Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, precious saints and watchers. I pray your week was full of the joy that can only come from our Lord. He is at the door! He is excitedly waiting for the Father to give Him the signal to come get us out of this evil world!  Every time I research for these Friday posts, I cannot believe how quickly the world is falling into darkness. See for yourself below.

By the way, in case you didn't know it, June is LBGTQ Pride month. I find it interesting that they use the word "pride". Wasn't it Pride that caused the fall of Lucifer?  God hates pride. Pride speaks for self and self-will. Pride shakes its fist at anyone who tries to tell it what to do. It is completely Anti-God, and will cause the destruction of those who don't repent.

The Single Greatest sign of the End times

Rise of the AntiChrist Beast System

YouTube blocked teachers who posted archive videos of Hitler
Germany 1933 or Europe 2019?
Facebook flags post on Christian prayer as hate speech
When Europe is no longer Europe: The Irreversible decline 
Globalists are preparing to use food as a weapon
Mandatory vaccines are back!
American "Sanctuary" cities are being divided up by Drug Cartels
Social Justice Warriors threaten every conservative college student
California providing Free health care for Illegal aliens while ignoring citizens. (This is true. I live in CA. and we pay an enormous amount for mediocre health care)
Another conservative is banned from social media without cause or due process
Bio-tech companies raising an army of lobbyists whose job it is to impede investigations into their free speech violations
As Ebola virus emerges, Gov will use FEMA camps to isolate the infected. 
Upgrade your memory with a surgically implanted chip
New AI is catching people cheating on their diets, school work, and job searches
America is being transformed into a dangerous Narco-terrorist state by design 
Pinterest insider says company censors Bible Verses and Christian terms

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Trump just poked the dragon in the eye and US-China relations took a turn for the worse 
ISIS has found a new home and prepares to strike the US 
Israel is carrying out preemptive strikes at Iran in Syria
Oil prices hike after tankers attacked and heightened US-Iran tensions
Israel strikes Gaza targets after more rocket fire
Lebanon drone invades Israeli airspace
Putin says US-Russian relations are getting worse and worse

Earth Groaning

Extreme heat wave in India killing off monkeys
More than 700 quakes in Southern CA since May 25 
Mississippi river flood longest lasting since 1927 
The Ebola invasion of the US is about to begin 
Russian volcano showing signs of wakening... could cause massive destruction 
Mississippi River hits Dangerous flood levels 
Rare earthquake strikes near Cleveland Ohio 
Huge column of ash erupts in sky as Indonesian Volcano sends residents into panic 
Earthquakes rattle east Tennessee
Biblical swarm of locusts destroy 500 acres of crops in Sardinia
Geologists publish terrifying odds of a Yellowstone eruption in our lifetime 
700 Quakes hit a key CA seismic zone 
Unprecedented weather chaos. 120 degrees in the West, record floods in the east
300,000 evacuated in India as cyclone approaches

Sodom and Gomorrah

Man files $70 million lawsuit against Bible publishers over homosexual verses
Thousands expected for Indianapolis Gay pride parade 
Transgender PC push means an end to fairness in women's sports 
Congressional candidate in VA admits he's a pedophile 
1 MILLION new STDs diagnosed every DAY in the world 
Ahead of Jerusalem Pride parade, police recruiting transgender officers 
Louisville, Kentucky declares June 10-17th. Pride Week.
Budweiser celebrates Asexual, grey-sexual, and demi-sexual pride. Huh?
Wisconsin governor orders Rainbow flag to fly on state capitol building for first time in history 
Botswana decriminalizes homosexuality in landmark ruling 
Medicaid to begin covering sex-transition surgeries 
Cartoon network promotes LBGT pride month and tells kids to stand proud 
Pride flag replaces POW/MIA flat at Montgomery county executive building 
Teen Vogue magazine advises 16 year old how to get an abortion without parents' permission


