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I love getting to know my readers and staying in touch with you! I consider my books and this blog a ministry to the body of Christ to encourage and bless you. God has blessed me with a deep interest in end times and an understanding of prophecy and the Bible, and I long to share that with my fellow brothers and sisters and with anyone who is interested. I also know all of you have your own share of trials and struggles, and I want to be there for you, to pray, to listen, or whatever you need.

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Update on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.  2020

While I do have an Author facebook page and I am on twitter, I'm going to limit my posts there from now on. Facebook has been shadow-banning some of my posts and also marking some as False news when they are not. Both companies are increasing their surveillance over anything people post that they don't agree with. (which would be anything conservative, any truth about this world, and anything Christian)   Also, I find that many Christians can be quite cruel over there with nasty comments and arguments that do not reflect the love of Jesus. Therefore, I'm not planning on not spending much time on these social media.  I hope you understand.