Monday, January 20, 2020

Could 2020 be the year of our departure?

I am not predicting the day of the rapture! I'm merely a watchman who has been looking at all the signs for many years now. This has been an interest of mine ever since I got saved almost 30 years ago, and I realized that God is a God of prophecy.

I am not going to list ALL the many signs and events happening in the world today that make me and many other watchmen realize how close we are to the end. There are enough websites where you can see all of those. Here in this post, I want to list some of my ideas and the ideas of others that seem to point to 2020 being a very exciting year for the culmination of many prophecies! 

1. Jesus's own prophecy

I will start with the most important prophecy from our Savior Himself, one that I'm sure you all know very well.   
Now learn this parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender and puts forth leaves, you know that summer is near. So you also, when you see all these things, know that [e]it is near—at the doors! Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place.
Matt 24:32-34

The Fig tree represents Israel. Even non-believing Jews will tell you that. Jesus had just concluded a list of signs that would happen right before His 2nd coming, including the signs of the Tribulation. The average Worldwide lifespan of humans (it varies greatly by country) is around 73-74 years.  Israel became a nation in 1948. Hence the fig tree has been blossoming for almost 72 years.  Jesus said he'd return Before the generation that was alive when Israel became a nation all died off. This only gives us a few more years.

2. The September 23rd sign. 

This was a huge sign in the sky that occurred in 2017. Many saints believed the rapture would occur at this time, but alas, we found ourselves still here!  However, a closer examination of the text reveals that there is a gap in time between the actual sign and the birth of the child (the church), and during that gap, the devil must rise up and enter the antichrist. We know this dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns is the antichrist because Scripture tells us that in Revelation 13.  For an indepth analysis of this passage click the link above.

Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars. Then being with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth. And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads. His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it was born.  Rev 12:1-4

God always does things in 3's.  Fall of 2020 will mark 3 years past this great sign. I believe it could mark the beginning of the Tribulation. 

3. St Malachy Prophecy 

St. Malachy, an Irish Catholic bishop, was known as a gifted prophet, even predicting the date of his own death in 1148. The first native-born Irishman to be canonized, he is known in the Roman Catholic Church for his work as a healer, a miracle worker, and as a reformer of the Church in Ireland. He was canonized in 1190 by Pope Clement III. Malachy was visiting Rome in 1139 when he went into a trance and received a vision. He wrote down this extraordinary vision in which he claims to have foreseen all of the popes from the death of Innocent II until the destruction of the church and the return of Christ. He named exactly 112 popes from that time until the end.

His predictions have been incredibly accurate, and it appears that his prediction of the 112th pope fits our current Pope Francis very well.  Pope Francis is 83. If he is indeed the final pope, then we don't have long!

4. Rabbi Kaduri's prophetic prediction

Rabbi Kaduri was a well-respected Jewish rabbi known for his extreme devotion to God. Some years ago, when asked when the Messiah would come, he replied 
 ‘When there will be elections but there will not be a government’.”
This statement confused many people at the time because such a thing had never happened. Oddly, last year 2 elections occurred in Israel and still a government has not been formed. They are due for another election this March. This has never occurred before in the history of Israel!

5. Micah's prophecy about Israel not having a king

Going along with Rabbi Kaduri's prophecy, there's a very odd verse in Micah that agrees with what he said. (In fact, the entire book of Micah is about end times!)

Now why do you cry aloud?
Is there no king in your midst?
Has your counselor perished?
For pangs have seized you like a woman in labor.
Micah 4:9

Of course we know from several other Scriptures that birth pangs and the description of labor pains is symbolic for the end times and last days. 

6.  Prominent trustworthy prophecies from modern-day saints

I'm a very skeptical person. I don't believe much of what I hear or read.  I'm the type of person who needs proof. When proof isn't available, I ask the Lord for discernment.  There are many so called "Prophets" and dreamers on Youtube these days, all spouting their end of the world dreams and prophecies. I don't give credence to many of them. Mainly because it's really hard to tell which ones are telling the truth and which ones are just in it for money or notoriety. The Bible says to judge them by their fruit, but that can't be done when I don't know these people. However, there are a few people I trust. One of them is Bible teacher John Fenn. He started a world-wide home church network, and he's probably the most humble, God-fearing man I've ever seen. Anyway, he is a gifted "seer". He sees into the spirit realm and sometimes even speaks with Jesus. Yes, I believe this based on listening to many many of his sermons. Recently, he described a visitation he had with Jesus in which the Lord was telling him that 2020 would be a time of great shaking of the church. Jesus told John that there were many lukewarm Christians who loved the world more than Him, but that events would occur that would force them to make a choice.

"I will use what I can to get the attention of those in Me. But there will come a day that will change everything. In fact there will be a series of several specific days over months that will change things, leading to a big day that seals those previous days."

This prophecy goes along with what others whom I trust are saying. What these events will be, I have no idea, but typically persecution is the method by which the Lord strains out the unbelieving from the true believers. I'm not trying to scare anyone. I just want you to be aware, and if you're straddling the fence with your faith, it's time to get right with God!