Spike Lee calls for Hollywood to shut down all filming in GA over heartbeat bill 
Lawmaker: Chick-fil-A logo might as well say "We hate Gay people" 
Christian school in northern CA hit with Swat Style raid and the state now demanding they be licensed and hence allow students to explore sexual options.
Pastor arrested in Canada for preaching against Homosexuality
Christian florist who refused to work on Gay wedding loses again in court 
Students in Australian school penalized for not wearing pro-LBTG clothing 
The persecution of Christians in Palestine 
Messianic believers come under fire in Israel 
Christian baker faces third lawsuit over his refusal to bake a "transition" cake 
Officials bulldoze Christian school and detain children in India 
Christian florist takes her case to the Supreme Court
Pro-life group "Live Action" permanently banned from Pinterest for spreading hate
Boy Scouts in Michigan infiltrated by Islamists 
Boko Haram issues warning to Christians in Nigeria. Leave or die
Presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand says Christian beliefs are not allowed and pro-lifers are racists and anti-Semites \
Chinese Christians memorize Bible in prison. They can't take away what's in your heart


54% of religious Jews support gay marriage and partnership
Sweden's first openly-gay bishop says Christians and Muslims worship the same God 
Christians surprise Gay Pride parade with signs Apologizing for Christian anti-gay views. 
Progressive churches now pushing LBGT agenda 
Church money to be used to fund LBGT events

Signs in the Sky

Jupiter will be so close in June, you can see its moons with binoculars
Football-field sized asteroid could hit earth this year 
Meteor shower this month could have dangerous stowaways 
A mass 5 times the size of Hawaii found under a moon crater 
Men film glowing snakelike UFO before it disappears  
NASA admits that it can't explain a mysterious abyss found in the clouds of Jupiter


Morning after pill flying off shelves as some states restrict abortion
Michigan Hotel offers free rooms for women traveling there for an abortion 
How the spirit of Jezebel is linked to shocking rise of witchcraft in America 
Main Governor signs abortion bill allowing NON-doctors to preform the procedure 
Illinois governor signs new Extreme abortion bill 
New York lawmakers introduce bill to decriminalize prostitution

Good News

Trump admin denies requests to fly LBGTQ flag at embassies 
Texas governor signs bill banning cities and counties from doing business with abortion providers!
Former homosexuals say church was key in setting them free! 
Supreme court rejects Atheist effort to remove "In God we trust"  


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

You number my wanderings;
Put my tears into Your bottle;
Are they not in Your book?
When I cry out to You,
Then my enemies will turn back;
This I know, because God is for me.

Psalm 56: 8-9 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Urgent warning dream: Runners Falling out of the Race!

Hi everyone! One of my dear online friends shared the dream below with me a few weeks ago, and it impacted me so much I asked permission to share it with you.   It comes from a young man committed to Christ. It's a little long, but I hope you take the time to read it all and ask the Holy Spirit what He may be trying to tell you personally.

On the morning of April 19th, I had an urgent warning dream, in which I believe the Lord is speaking some key words for the Body of Christ in this upcoming season. I would like to share this dream with you here, as well as a few others in the weeks to come. I believe they will give critical insight into the hour we are now entering as the Body of Christ at ASU...

May Jesus Bless You,
Jacob Lawlor

Runners Falling Out of the Race

I was calling forth a field of racers to run a race. I saw a full field of participants come together in fellowship and joy, lining up at the starting point. Many of the athletes were very gifted leaders, potential church planters and ones who were especially passionate about overseas missions. People from many different ministries, including myself, had lined up to run this race. We started the race in Springtime and took off running at a fast pace.

I began to run this race and soon realized there was no correct way to run this race. Various paths were present as some led through city-like areas, others through deserts, and another through a giant mansion. I continued to run along my path, while others left to go off to different areas.

All of a sudden, a compulsive mindset came upon me that I had to win this race at all costs. It turned into a competition for me, and I began to search for any possible shortcut to beat the other runners to the finish line. As the race went on, I got tired and frustrated because I was not successful in finding a shortcut and we were far along in the race at this point.

Around this time, the Lord stopped me in my tracks and spoke to me saying, “You have missed it, because you don’t have my Father’s heart or the love of Christ.”

Upon hearing this, I started running again, but now something had drastically changed inside of me. The Lord was with me as I was running and I no longer cared about winning this race. I nearly began to weep for people who were running the race with me and those in the crowd watching us run. For the rest of the race, He continued to break my heart.

