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Legacy of the King's Pirates, 3

Reviewer's Choice Award! Road to Romance

A woman’s desperate search for her kidnapped child
A father seeking forgiveness for an unconscionable act
Only when they join forces, can they save their son

Lady Isabel Ashton longs to marry a nobleman and live out her days in the wealth and privilege she is accustomed to as the daughter of an earl. But her plans went awry when she was kidnapped and ravished by a notorious pirate captain. Scorned by society and banished by her family to live on the island of Jamaica, Isabel decides to keep her baby. But then her precious child is kidnapped. Desperate to find him, Isabel soon discovers she must accept the help of the one man she hates most in the world—the boy's father.

Determined to win the heart and forgiveness of the woman he ravished, Captain Kent Carlton searches every port in the Caribbean for Isabel. Drowning his sorrows in rum and cards, he has all but given up when an acquaintance informs him, first of the child’s existence, and then of the kidnapping and Isabel's whereabouts. Thrilled Isabel agrees to accept his help, Kent soon finds himself involved in a plot of deception and revenge that threaten to destroy both him and Isabel and keep them from their son forever. 

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What Others are Saying

I would love to see this series make it to the big screen, or even the small screen.  Fans of THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies should set sail immediately for their nearest bookstore to pick up all three books because once they start, it’s like the Lay’s chips—you can’t read just one, you have to read them all!
Sherri Myers Romance Junkies

After reading Tyndall’s first two novels, I knew her gift for action-pacing and characterization was all Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark. It's rare that a sequel out-paces an original, but The Restitution is the best of the Legacy of the Kings Pirates series  Frank Creed, A Frank Review

The Restitution is a wonderfully captivating, can’t-stop-turning-the-pages, unforgettable tale. With its swashbuckling pirates, heart-pounding danger, deceptively delicate females, underlying mystery, and a wide range of fascinating personalities, the book leaves nothing to be desired.   Delia Latham author/Reviewe

Overflowing with action and adventure. . .Tyndall's characters resonate with humanity in the midst of perilous circumstances    Romantic Times

Tyndall considers the motives behind revenge and if there are any justifications for vengeance.  The lead characters find their faith in God and each other; wealth and power are put aside for true love and happiness.  More sea battles, betrayal, disguised stowaways, and varied surprises lie in this moving, fluid novel; love of the soul, forgiveness, and disregard for physical appearances are compared with deceptive good looks and the timeless question of why bad things happen to good people.  Tyndall certainly completes her Legacy of the King's Pirates trilogy in The Restitution with its pirates and its themes of mutual love and faith in God.
- Natalie Gorna, Fresno Examiner

Marylu Tyndall has created her characters in such a way that they jump off the page at you. She has obviously done her research on the ships and pirates of the era as the scenes are painted with enough detail to make you feel as though you’re watching the story unfold but doesn’t lose you in the detail.
As many emotions take you through the course of Isabel and Kent’s voyage of "Restitution", you are left with the peace that God forgives and is in charge. He loves and cares for all His children even though bad things may happen. I look forward to the next book in Ms. Tyndall’s Legacy of the King’s Pirate series.

Trudy - Once Upon a Romance

With The Restitution, book three in the Legacy of the Kings Pirates series, M. L. Tyndall has indeed saved the best for last--and that's saying a lot, because I loved the first two   Joyce Anderson, Hungry Hearts

Main Characters

Lady Isabel Ashton


Isabel is slender and of medium build. She has auburn hair, which she wears up in a loose bun. Her most powerful feature, however, are her jade green eyes. She carries herself with the pompous air of the nobility in which she was raised (her father being an Earl) and you'll often see her tossing her chin or nose into the air at something which she finds beneath her. Though she appears confident on the outside, inside she is a bundle of nerves, unsure of herself, terrified at the situation she finds herself in, and confused by the contradiction she sees in the values with which she's been raised.

Strengths:  Courage, determination, and sensitivity toward others

Weaknesses:  Pride, Unforgiving, Low self-esteem, and spoiled

Quirks:  Isabel's inward nervous disposition often takes the form of an upset stomach, coupled with a rash that arises on her arms and neck. You'll often see her holding her stomach or scratching her arms during a particularly anxious moment.

Inspiration:  I don't model my characters after specific people I know. Rather I use qualities from many different people and combine them with the culture of the time in which I am writing. Isabel is a quintessential female of her day who was born and bred to nobility. They truly believed they were in a higher class than others. But, being the meanie I am, I tossed her into horrifying situations. She's been kidnapped and ravished by a pirate, birthed the villain's child, and been ostracized from her family and the privileges of high society. Inside, she's a very kind and sensitive woman who's desperate to save her son and find her place in God's Kingdom.

Captain Kent Carlton


Description: Kent has shoulder length, drak brown hair which he either wears down or pulled back cavalier style. Standing over 6 foot and nearly 200 lbs, he displays a formidable presence. Intelligent, educated, and well-skilled with both cutlass and pistol, Kent has more than succeeded as the pirate captain of his ship, The Restitution. He has dark piercing eyes and often has a day's stubble on his chin.

Strengths:  Fearless, Brash, Intelligent, Perseverance, Loyal

Weaknesses:  Insecure, Proud, Competitive, Bad temper

Quirks:  Kent could never play poker. Whenever he is angry, his eyes narrow and his upper lip twitches, and a vein bulges on his forehead. A tell-tale sign that you better get out of his way!

Inspiration:   Kent is one of my favorite characters. He's a bad boy. He's been a pirate most of his life and done vile deeds. As a child, he suffered abuse from his father who told Kent over and over that he was worthless. And though his father has since died, Kent has spent his life trying to prove him wrong. Yet after acquiring much wealth, Kent still finds his life empty. But something happens to him when he meets Lady Isabel. He begins to care for another human being besides himself for the first time. And he makes it his life goal to seek for the woman who opened a tiny window in his heart and allowed a glimmer of light to enter.

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