Historical Research

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Fanny Campbell, Revolutionary War Pirate
Southern Confederates in Brazil!
Democracies always end in tyranny
Jean Lafitte - Pirate, Gentleman, or American Hero?
Pirates on the Ohio River?
Unsung hero of the Revolutionary War - Dr. Joseph Warren
Black Slave author who sailed on Jane Austen's brother's ship
Grace Darling - Light House heroine!
Christopher Columbus - man of Science or Prophet
The US President's desk made from a tall ship?
Post Civil War Horrors
The Boston Molasses Disaster!
The King's daughters -- Filles de Roi
Mary Patten - Sea faring heroine!
The Founding Father who disappeared
Port Royal Earthquake - judgement of random disaster?
British insult to the USS Chesapeake and the death of a great Commodore in a duel
The first war on terrorism - 1801?
Blackbeard's blockade of Charleston
Did the US every occupy Mexico?
Emperor Constantine, friend or foe to Christianity
Dolly Madison - a woman to admire
Code Duello - the rules of dueling
Freed Slaves in 1738 America?
Charleston - a walled city with a moat?
A church service in the Capitol in Washington DC?
What is a Navy Press Gang?
Baltimore - a nest of pirates!
Where did the term buccaneer come from?
When did Charles Town, South Carolina change to Charleston?
Anne Dieu-le-Veut - Lady Pirate
Charlotte de Berry - Lady Pirate
Jacquotte Delahaye - Lady Pirate
Pirate Queen Grace O'Malley
Ching Yih Saou - Chinese Lady Pirate
Mary Killigrew - Lady Pirate
Mary Read - Lady Pirate
Anne Bonny - Lady Pirate
The bombardment of Ft. McHenry
Great quotes from Thomas Jefferson 
What is inscribed on the Liberty Bell? 
Ann Bonny - Female Pirate!
Charles Vane, Charleston Pirate