Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings Holy Warriors of the Most High! Here we go again! More craziness in our upside-down world. Unless you searched, you probably didn't hear about any of this in regular news.

Things that stuck out
  • Weird diseases, hailstorms, flooding and earthquakes in CA, and snow in Hawaii? The Earth is sure groaning from release of the curse of sin and death!
  • The Trump Middle East plan will soon be unveiled in April. This is huge. This will no doubt be the "convenant" the AntiChrist confirms. We are on the brink!
  • Earth's magnetic field is moving, oh my!
  • Have you noticed how Russia and China seem to be prolifically arming themselves with new weapons these days?
  • A mother was arrested for calling a transgender by the wrong gender. Serious?
  • You may have noticed my new category, AntiChrist Beast System is expanding these days. That's because the New World Order is already here, monitoring your every move, and even your thoughts.


Earth Groaning!

Deadly disease that turns deer into Zombies now spreads to 26 States
Typhus outbreak moves to city hall in LA 
Earthquakes rattle remote area of San Bernidito CA 
Experts warn the next 5 years will bring soaring temps that will cause massive storms
Deadly drug resistant TB could become a global epidemic
Health officials see abnormal cases of measles on the rise 
Hurricanes are strengthening in the Atlantic 
Freak hailstorm coats  Indian capital in white
Plummeting insect numbers could collapse nature
Historic flood strikes Queensland, killing 300,000 cows 
Historic storm hurls huge waves and 191 mph winds, plus snow on Hawaii 
When will the big one hit California? 
Indonesia volcano erupts, sending ash 6000 feet in the sky


Christian Grocery store owner receives death threats for "Heaven has a wall" Ad



Trump's middle east peace plan ready to go!
Anti-Israel activism spreading in US Schools 
Sanhedrin calls for nations to observe sexual purity for role in third temple 
Anti-semitism is spreading like poison! 
Netanyahu meets with Arab leaders to discuss war with Iran

Signs in the Sky

NASA probe to smash into asteroid to knock it out of orbit
Mystery booming sounds followed by odd flashes of light scare people across America 
Earth's magnetic field could flip and wipe out all technology

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Russia, France, and the US launch nuclear-capable missiles hours apart
China is unleashing killer robots and stealth drones that require no human to push the button 
Russia prepares for Cyberwar by cutting all domestic internet from the World Wide Web 
Pentagon says China and Russia developing satellite killing lasers  
US resumes program to destroy Iranian nukes

Sodom and Gomorrah

UK Mom arrested for calling transgender activist a man
This gender neutral family is raising a theyby.  A kid without a gender. 
Trans activists demand we pay for womb transplants and other health changes


Supreme Court blocks Louisiana law that would have closed down all but 2 abortion clinics in the state 
Southfield will vote to allow or reject nations first sex-doll brothel 
Man sues his parents for having him without his consent 
New Mexico lawmakers seek to overturn State's ban on abortion 
More than half the divorces are rooted in porn addiction

AntiChrist Beast System

Scientists achieve first in-body gene editing 
Gun seizure laws grow in popularity 
In the name of fake news, Asian governments tighten control on social media 
Push for One World Religion as Pope and Iman sign interfaith agreement.  
Police contacting citizens who criticize transgenders online
MIT Technology that can beam voices into your head
Green New Deal calls for eliminating all air travel
Globalist German Prime Minister calls for an end to nation states.  Hello World Government
Urban Warfare drills are a bad sign of what is coming
As a coup against the President approaches, so are discussions of FEMA camps
Under new law TWITTER would be allowed to determine which people should have guns
Mark of the Beast Technology made public by Google and Rogue governments
Exposing the democratic party communist take over of America
Putin announces a national ID card by 2024
Two reasons behind the Military raids in LA
The New Green Deal - Government is not our savior 
Mind control TV trying to convince people that God is our enemy 
Pentagon releases blueprint for accelerated AI 
After signing a one world religion agreement, Pope Francis makes his next push 
7 Million Americans are 3 months behind on car payments 
Rats, defecation and open drug use are making major cities uninhabitable hellholes
Hillary Campaign accused of laundering 84 million, but FEC refuses to probe


Shocking Investigation involves hundreds of Southern Baptist leaders in sex scandal 
Why many pastors avoid teaching on Bible Prophecy 
Meet the Canadian preacher who doesn't believe in God 
Evangelical University no longer requires students to sign a covenant that supports traditional marriage 
Megachurch pastor fired for making highly inappropriate comments

Good News!

Massive Cross washes ashore on beach 

Do not let fear take hold. Repent of your sins, be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and believe in (trust, rely on, follow and commit to) Him, and you shall be saved!  He will come for His Bride soon. Many are called, few are chosen. Be one of the few!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Yes, and the Lord will deliver me from every evil attack and will bring me safely into his heavenly Kingdom!  All glory to God forever and ever! Amen!

