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Timeless Treasure - A TimeSlip Novel


A love story that spans the ages…

A woman with a past searching for pirate treasure

A pious professor seeking worldly recognition
And an historic pirate who brings them together.

The only thing Lexie’s mother left her after her death was a folder full of ancient letters and an old coin. Determined to remove the curse of poverty and crime from her family’s past, Lexie sets off to Charleston, S.C. to find the mythical treasure of Stede Bonnet.

Professor Barret Johnson represents everything Lexie hates. Born to wealth and privilege, Barret’s family are pillars of the community, successful, educated, Christi
ans who never suffered a day in their lives. Yet she has no choice but to allow him to help her decipher the letters.

As the couple read each letter, we are transported into the past where we follow the adventures of Stede Bonnet from his start in Barbados, through each success and failure, and his eventual connection with Blackbeard himself.

Lexie discovers a kindred spirit in her ancestor, Bonnet, and lessons learned from the past soon drift into the present. But someone is after the letters, and soon Barret and Lexie find themselves in grave danger. They must figure out the puzzle Bonnet left them and retrieve the treasure before whoever is after them gets desperate enough to end their lives.  

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What Others are Saying

Timeless Treasure is more than a great story. It is an exceptional historical fiction that I would highly recommend.

This inspirational romance will captivate readers with its two parallel love stories. One takes place in present-day Charleston, the other in the past. The outcomes differ, but Tyndall deftly contrasts the differences between those who have and those who have not. She does an excellent job portraying Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet, weaving a plausible tale that fills in the blanks that history has left of their association. Bonnet may be an ineffective pirate and not necessarily likeable, but readers will sympathize with his predicament. Lexie's and Barret's emotional struggles pull at the heartstrings in a deftly woven love story that will become a cherished favorite. Cindy Vallar, Pirates and Privateers

Timeless Treasure is an adventure of self-discovery, discovering G-d, learning what it truly means to be godly in more than just words, pirate treasure, the love between the pirate and his lady, kidnapping and recovery, and so much more. Bess Reviews

Best get your sea legs on, mateys, for my favorite pirate author with quill in hand, takes us on another exhilarating, seafaring voyage with nefarious, unscrupulous, but sometimes charming marauders--and a timeless love story sure to hold you hostage between its pages! Flower's Reviews

I've always loved MaryLu Tyndall's books because of her ability to put a lot of action, emotion and edge of your seat suspense in her writing. On that front, this novel doesn't disappoint! Lynn Mills Reviews

The story was woven so beautifully. I believe you will fall in love with both the present-day and the historical stories in this book. JoyGirl

Tyndall has such a way with words and descriptions of happenings, you feel as though you were actually standing there witnessing the action Dixie Judy

I just couldn't put the book down, I had to read the book in one sitting, as I sat on the edge of my chair, delighting in the book. Jude's Books

This has been one of MaryLu's best books! I say that a lot, and it is true every time, especially this book. Rachel Reviews

This classic Tyndall-esque novel will keep readers engaged and on their toes with humor, adventure, suspense, faith and of course a handsome professor and a few bad guys Luv2read

Her writing is compelling, emotional, and real Michelle reviews


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