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Legacy of the King's Pirates, 4

Inspirational Readers Choice Award and Maggie Award Finalist, and I Heart Indie Winner!

Port Royal, Jamaica, 1692

Living in a city deemed the wickedest in the world is no easy task for Miss Juliana Dutton. To make matters worse, with an ailing father and a drunken fool for a brother, she is forced to take over the running of the family business in order to survive. When a nosey suitor threatens everything, she spurns him and instead becomes engaged to the town idiot, Lord Munthrope. But is he an idiot? The more her problems push her closer to the man, the more she realizes he is not who he seems.

Alexander Hyde, the Pirate Earl, is the most feared pirate in the Caribbean—feared, successful, wealthy, handsome, and bored, so terribly bored. When an unexpected event allows him to get close to Juliana, a woman he has loved from afar for years, he takes it. But leading a double life causes more problems than it’s worth.  A restless crew and a long-time enemy out to capture and hang Alex, put Juliana in grave danger.

As tremors rock the city of Port Royal, Juliana’s faith in God is equally shaken. Not only have things gotten worse, but she is confused by her feelings for both Munthrope and the Pirate Earl. Deception, intrigue, mutiny, death, betrayal, all attempt to tear the lovers apart. But the final blow comes when a massive earthquake strikes the city and threatens to sink it into the sea.

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What Others are Saying

Juliana is a strong, capable female lead, and the dual persona of Alexander as both the Pirate Earl and Lord Munthrope adds both comedy and suspense. The Ransom is paced well and holds readers' attention throughout. In addition, the historical facts weaved into the novel make it appealing for readers of general fiction as well as those who love historical fiction
Sarah Frobisher  Romantic Times

You’ll be captivated by this adrenalizing romantic adventure of the grandest swashbuckling type! From clashing sword fights and battles between ships, to earthquakes and fire, there is nary a dull moment leading up to the finale of this exhilarating story that will bring a lump to your throat, tears in your eyes, and praise for God in your heart.  Noela Nancarrow, Reviewer, Overcoming With God

All in all it was a very fun read that included lots of humour, danger, and romance of course! I give it 5/5 stars.  Laura Davis, Interviews and Reviews

With an intricate, heart racing plot guaranteed to cause the reader to chuckle and shed a few tears, this is certainly in my opinion, one of, if not the best pirate novels that has ever come from this writer's pen…er, quill that is.  Diana Flowers, poet and book reviewer, Colonial Quills
I loved reading THE RANSOM by MaryLu Tyndall. No one writes Christian pirate stories like she does. . . I felt as if I were walking the streets of Port Royal, Jamaica, in 1692 and rode on the ships myself. Lena Nelson Dooley, Author and reviewer

Really enjoyed this book. So refreshing to read an exciting story that also touches you spiritually . You will not be disappointed with any books this author writes. Always sad to reach the ending of a Tyndall book.

I love MaryLu Tyndall's books--all of them--and The Ransom is no exception! It is full of everything I love--romance, pirates, the time period. I always hate that I have to wait on her next book--she's that good!  Linda Smith

I have never read one of Ms. Tyndall's books and been disappointed. They are filled with adventure, excitement and a beautiful love story but at the center of all of that you will find a thread of the Gospel that is woven throughout that ties it all together. You will never put down one of her books without being reminded of God's love for us, his creation.  T.S. Matthews

I never cared for pirate stories until I read MaryLu's fantastically written pirate series. She is an amazing gifted writer.  Tina Rice

Main Characters

Miss Juliana Dutton


Brief Description: At only twenty years of age, Juliana Dutton carries the entire burden of her family’s support on her shoulders. With an ailing father and a wastrel brother, she has been forced to run the family shipping business in secret in order to keep them from poverty. With honey-blonde hair and sea-blue eyes, she is the object of much desire in the thriving British port town of Port Royal, Jamaica. In particular, the handsome naval officer, Captain Nichols is determined to make her his own. Yet something about the man puts her off. Besides, if Juliana has learned one thing in life, it is to not trust anyone. Everyone--in particular every man—in her life has abandoned her and let her down. She is very charitable and her kindness extends to both orphans and to trollops down by the docks. Which is where she meets the infamous Pirate Earl, a man who continually appears at the exact moment in which she needs protection. But can she trust a pirate?

Strengths: Confident, Hard-working, Smart, Courageous, Charitable, Kind, Nurturing

Weaknesses: Stubborn, Rash, Proud, Judgmental, Independent, Untrusting

Quirks: To help sooth her fears and anxieties, Juliana plays the violin, an activity that was frowned upon for a woman in that time.

Inspiration: I modeled Juliana after the women I’ve met throughout the years who, for some reason or another, have found themselves taking on the role of single parents and the sole providers of their homes. At one point in my life, I was such a person and I understand the strength it takes and the enormous weight of responsibility. I also understand the dichotomy of having a great distrust of men while longing for someone to trust and depend on, someone to share the burden. This is Juliana. Kind, good, desperate for help and love and to be able to trust anyone. She is a woman outside her time, trying to make it in a man’s world when the discovery of her secret would send her and her family onto the streets. I love her courage, her faithfulness to her family, her hard work and wit. And I cry with her in her exhaustion and fears.

Alexander Edward Hyde, Lord Munthrope


Brief Description: What can I say? Alex is a hunk. I modeled him after Chris Hemsworth. Need I say more? He’s 25, tall, built, with coal black hair and indigo eyes. But it isn’t his looks that command respect, it’s his confidence, his demeanor, and his intelligence. Not to mention his skill with a cutlass. Sent to Port Royal as a preacher at age 20, Alex gave up on God after tragedy struck, threw off the religious shackles of his youth, and plunged into a life of debauchery. Soon, his skill and wit made him the most feared pirate in Port Royal, the Pirate Earl. But even that success left Alex empty. He longs for a father’s approval, a man who was absent most of Alex’s childhood, “saving the lost”. Consequently, Alex is mad at God—if He even exists—for stealing his father away. His new life’s philosophy is eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die. In fact, Alex welcomes death. At least in the grave he wouldn’t feel the emptiness clawing away at his insides anymore. That is, until he meets the enchanting Juliana Dutton.
Strengths: Charming, Intelligent, Skilled, Successful, Courageous, Kind, Honorable

Weaknesses: Proud, Pessimistic, Volatile, Bitter, Sad, Empty, filled with Shame

Quirks: Alex runs his thumb and forefinger down the sides of his mouth when he is thinking—a unique gesture that may give his true identity away.

Inspiration: Alex is an odd mixture of the character types of King, Bad Boy, and Wounded Hero. He really isn’t a bad boy, though he behaves like one some of the time. He wants to be king of his world and manages to elevate himself to a position of great power, but inside he still longs for the approval of his father. And, though he had loving, Godly parents, he is deeply wounded by their long absences in his childhood. He feels abandoned by not only by them, but by God Himself, if the Almighty even exists. Alex has come to doubt many things, especially the very meaning of life. Alex is the kind of man who wears the crusty hard exterior of a villain but who inside is a man of honor and character and goodness. Who wouldn’t love a man like that?

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