2 Timothy 4:18

Monday, February 11, 2019

Prophectic Signposts - Israel is still the Apple of His Eye!

God is not done yet with the Jewish people. He made a covenant with Abraham, then again Moses, and to David that the Jews were God's elect and He would establish a kingdom through them that would last forever. God never breaks His promises, even though man often does. What I find fascinating is that against all odds and against all natural reasoning, God fulfills His Word with extreme accuracy.  I hope you'll enjoy this little trip through history as you see the mighty hand of God orchestrating events just as He pleases.  I hope you'll also see how close we are to the final seven years prophesied in Daniel 9!  The Tribulation or Jacob's Trouble.

Let me preface this by saying that Biblical prophecy predicted that the Jews would be dispersed throughout the nations and would lose their land AND that they would once again return to the same land and reestablish themselves as a nation called Israel with the same language, customs and religion they once had. Not only that, the Bible predicts there will be a Third Jewish temple built and that priests would be offering sacrifices once again. It would take too long to list all the prophetic Scriptures here.

Want to know where we are in Prophecy? Look at Israel. Israel is God's time clock.

Travel with me through the years to see how

God knows the past, present and future, and He is in control!
Bible Prophecy is accurate and coming true all around us
All end times prophecy is leading up to THREE major goals
  • The Snatching away of the Bride for Jesus
  • God dealing with the Jewish people for 7 years and bringing them to repentance
  • The establishment of a righteous Kingdom here on earth with Jesus as the King

(Disclosure. Much of this information I gathered from I give credit where credit is due}



The Reformation - The Reformation did many great things for Christianity. However one of the most important was the outpouring of missionaries into every country in the world. In the last quarter of the past 2000 years since Christ, the Gospel has reached every nation and millions of people have received the knowledge of the truth.  In fact, at the present moment some African and Asian countries are far more Christian than Europe and the USA. Sad

The Ottoman empire takes control of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. (Muslim control)


 The ancient Hebrew language is revived, becoming the first truly dead language to ever be spoken again, and the only remaining language from ancient Canaan.


 First mass migration of Jewish people back to the Holy land


 The world's Jewish leadership commits to establishing a homeland in the Middle East and the modern Zionist movement is born.


  • At the Battle of Jerusalem the Ottoman Empire lost control of Israel, and the Holy Land was owned by Christendom for the first time since the Crusades. 
  • The Balfour Declaration declares British intention to establish a Jewish homeland.  
  • World War I, the first global war in human history, leads to the disintegration of the last Islamic caliphate.


The British mandate for Palestine allows the Jews to begin widespread settlement and mass immigration to Israel. It was a wasteland at the time...a desert with roving nomads that nobody wanted.


 At the close of World War II, world leaders establish the first global government in the form of the United Nations.  (Not a good thing for the world)


The United Nations passes Resolution 181, which was an international partition plan requiring the division of the Holy Land between a Jewish state and the "Palestinians."  A civil war broke out the very next day between the Jews and Arabs and the plan was never implemented


 Israel unilaterally declares independence on May 14, 1948, and the State of Israel is born (there had not been a nation called Israel since 722 BC); the War of Independence begins.


Israel wins the war and is recognized by the world as being a legitimate country


 During the 6 day war, the Jews take control of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount for the first time since 63 BC—some 60 years before Christ.  This is a huge fulfillment of prophecy for the Jews must have control of Jerusalem in order to rebuild the temple


Israel fights and wins the Yom Kippur War,  the country's last major war against a coalition of Arab enemies.  The tiny nation of Israel emerges as the Middle East's sole superpower.


 The unveiling and dedication of the first cornerstone for the Third Temple.  Others have followed.


A genetic test is successfully developed that accurately identifies the Kohanim (descendants of Moses' brother Aaron), so that true priests can be used in the third temple.



 The Golden Lampstand is rebuilt and is covered in 100 pounds of pure gold.


 The ancient Sanhedrin is reconstituted.


 Also, the robe, turban, and exquisite garments for the high priest are completed and unveiled


 The linen garments of the Aaronic priests are produced.  120 have since been completed—all that are necessary for service in the Third Temple.


The Temple Institute raises money to finance the blueprints for the Third Temple.  Development begins shortly after. 


 The armies of two of the five modern nations involved in the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 enter into the biblical boundary of northern Israel (southern Syria)—Russia and Iran; the final blood moons in the 2014–15 Blood Moon Tetrad occur on Passover and Tabernacles.

Technology for the Mark has arrived as thousands of Swedes received a microchip implant in their hand.  The technology has since spread to other countries, including the United States.

