the adventures of Stede Bonnet from his start in Barbados, through each success and failure, and his eventual connection with Blackbeard himself.

Lexie discovers a kindred spirit in her ancestor, Bonnet, and lessons learned from the past soon drift into the present as both she and Barret deal with their own failings and learn to trust a God who has never let them down.

Someone is after the letters, and soon Barret and Lexie find themselves in grave danger. They must figure out the puzzle Bonnet left them and retrieve the treasure before it’s too late and whoever is after them gets desperate enough to end their lives.