By the time I finished a lap around the track, I was alone and wondered where everyone else was. Suddenly, the Lord stopped me and took me backwards through the track area.

The scenery changed; instead of a Spring season, it was now winter. Dark, cold, melancholy and sobering would be the best words to describe this new setting. A once lively track was now covered in a thick, foreboding snow. What I witnessed next was a reality I was not prepared for...

The Lord began to highlight various points along the different paths where many who were running the race had stopped running. Many of these places resembled gravestones. Some of the runners had been buried deep by snow, others frozen solid in ice, and still others had left the race completely for the ways of the world. A few of the runners were even dismembered; it was more graphic than I would like to detail.

There were no longer people around; no one was running or watching. Along the track were only remains and memories of the brothers and sisters I had started the race with. I then saw what appeared to be a class picture from the beginning of the race, except that nearly everyone was now a hologram, because so few were left alive.

I was left overlooking the mansion from a high mountain point, on a cold winter night, staring at the remnants of what was once a vibrant place in springtime. Overcome with grief, I openly began to weep and wondered if I would ever see life in God’s creation again.


1. We Must Be Rooted in Love

No matter what the Lord has called us to do, if we are not foundationally rooted in the perfect love of Christ (with no strings attached) and continually desiring deeper intimacy with Jesus, we are n​ot​ going to finish our race. We will either get burned out (and quit halfway) or be taken out in the process of running.

When we are freely receiving the love of the Father, this enables us to freely give His love away as an overflow, without ulterior motives.

2. Our Motives for Running Must Be Pure

When our motives have been made pure, by being rooted in the perfect love of Christ, we are no longer seeking or expecting anything in return: affirmation from others, earthly rewards or accomplishments, or any form of self-exaltation.

When we focus on our own contributions to the Kingdom, instead of fixing our gaze on Jesus, we run the race with impure motives: whether it be running to win against others, running to see results or simply because others are doing it.

Is He our treasure, our "exceeding great reward" (Gen. 15:1, KJV), or are we running for another reward here on earth?  The Lord’s heart breaks for us when we forsake Him and settle for treasures here on earth, rather than storing up treasures for ourselves in heaven!

3. We Are In a Time of Commissioning

The timing of this dream is especially important: in this season, God is commissioning many different people from many different parts of the Body into the mission field (abroad or local) to labor for the harvest.

As many are being sent out to run this race, there is coming an increase in spiritual warfare and attacks against the runners.  We must keep in mind that "united we stand, divided we fall."

4. Be On Guard Against Competition; Self-Focus

After sharing this dream with a friend, he confirmed that a word was recently discerned over ASU: the need to pray against c​competition​ in the Body of Christ, which is seeking to divide us.

As I reflect on the dream, deeply grieved, I am wondering: if I hadn’t been running to win against the other runners (as in a competition), would I have been able to encourage and save the lives of those who were taken out and even killed? Did my vision for finishing my own race, cost others their lives?

Key Response Points

    Return to our First Love, Intimacy with Jesus ​– as the first and greatest priority of our lives. Receive the Father’s heart for the Body of Christ and the world so we can live out the greatest form of love - laying down our lives for our friends. (Rev. 2:2-5; John 15:4-5,13)

    Repentance -​ allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the desperate state of our hearts and our need for Jesus.  Turn from sin; reconcile with others in the Body and forgive the faults of others. Those who have been forgiven much love much. (Col. 3:13; Luke 7:47)

    Encourage One Another ​– the race we run is about more than our own calling; it’s about those running alongside us. God is inviting us to carry His heart for one another and to encourage each other to run this race well! The Kingdom of God is about building family, not building self. (Heb. 10:24-25)

    “If your vision isn’t bigger than yourself, it’s not big enough. You’re competing ​with ​others, against the same common enemy.”  - Given to Austyn Harris
    Humility ​- humble ourselves especially in conflicts, continually surrender at the feet of Jesus, stay connected to a community of believers, bear with one another in love and preserve the bond of unity, submit to God and resist the devil. (Eph. 4:2-3; James 4:6-8)
    Daily Prayer Covering for Protection

    Put on the Full Armor of God Daily​ - and pray for the covering of the blood of Jesus over yourself and others, to protect against the enemy’s attacks. (Eph. 6:10-17; Rev. 12:11)

    Declare Psalm 91​ - activate His daily protection over you and others by faith, through Scripture declaration.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings, precious warriors of the Most High!  I hope you enjoyed last week off from the news cause this week is a doozie!  God willing, we will soon be out of here. I'm hoping for a Pentecost lift off! See my Monday post for some of the reasons why.

Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, To God our Savior, Who alone is wise, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and forever. Amen.  Jude 1:24

Viewer Warning:  I normally wouldn't post this but you need to be aware of what filth they are putting on TV. This is a show called Preacher on AMC. This YouTube host describes the utter blasphemy of the show using colorful language... Basically the show has a scene where Jesus is having sex. I have not seen the show, but this man describes it. 

Another thing believers need to be aware of are two Acts which were passed recently. The Equality Act and the TAPS act. Please see the link below. This is what they will use to send us to prison.



Arab riots on Temple mount to protest Jerusalem Day
Up to 10 killed as Israel retaliates for Syrian Missile attack 
Top US, Israeli and Russian officials to hold historic meeting in Jerusalem in June 
Netanyahu fails to form coalition government, throwing Israel into another election  
Illinois high school promoting Palestinian liberation curriculum 
Hamas replenished rocket supply with 10,000 new rockets

Rise of the Beast Antichrist system

Franklin Graham warns that if Trump is impeached, his enemies will spark civil war
The passing of the Equality Act and TAPS act mark the rollout of the 4th Reich  this act marks the end of Christianity because if believers don't endorse the Islam faith and embrace alternative sexual preferences, they can go to prison.
Another public school with a Pro-Islam Ramadan policy 
30 million acres of US farmland is Foreign owned 
New US army technology can look inside buildings 
24-7 Surveillance with rewards and punishments could be coming to the US  
California's sex-ed guidelines are shocking and medically harmful to kids
Illegal immigrants are pouring over our border from every continent.. Asia, Africa, etc! 
Bilderbergs are jailing journalists and planning depopulation 
China unveils first chip designed for mind reading 
Were the powers that be beta-testing the internet kill switch? 
New emails provide evidence of our corrupt FBI
Evidence suggests that environmentalism has always been about global dominance
Filth on the streets of LA, as the city loses control
Minority report has arrived: Social media reading human emotions
You Tube to ban videos they deem hateful or racist
Americans more worried about fake news than terrorism
Belief in ET will soon replace belief in God.  I warned you all about this. The Great Deception!
Why a physically healthy teen is euthanized
Widespread facial surveillance is an imminent reality
Socialism rises from the grave and seeks new victims

Earth Groaning

Tropical threat brews in the Gulf as Hurricane Season begins
Wildfires rage across Canada
43 dead as killer virus spreads across Australia
A swarm of aftershocks swept through Yellowstone from a quake that happened 60 years ago
Record breaking heat in Alaska is wreaking havoc with communities 
US Measles outbreak hits 25 year high 
Mt. Etna in Sicily erupts
Fire rages through Israel, 3500 evacuated
Powerful 6.6 Quake strikes El Salvador
5.4 Quake strikes Australia 
500 Tornadoes strike the US in 30 days 
India heat wave passes 122 F
Bali volcano, Mt. Agung blows again
Bubonic plague already likely in LA
Tropical threat in Gulf may bring more misery to Southern US 
Series of small quakes strike Southern CA 
Sexually transmitted superbug rising
4.3 Quake strikes near Avalon, CA 

Sodom and Gomorrah

Gay pride parade bans Gay cops from marching in uniform
Trump's Celebrate Pride Month tweets urge everyone to legalize Homosexuality 
First openly gay rabbi ordained in Jerusalem
IKEA to host rainbow flag at stores for Pride Month. 
Biden declares that LBGTQ rights will be his number 1 Legislative priority
Corporate America joins the LGBT indoctrination bandwagon
Fury after Transgender wins US Women's college title 
Grade Schoolers forced to watch teacher's trans coming out video