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Rev 13:16-17


  • Baruch Kahane is appointed as the first high priest of Israel since Phannias ben Samuel in 70 AD. 
  • Jacob's Sheep—the ancient breed of sheep from Israel—return to their ancient homeland.
  • The Temple Institute begins a registry of Aaronic priests utilizing the 1997 genetic discovery.
  • A school for Third Temple service opens in Jerusalem.


The Revelation 12 sign appears on September 23–24, 2017, alongside dozens of other strange occurrences with a message indicating that the removal of the Church is near and the Tribulation is at hand


 Trump moves US embassy to Jerusalem, restoring the city as the capital of Israel, along with national recognition of the Sabbath, biblical festivals, and the country's prophetic purpose to ingather the exiles.

Turkish forces enter Syria, now bringing three of the five modern countries named in Ezekiel 38, that come against Israel, into the country immediately north (the direction from which the attack is prophesied to occur).  These are Russia, Iran, and Turkey.  By some interpretations, all that remain are Libya and Sudan.

A possible fulfillment of the sign of Revelation 12:3–4 occurred on October 8, 2018 as the Draconids meteor shower releases roughly one-third the number of visible stars in the sky, all along the path of the dragon.

The silver half-shekel, which was a required offering to the LORD from every Israelite (Ex. 30:11–16), was reintroduced, featuring President Trump superimposed over Cyrus on the front, and the Third Temple on the back.

The main altar of the Third Temple (Altar of Burnt Offering) is dedicated. (This is huge!)

Israel celebrates their 70th anniversary. The length of a generation in the Bible.
The days of our lives are seventy years;
And if by reason of strength they are eighty years,
Yet their boast is only labor and sorrow;
For it is soon cut off, and we fly away. Psalm 90:10

Now learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near. So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near—at the doors! Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place. Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.
Matthew 24:32-35



  A sign in the sun, moon, and stars occurred on (January 1st, 20th, and 22nd, respectively), replaying the birth of Jesus and the Church and pointing again to the nearness of the rapture.

Trumps Middle East Peace Plan is set to be released in early April after the Israeli elections. Could this be the covenant the antichrist "confirms"?  Time will tell.

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week (7 years)  and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.
Daniel 9:27

Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.

Jesus,  Luke 21:28


Saturday, February 9, 2019

God's Gift Destroyed

Please welcome fellow author, Terry L. Atchison. He recently sent me this short story and I felt led to share it with all of you due to recent horrific laws enacted in our country,

‘Welcome! I’m your Father.’ The cells had divided and life commenced inside a young woman.

‘You’re my Father?’ ‘And mine too?’ The ‘thoughts’ were passing between God and His two newest creations.

‘Yes my children. You are both starting on a long and beautiful journey.’

‘Where are we going?’

'Your final destination will be with me in my kingdom.'

“Steve, I’m pregnant.” Samantha’s voice was weak with apprehension.

“No! Sam, why’d you do that? No way we can have a kid right now!” Steve was annoyed and felt a little fear at the same time.

“Why did I do this? Don’t you mean we?” Hurt flashed through her. ‘What kind of man is he? Is this his idea of love?’

 “What are you gonna do about it Sam?”

 “What do you mean, what am I to do about it?”

Anger was mounting between two college ‘kids’ who thought that they were in love. How many times had this scenario been played out? Samantha and Steve were third year 'med' students who had been living together for the past two years. Their apartment was a one-bedroom affair in an old red brick building. It was their love nest and they seemed very much in love. They were both from Christian families and very good students. Church had been taking a back seat for quite some time now. They worked very hard and were both planning on becoming doctors.

Samantha’s pregnancy test had been about at the end of her first month. The two embryos were now a sixteenth of an inch long with functioning circulatory systems, and their spinal cords were closed. Life was developing rapidly within the future mother’s body.

“Sam, we need to talk.” Steve was becoming more and more difficult to live with since Samantha had told him about her pregnancy.

“Okay babe, let’s do talk.” A change was coming over her since she had learned of her future motherhood.

“Sam at some moment we will have to take action concerning your condition. I love you. You know that. But ther...”

“No! I don’t know that! And I am wondering more and more if I haven’t made a mistake by loving you.”

“But Sam, I do love you! I sincerely want us to stay together forever. And Hon…”

“And get married?! Do you love me enough to marry me?”

“Oh Sam. You know that marriage is out until we both finish college. We need to establish ourselves first.”

“Look!” She was pointing at her stomach. "Something is being established here!"

"Honey, we must finish college. Both of us!"

"Steve, we have other responsibilities to cope with now!" Samantha couldn't hide her anger.

"And what about our loans? Who will work to pay them off if we have a child? Get real Sam!"

"No, you get real. I want this baby and I want a real man to be its father!" Samantha left Steve alone and locked herself in the bathroom to cry.

And so the days turned to weeks, as the young couple discovered the trials and pains endured by so many before them. Sam had arrived at the end of her second month, and her two little 'stowaways' had undergone extensive transformations. Their cardiac valves and four chambers of their hearts were now established and functioning, and nervous system development has begun, along with motor activity. Amazing life!

'Father, are you there?' The little stowaways were getting lively.

'I am always here for you.'

'Father, we feel strange pulsations going through us and around us.'

'What you feel is life pulsating from your heart throughout your body. You will experience this wonderful feeling for the rest of your life here on earth.'

Samantha was taking a bath when she felt the movement inside. At first, she thought it to be gas, then she realized that it was them. She was content that the little stowaways were growing and changing her being and soul. Samantha had just experienced her first ultrasound and was awed to learn that they are two! Twins! 'Wow!' She was actually feeling like a mother already. Now to break the news to Steve.

“Sam, your grades are starting to suffer. Did you go to work this afternoon? Our money is starting to run low.”

“Steve, look at this.” She was standing in front of him, her hands on her belly. “There are two of them in there! Boys.”

“Are you serious? We’ve gotta stop this. Please, be reasonable. Don’t you care about our future?” Steve ended his phrase with both arms held out in front of him, palms upturned.

“Because there’s a future with you?!” Samantha was now glaring at him.

“Sam, we are supposed to be studying to become doctors, not starting a family and getting married! Don’t put the cart before the horse. Have you talked this over with your parents?”

“Yes, Steve. Mom and dad have known about it since the beginning. They want me to have the babies. And they would like for us to marry too.”

“Are they nuts?!”

“No Steve, Christians! Remember what that means?!”

“Well, my parents say that we should fix it as soon as possible.”

“I thought that your parents were Christians?!”

“They are, but I am their priority right now. They don't want me to miss out on becoming a doctor, Sam.”

Samantha’s two tiny ‘stowaways’ were now jerking their little bodies and starting to flex their tiny legs and arms. Their weight had increased to three-quarter of an ounce, which is about the same weight as a letter. They were always conversing with the Father by thoughts. ‘Are you two having fun jumping around?’ ‘Father, what are these things that we feel?’ ‘Children, those are what you will touch with and hold with. They are called arms and hands. The others are called legs. They will allow you to go from one place to another.’ ‘How can we do that?’ ‘Oh my little loved ones, that will come much later. For now, just enjoy yourselves by kicking your legs and flexing your arms.’ ‘Okay, Father. Yahoo!’

Samantha was sitting on the couch studying. It seemed as though the little ‘stowaways’ were having races, as she watched the bumps going back and forth across her belly. She couldn’t fathom how Steve didn’t understand her happiness about being pregnant. There were moments that he sat beside her and smiled as he felt the babies move around inside.
"Sam, this is remarkable. I never thought of myself as a father before.” “Does that mean that you will be happy to be a daddy?” “Not yet. But I love you more and more, Sam.” “Steve, I love you too and I really want us to finish our studies and live our lives together. I want to make you happy.” Me too.”

And so the fourth month passed for Samantha, her stowaways, and Steve. The little beings are now about six inches long. Their arms and hands are fully shaped with fingernails on the ends of their tiny fingers. Feet and legs are fully molded, and hair has already started to appear. During the fourth and fifth month, the little stowaways begin reacting to sound and their hair becomes courser and takes on color.
‘Children, you are becoming more beautiful each minute!’ ‘Father, what are the sounds that we feel?’ 'You are discovering what you will hear in your new environment.' ‘What is that thumping noise? It makes us sleepy.’ 'That is your mother's heartbeat. There is no other sound more beautiful or comforting.' ‘And what is the sound that makes us jump around, but feels so good passing through us?’ ‘Ahh, that is called music, my children. You will discover an endless variety of music during your lifetime.’ ‘And we feel sounds, like what we experience between you and us when we communicate.’ ‘That is speech, my little ones. You hear your mother’s and father’s voices.’ ‘May we stay here forever?’ 'Oh no, my children. You must one day leave your mother's womb and bring her joy. When the time arrives, you will be ready.'

“Okay, so now what? Where are we going to now Steve?” They were lying on the bed making plans for the next few months. She wanted marriage so badly that she was considering some concessions. “Well, I really would like for you to see the specialist that my parents know. Just one visit, Sam?” “Okay, but only because I love you and want us to be happy together.” “Things will be fine, Sam. Just trust me...”