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Chinese defense minister vows a fight to the end over trade wars with the US
Chinese video urges war with the US 
Israel to Iran: We are poised and ready to strike 
US believes Russia is conduction low-level nuclear tests 
Iran proxy war could bring the entire region to the brink of war 
Iran is 6 months away from an atomic bomb

Signs in the sky

NASA warns another solar storm is on the way that could cost trillions in damage 
Mysterious flashes of light appear on the moon's surface
Former US Defense official: UFOs are real. We've been tracking them for years


13 dead in a Virginia Beach shooting 
Come to California.. we are happy to kill your baby! 
Satanic Temple rejects Supreme Court ruling on Baby bodies, citing religions freedom 
Billionaires spend billions to achieve immortality  
Illinois's abortion bill is much worse than New York's 
Several US states considering de-criminalizing Prostitution 
Gucci makes abortion the theme of its Paris fashion show 
Roblox, a video game for kids as young as 7 uses hard-core porn scenes
4 dead, 2 injured after Australian gunman goes on shooting spree
Farmers in South Africa killed merely for being white 
New HBO show "Euphoria" pushes teen sex, drugs, and male nudity


Church in Scotland ridiculed for maintaining Biblical view of marriage
Major studios such as Disney say they won't film in Georgia and other states with anti-abortion laws 
Worshipers terrified as Iran storms church and tears down crosses
Canadian Christians muzzled while Islamists get funding 
Christianity in Iraq is close to extinction. Those who are left face martyrdom  
Nebraska school pulls yearbook due to a Christian symbol 
Fear of mass arrests after court bans LBGT Class protests 
Australian Rugby player could have kept his job if he'd deleted 2 words from his Bible post 
Host of "The View" says Jesus would attend a Gay Pride event with pride and that kids are safer at an LBGTQ event than at church 
30 Christians detained as authorities crackdown in Eritrea


United Methodist church to host screening of  Homosexual "Arthur" episode
Kentucky pastor busted for trying to set up a threesome with underage girls 
Catholic school girls in Australia taught that God is gender neutral and forbidden to use Father, Son 
Very strong majority of Americans say that pre-marital sex and divorce are morally acceptable 
Presbyterian minister used oral sex in exorcisms on men coming for counseling
Megachurch leader charged with child rape and other sex crimes 
Texas church to host Drag Queen story hour at local library 


Church as usual is coming to an end. We need a new on-fire church to take its place

Good News!

Iraqi Christian attacked by ISIS who tried to burn him tells how he didn't burn!
Fetal Heartbeat abortion bill sent to Louisiana Governor who says he will sign it! 
"Thy will be Done, Almighty God" Trump prays FDR prayer at D-Day ceremony

 But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. 
Jude 1:20 


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

 So rend your heart, and not your garments;
Return to the Lord your God,
For He is gracious and merciful,
Slow to anger, and of great kindness;
And He relents from doing harm.

Joel 2:13 

Monday, June 3, 2019

Jewish Harvests and the Raptures - Pentecost?

Did you know that the harvest seasons in Israel and their respective religious feast days which God ordained offer us huge clues as to the rapture?  The more I learn about Jewish culture and the Hebrew language, the more the Bible comes alive to me.

God is a farmer. Throughout Scripture we see that God plants seeds and then harvests a crop. Jesus made this all the more real to us through various parables. The parable of the wheat and the tares found in Matthew 13 is perhaps the most important one, but there are so many other references to the harvest in connection with the salvation of men.

But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd. Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” Matt 9: 36-38

In Revelation, the reaping of the earth is called a harvest of souls!

I always knew this, but never connected it with the Jewish harvest times. Yet, why does God go into such detail in the Bible about all the harvest times and the feasts and offerings? Surely it was first to the Jewish people, but for us? Every word in the Bible is there for a reason.

The Jewish people had 7 main appointment times with God. (Found in Leviticus 23) But only 3 of them were "harvests" and on only these three were the people of Israel commanded to all gather together.