Steve and his parents had already discussed the ‘problem’ with Dr. Kenzie and were all agreed to try to convince Samantha to undergo an abortion. They went to the 'good doctor' because he was a specialist of partial birth abortions. He had told them himself that he had practiced thousands of them in his clinic. The advantage of this technique was that the risks were a minimum, even up to the ninth month of pregnancy. When he explained the procedure to them, Steve’s mother felt faint and needed a glass of water.
“It’s really very simple. I enter my hand and proceed up to the fetus. Then I pull it down and out by its feet, leaving only the head inside. The next step is to push a pair of blunt scissors along the back of its neck to the base of the skull. Once there, I push them inside to the brain and open them to enlarge the hole. Then it’s just a matter of introducing a tube into the hole and vacuuming out the contents of the skull. It’s quick, safe, and efficient. Believe me, I’ve had thousands of women undergo this procedure.”
“But that sounds like killing!?” Steve felt revolted. He was a medical student and knew the technique. But hearing it explained in such a matter-of-fact way, seemed cruel and like murder to him. “Well, not really. The fetus is not born. You cannot kill something that has never been born.” They discussed the procedure, asked a few questions, and all agreed that this would be the best and safest action to follow. Steve and his parents consoled themselves on the way home by repeating the last phrase spoken by the doctor. They had scheduled an appointment for Samantha in two weeks.

“I am really getting big! Big momma!” Samantha was looking at her profile in front of her mirror. “Six down, three to go.”
The two stowaways inside of her were now over twelve inches long. Their little thumbs were actively grasping now, and their inner ears were structurally capable of functioning. She really enjoyed feeling them moving around inside her and had fun feeling their reactions to the different types of music she played. Samantha was spending more time discovering her body than studying. She had to quit working a few days ago because she was just too tired.

“Hey Sam, I’m home. How’d it go today? Did you get any studying done? You have exams next week.” “Do you love me even if I’m fat?” She was standing before Steve, pulling her shirt tightly over her stomach. “It’s only temporary Sam. But I love you as you are, fat and ugly.” “I didn’t say ugly!” She threw a cushion at him.
“Sam, tomorrow is your appointment with Dr. Kenzie.” “I know. I hope that he will have some good news for me. These two guys are really tiring me out. They never stop!” “And what if there was only one Sam?” “What are you talking about? What do you mean, only one?” “Now don’t hate me for this. Please try to understand my reasoning. I love you and want to marry you and be the father of our children. Sam, I’m just not ready for two children at once.” “What is that supposed to mean?! I have two here inside of me.” “Yes, I know that Sam and I have been considering all of the options that we have. I really could accept one child right now, but not two. I think that we could both handle one and finish our studies. I’m ready to make the effort.” “Are you suggesting that I get an abortion or something?! You want me to kill one of my babies? Is that it?!” “Sam, I would like for you to really consider the big picture and our future. We can always have another child later. Please listen. All I ask is that you think it over objectively.” “Is this some kind of blackmail or something that you are trying? You will marry me if I get rid of one of these two lives inside of me?” “No, I love you and only want you to think of our future and our children’s futures. We both need to graduate and start our careers. We will then be able to start a bigger family. Please think Sam, and try not to be too angry with me.”

She did love him and wanted to marry him. And of course, she wanted nothing more than to become a doctor. Abortion had always been a taboo subject for her. Two children would really be a hardship if she wanted to finish college. What to do...

She felt the ‘stowaways’ moving around and wondered if God would consider her a murderer if she aborted one of the two fetuses. Would it really killing if the fetus weren’t born? Steve and Samantha discussed it long into the night. If they decided to have Doctor Kenzie take care of it during the last month, Samantha would not have to suffer the three to five days of placing the seaweed-type laminaria into the cervix to dilate it enough to perform the abortion. She would also not have to worry about the complications such as pain, possible infection, a perforated uterus, hemorrhaging and not to mention damage to the cervix which could keep her from having children in the future. Young as they were, they were not even thinking of the life long mental anguish that would come thereafter. Surprisingly Samantha began to accept the idea of keeping only one of the two ‘stowaways’.

“Okay Samantha. You and them in are in excellent health.” Doctor Kenzie didn’t call them babies. “It is very important that you stay strong and healthy, and you are doing an outstanding job of it. Samantha, since you are a medical student, I would like to discuss an option that you have concerning your pregnancy.” “Yes doctor, Steve told me that he had spoken with you. I’m ready to listen and maybe consider your option, if it is really safe.” “Oh yes, it is really safest. I’m glad that you have discussed this with him and your being a medical student will enable you to appreciate the technique with objectivity.” “Go on, doctor.”

Samantha knew what was coming and really was surprised to even be in Dr. Kenzie's office. The doctor went through the partial birth abortion technique with her, being as gentle as possible describing each step, and emphasizing the fact that the fetus was not born.
"You can't kill something that hasn't been born." These were always the words, which ended the consultations with the doctor.
"Doctor, I'll need much more time to think this all out and be sure about any future decision."
"Of course, Samantha. As you understand, time is really not an obstacle. We can always adapt."
"Doctor Kenzie, we will discuss this through very carefully and get back to you."
Samantha left the office feeling guilty but with some reassurance.

The couple grew closer over the next few weeks. Of course Steve took every occasion to urge Samantha to consider keeping only one baby. Slowly, but surely, he seemed to be wearing her down and winning her over to his thinking. They were now both making plans for their wedding, which would take place after the babies' birth.

As the seventh month passed, the two stowaways taste have now been established. From now until term, fetal length increases from thirteen to twenty inches and their weight nearly triples. They are almost constantly moving, reacting to external sounds and to their mother’s movements.
‘Children, children. How you have grown!’ ‘Father, will we be leaving soon?’ ‘A little more patience. Enjoy the warmth and what you are feeling now. Soon, everything will change completely.’ ‘Then what will happen?’ ‘Many more changes will occur before you will be ready. Have fun enjoying floating inside your mother for now. You will miss this later on in your life.’ ‘Why Father?’ ‘Because you will no longer be as protected as you are now.’

Samantha was alone at home, studying and wondering what to say to her parents. It would break their hearts if they knew that she was considering an abortion. She hadn’t mentioned, and wouldn’t mention anything about it to them. Like Steve had said, they would never know if one baby was lost because of natural causes or abortion. Dr. Kenzie would explain away any complications causing the loss of one of the babies. She was sad about it and as a Christian knew in her heart that abortion wasn’t right, but she loved her Steve and wanted marriage and to open a medical practice with him.

Samantha's eighth month was almost terminated. It was getting more and difficult for her to tie her shoelaces and fatigue arrived quicker throughout the day. Her little 'stowaways' development was almost completed. Their small lungs were maturing and they were practicing motions of breathing. She was now wondering what the baby would look like. Her mind was now made up to keep only one of the two. Marrying Steve and becoming a doctor were now the priorities in her life.

Father, will we be leaving here soon?’
‘Very soon, my children. Are you ready to discover your lives?’ ‘Oh yes, Father! How much longer?’ ‘Just a few more days now, my little ones. I will be with you all of the way.’
Samantha was lying on her back on the table in Doctor Kenzies’s clinic. Steve was in the waiting room with his parents. Samantha’s parents were flying in, but hadn’t arrived yet. The doctor and his two nurses were preparing Samantha for the delivery, and of course for the other procedure.
‘Father, what is happening now?’ ‘Do not be afraid, I am with you. You are about to discover the outside life!’

The delivery of the first baby went without complications. Samantha was brave and really didn’t suffer too much. She was relieved and very content when she heard the baby crying. He was in excellent health.
'Father, what am I hearing?'
'That is your brother breathing for the first time.'
'Is he happy?'
'Very happy, little one.'
'Will I go now?'
'Yes, do not fear. I am here with you.'
'Thank you Father. Yahoo! At last!'

Dr. Kenzie was now entering his hand into Samantha, probing for the second baby. Once that he had positioned the fetus, as he called it, in the breech position, he started to pull it out by the feet. Samantha was holding her other baby in her arms now, almost oblivious to the pain and the doctor’s hands.

The doctor delivered the baby’s body and arms, everything but his little head. The baby’s body was moving; his little fingers were clasping together. He was kicking his feet.
'Father! At last I am going to be with my mother and brother!
'I am with you son.'

Doctor Kenzie was now pushing down on the baby's shoulders with his left hand while touching the base of the skull with a pair of blunt scissors held in his right hand. He inserted the scissors into the back of the baby's head, and the baby's arms jerked out in a flinch, a startle reaction, like a baby does when he thinks that he might fall.

‘I am here my son.’ ‘Father, I can see you now!’ ‘Welcome, my son.’ ‘Why am I not with my mother and brother?’

The doctor had opened up the scissors to enlarge the hole. He was now inserting the high-powered suction tube into the hole. The baby's body went completely limp as the brains were sucked out of the cavity. This whole operation took only a minute or two and didn't physically derange Samantha.

'Father, what is that?'
'That is your envelope my son. You will not need it now that you are here with me.'
They watched as the nurse put the dead baby into a plastic bag. The inconsiderate doctor had ripped off his umbilical cord and penis with it. The baby had been in excellent health up to the time of birth.

Why did they do this to me?'
'Sometimes adults become influenced by evil and make mistakes.'
'My mother is evil, Father?'
'Oh no, my son. Your mother is not an evil person. She is young and loved you very much. Instead of turning to me, she became influenced by people who love her and thought that they were helping her.'
'But she made the choice.'
'Son, there will never be one minute, from now on, that passes in your mother's life, that she will not regret what has taken place today. Her suffering will be never-ending until she returns to me again.'