Three times you shall keep a feast to Me in the year: You shall keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread (you shall eat unleavened bread seven days, as I commanded you, at the time appointed in the month of Abib, for in it you came out of Egypt; none shall appear before Me empty); and the Feast of Harvest, the firstfruits of your labors which you have sown in the field; and the Feast of Ingathering at the end of the year, when you have gathered in the fruit of your labors from the field.  “Three times in the year all your males shall appear before the Lord God.  Exodus 23:14-17

  1. Feast of Unleavened Bread, Passover, or Pesach  - Spring time, Barley Harvest  (Deuteronomy 16:9)
  2. Feast of Harvests, Pentecost, or Shavout  - End of Spring, Wheat Harvest  (Exodus 34:22)
  3. Feast of Ingathering, Sukkot, Booths, or Tabernacles - Fall,  Fruit Harvest  (Exodus 23:16, Deut 16:1)

In each of the feasts, the Jewish people were to bring the firstfruits of their harvests, a sampling of the best and first ripened grain or fruit as an offering to God.  If it was accepted by God, the rest of their crop would be blessed.

  • Passover or Pesach, Barley, the people brought a sheath of Barley to the priest who waved it before the Lord
  • Pentecost or Shavout, the people brought 2 loafs of bread baked with the harvested wheat (among other things) to be offered before the Lord
  • Tabernacles or Sukkot, the people brought fruits and branches and waved them before the Lord.

It's important to remember that God is a farmer and the earth is His field. The seeds are the souls of men and the harvest is the reaping of the earth of both the good grain and the bad grain (those who are the true children of God and those who are the children of the devil)

Here's where it gets interesting!  It makes complete sense to connect the harvests with the rapture because Scripture does this as well. Yet, I've only heard a few Bible teachers do this.

Harvests = Raptures

The Barley Harvest which happens on Passover has already been fulfilled as a rapture when Jesus rose from the dead.  I posted about this HERE.  Jesus was the firstfruit offering waved before God, and then afterward, the Old Testament saints rose from the dead and were raptured to heaven.

 But now Christ is risen from the dead, and has become the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. 1 Corinthians 15:20

The Wheat Harvest, which starts on Pentecost has yet to be fulfilled. This is the rapture of the wheat we have been looking for.

His winnowing fan is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clean out His threshing floor, and gather His wheat into the barn; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.  Matt 3:12

Opinion:  I believe the first fruits of the wheat harvest are the Bride, those believers who have made their garments white, who are living for the Lord in obedience, and longing for His return!  There are many Scriptures which allude to this, which I have posted often here on this blog.  THEN, the main harvest comes later of believers in Jesus who weren't ready for the first reaping. In other words, they weren't mature in Christ and weren't ready to be harvested. They needed to be woken up (by the rapture of the Bride) and they needed to make a full commitment to Jesus and stop compromising with the world. When does this 2nd part of the wheat harvest occur? I don't know. Could be days, months, or even years after the Bride (Firstfruits) are taken. 

The Fruit Harvest, which occurs at Tabernacles, is the final harvest of the earth. This occurs after the 7 year Tribulation and is a harvest of both the good and bad fruit.  This is so expertly described in Revelation 14, I encourage you to read it for yourself. I'll give the cliff notes here

The 144,000 are the raptured up to heaven as the first fruits of the final harvest. We see them in the first few verses standing with Jesus.

Then we see 3 angels go out into the earth to give mankind one last chance to repent. The first angel preaches the Gospel, the 2nd angel declares the Babylon has fallen, the third angel tells everyone not to take the mark of the Beast.

Jesus comes down on a cloud with a sharp sickle and he reaps the good fruit that belongs to Him. These are the tribulation saints who are still alive. There probably won't be many left at this point.

Two more angels come out from God's throne. One has a sharp sickle and the other one orders him to reap the earth. The angel harvests the earth and takes all those grapes and tosses them into the wine press of the wrath of God where they are trampled. These are those who took the mark of the Beast and worshiped Satan.

Very interesting.
Why do I bring this up? Well, Pentecost starts this Saturday, and there are many who believe the rapture of the first fruits of the wheat harvest will occur on Pentecost. This year? I have no idea. I hope so. We will know soon enough.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

Matthew 7:13-14