 2002 by Terry L. Atchison 

Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, holy saints and watchers!

By the time you read this, I'll be frolicking in the snow at Yosemite with my kids and grandkids. It was a crazy week.  Hate or love Trump, he gave a great State of the Union speech on Tuesday, speaking against late term abortion and socialism and for a strong border, defense, jobs, and security. I pray for his protection and salvation daily. We are instructed to do this in the Scripture.

Things that struck me this week.

  • The Foster care system in the US is a cover for child sex trafficking 
  • Lots of saber rattling going on in the world, particularly between Russia and the US and Iran and Israel. 
  • More persecution
  • More transgender brainwashing
  • Millennial Christians believe evangelism is wrong. Huh?
  • Revival is starting!  I believe there will be a last outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the World to pull in the last people God has chosen. We see evidence already of it starting. Pray for that! Praise God. 

Earth groaning!

Ten Quakes strike Northern CA in less than 24 hours
4.4 Quake strikes North. CA  Eureka
6.6 Quake hits Mexico 
Flooding in Australia kills 2 
Fears that deadliest ever Ebola will infect millions and spread rapidly 
Deadly Indonesian quake was a rare superfast event 
Earth's magnetic pole is hurling toward Russia
Valley Fever cases in CA continue to rise

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Russia warns US of "New Era" after Trump scraps INF treaty
War looms closer as marines land in Colombia 
Pentagon sends close to 4000 more troops to US Southern border 
Iran continues to improve missile program 
Iran general aims to wipe Israel off the map
Russia, Turkey, Iran summit on Syria  (The Gog-Magog players!)
US suspends nuclear treaty with Russia
China's new powerful naval gun will be ready for warfare by 2025 
Russian navy has a new weapon that makes people have delusions and vomit 
Russia plans new missile system to counter the US by 2021 
Mystery virus spreading across the US, putting people in bed for a month
Iran reveals a missile neither the US or Israel can intercept 
Russia threatens US with 100 megaton nuclear doomsday device 
Iran vows firm response if Israel continues attacking targets in Syria 


Nearly half of Millennial Christians say that Evangelism is wrong
Father says "Extreme Christianity" led to son's murder
Pastors make show of Super bowl during services, pretend to play football and compete in preaching
Have we embraced a watered-down, feel-good Gospel?

Signs in the Sky

Meteor strikes Cuba


Transgender bills to ban Christianity 
Principal to teacher: You can't attend church if your students are there 
Christians denied foster care if they believe Bible

Sodom and Gomorrah

New Jersey becomes 2nd State to require schools to teach LBGT history
New Jersey institutes gender-neutral birth certificates 
First Transgender designer show at New York Fashion week 

Rise of the Beast System

Alexa , stop listening! 
US Scientists to create Gene-Edited Embryos 
UN to mark World Interfaith harmony week 
California the first state to tax drinking water 
Who is really behind the polar vortex? 
Rain tax likely to become a reality in New Jersey 
After mocking chemtrails for over a decade, global elites announce they are trying to dim the sun. Yeah right.
California halts Church from feeding the homeless
Loud bombs and military drills rock LA residents 
Pope and Imam sign historic pledge of fraternity  (can you say One World Religion?)
China deploys a new surveillance system that IDs you by the way you walk
Federal Court rules no justification needed to put anyone on a "suspicious person" list 
The invasion of the US has begun


The governor of Virginia "Let's be civil about killing newborns"
The silence is deafening: Not a single democrat speaks out against infanticide  
Rhode Island Governor wants abortion legal up to birth 
Super bowl ad turns porn addiction into a joke
Democrats block bill preventing infanticide 
Democrats push a plan to allow migrant child traffickers free entry into the US 
US Foster care provides 88% of Sex Trafficking!

Good news!

Bethel worship leader's children healed, baffling doctors
Gateway church seeing revival at its new Prison campus! 
Revivals across the South could point to third great awakening  

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

2 Timothy 3:1-5 

Monday, February 4, 2019

Nationalism vs. Globalism - The Rise of the New World Order

As many of you know, I'm a end-times watcher, and I love looking at all the signs around me, all the prophecies of the Bible that are coming true right before our eyes!  I get excited when I realize Jesus is coming again soon to take away his bride!  But one question I often get asked is, "what about the final world empire that the antichrist is supposed to rule?  If we are that close to the end, shouldn't it be rising up around us? Wouldn't it take years to come about?"

Yes it would take years, IF it was the kind of empire that our world has always known... the kind that conquers through armies and takes over countries by force. But we are told in Scripture that this final Kingdom will not be like any of the others.

Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. Daniel 7:23

We are also told that the leaders of this kingdom and ultimately the anti-christ will conquer the world by "intrigue"    Intrigue means "to plot craftily or underhandedly"

And in his place shall arise a vile person, to whom they will not give the honor of royalty; but he shall come in peaceably, and seize the kingdom by intrigue Daniel 11:21

Today, in the USA, as well as many other countries, there's a huge battle going on in governments. In the USA, some define it as Liberalism vs Conservatism, others as Right and left, others as Socialism vs. Capitalism. But to me, it's a matter of Nationalism vs. Globalism.

Nationalism is devotion and loyalty to one's own country; patriotism
Globalism is the attitude or policy of placing the interests of the entire world above those of individual nations.

Like him or not, our current president is a nationalist. Don't worry I'm not going to get political

At first glance, globalism may seen like a great idea, right?  Globalists say that population is getting so large and we are all so connected now that we are really just one world. If there weren't any nations, there wouldn't be any wars. There wouldn't be battles over resources or land. Same goes for religion. If there was one global religion, then there wouldn't be wars fought over ideology. People wouldn't kill each other for not believing as they did. We could address topics like climate change for the good of the planet. People could travel anywhere they wanted without restriction or passports. We could pool our resources and address earths' problems and outer space exploration.

Sounds great, doesn't it?  But my question is,  who is going to run this global government and what type of government will it be?  If you think it will be a democracy or republic, think again. There's no way to have that type of government with so many people. Besides, the current "globalists" who are pushing for this, have a different idea. They want to be in the ones in charge.  Think of a dark room somewhere with 10 or so men and women deciding the fate of everyone on the planet.  Do you think that kind of power won't corrupt them? Throughout history has there ever been a world ruler who wasn't evil?

This idea of global government has been around since the beginning of time. Remember the Tower of Babel? The current world leader, Nimrod, wanted to build a tower to reach heaven where he could sit and rule the world. Do you think God is in favor of a human global government?  What did God do to Nimrod's plans?  If you remember the story, God gave everyone a different language so they couldn't understand each other, so they each went their separate ways to separate countries.

Communism and Socialism are just stepping stones to world domination. The more power you give to government, the less freedom you have. You must understand the mindset of most people in power. They do NOT have your best interest at heart. They believe they are better, smarter, stronger than the masses.  This idea of the "philosopher king" has been around for thousands of years.  It's the idea that there are an elite group of people so superior to the masses that they should be the ones in charge. That common people are too stupid to run their own lives.

So, why am I telling you all this? Because the New World Order, the AntiChrist Beast System is already here!  It sits in the shadows, behind the scenes, pulling the strings. It consists of powerful and extremely rich family lines that have come down through the centuries, intermarrying with one another to ensure their superior genetics remain. These are the people who will ally with the AntiChrist in the beginning of the Tribulation. Some world disaster will trigger them all to come into the light and the Antichrist to take over. They will tell people that we all need to unite under one government for the safety and security of all.  They will promise food and shelter and goodies to make it sound so wonderful. And many people will be deceived.

Yet, we are already starting to see some of these people peek out from the shadows. You must always ask yourself why a certain politician is doing what they are doing and saying what they are saying. Ask yourself is it good for my country or is it better for globalism? Things that are good for globalism are typically bad for the country.  In other words, if the Globalists can destroy America from within, then we will be an easy target to join the New World Order

So policies that:

  • Bring more crime into the country
  • Bring more drugs into the country
  • Bring terrorists into the country
  • Overpopulate the country to deplete jobs and resources
  • Cause America to be divided and hate each other over race, politics, religion or sexual orientation.. 
  • Prohibit or defame Christianity 
  • Raise unemployment
  • Increase the national debt
  • Put more people on welfare and food stamps
  • Raise taxes
  • Bad trade deals that give away our wealth unfairly
  • Taxes and regulations on business that drive companies overseas
  • Make us energy dependent on other nations
  • Start wars for no reason 

Would probably be initiated by a Globalist. But of course they will use language that makes it seem like they really care about you and this is all for your good and for a better life for you. Many of our leaders on both sides of the isle are Globalists. Many. Which is why they hate Trump so much. He put a kink in their plans for globalism.

The Antichrist beast system is already here. It will only take a single spark, a world disaster, or an invasion to bring all of these people to the forefront.  Hence, when people ask me about the final world empire, I tell them it is here...just waiting..... 

Is God in favor of human globalism? Obviously no from Scripture. But He is in favor of a World Government that will one day be ruled by Jesus for 1000 years!  Now that's something to cheer about!

If you're interested in learning more about this topic, this You Tube sermon by a respected ministry is a good one to watch.