7. 120 Year Warning. As in the days of Noah

Jesus told us in Matthew 24 that  "But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be"
We all know that the days of Noah were marked by extreme violence and immorality. We also know that Nephilim were present and were corrupting the gene pool so Jesus could not be born of man to save mankind.  But another maker of the time was God's limit on judgement

And the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”   Genesis 6:3

For years I believed this meant that God was putting a limit on the age a person could live. Yet, a quick glance at many of the people in the Bible who lived after the flood, disproves that notion because many lived far longer than 120. 

Many Bible scholars believe that God was giving Noah a 120 year warning. In 120 years, Noah, I'm going to destroy the earth. Go build an ark. 

When God is dealing with such monumental events such as destroying the earth with a flood and nearly destroying the earth in a 7 year tribulation, it seems reasonable for Him to give a warning. In Noah's day, it was 120 years.  Since Jesus said that at the end it would be as in the days of Noah, can't we expect a 120 year warning?  Of course we can. So, when did it start? 

I believe it started in 1900. Why? 
  • See prophecy in the Psalms below
  • In Matthew 24, Jesus spoke of early signs happening even before the Tribulation. Wars and rumors of wars, false prophets, famines, earthquakes, pestilences. "All these are beginning of sorrows"
 So, ask yourself, what century did all these things start happening on a major scale? What century saw the first World Wars? A dramatic increase in earthquakes? etc?  What century has seen the rise of the most cults? 
And alternatively, what century saw the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Charismatic movement (the latter rain), and the spreading of the Gospel into every nation?  The 1900s!  

8. Prophecy in the Psalms

This recent discovery (not by me, but by my online pastor) just blew my mind. I posted about it before and I know many of you are skeptical. I get it. I still am not completely sold. But after you read this, you must admit that this all can't be coincidental.
The book of Psalms is the 19th book of the Bible from the beginning AND the 48th book of the Bible from the end. Does the year 1948 mean anything to you? That was the year Israel was rebirthed as a nation. You think God didn't know that would happen exactly on that year?
Now before you tell me that the Bible was put together by humans, the order of the books and the chapter and verse breaks, yes, I know. However, you don't think God could have worked through them to arrange it the exact way He wanted? It is His book, after all.

I encourage you to read the book, Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms by J.R. Church. It's quite eye opening.   I'm currently reading through it and it's quite fascinating. His theory is that each Psalm corresponds to a year. So, Psalm 1 would be 1901, Psalm 2 would be 1902. (Since Psalms is the 19th book of the bible)  And I must say there are quite a few "coincidences" found in these chapters that align with the corresponding year. Many, however, seem to be very very subtle, while others are obvious. 

For example in Psalm 48, which corresponds to the year 1948, the year Israel became a nation, we find these verses, speaking of Israel and Jerusalem

For behold, the kings assembled,
They passed by together.
They saw it, and so they marveled;
They were troubled, they hastened away.
Fear took hold of them there,
And pain, as of a woman in birth pangs

Again, we see the reference to a woman in labor and a birth.  Coincidence? Maybe. Yet everyone marveled at the rebirth of Israel! How can a nation be formed in a day? 

Also, Psalms 41-45 connect very closely with how much the Jewish people suffered during the Holocaust. 

If the Lord did mark out the Psalms to have a prophetic link to the years starting with 1900, then we must ask ourselves why?  Why would He do that? Why would the 1900s be so important?  What if God wanted us to know that the end times began in 1900 with the birth pangs Jesus described in Matthew 24?  The year 1900 started the end times clock and also the beginning of a 120 year warning for the world that judgement was coming!  

Oddly enough the Psalms 120-134 are called the Psalms of Ascent. Psalm 120 would correspond to 2020, and the entire Psalm is about war and deception and people crying out to God. If the tribulation starts this year, then that would fit. 

Psalm 122 references the House of the Lord or the Temple. Could it be that the Temple is finally rebuilt in Jerusalem by the year 2022?

Psalm 124 talks about a flood that nearly swallows up the Jewish people alive but God comes to their rescue. It is eerily similar to a passage in Revelation 12 where Satan chases the Jews and tries to kill them with a flood. This marks the middle of the Tribulation. 

Finally in Psalm 126 it talks about God freeing the Jewish people from captivity and then it ends with this verse

He who continually goes forth weeping,
Bearing seed for sowing,
Shall doubtless come again with rejoicing,
Bringing his sheaves with him.

Who was it who left Israel weeping? who planted seeds of salvation? Jesus!
Here we see the Jewish people finally saying that He will come again, and bring His sheaves with Him. Who are His Sheaves?   Who did He harvest in the wheat rapture?  US!  His saints! 

You have to admit, this is amazing! 
I know there are many Ifs in there, but it makes some sense. And if it's true, 2020 is the end of the count and possibly the year our Prince returns to take us home! 

 If you don't know Jesus, if you haven't submitted your life to Him and received His Free gift of eternal life, please click HERE to find out how.  We don't have much time left!

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Free Kindle! She Walks in Power!

In celebration of the release of the third and final novel in my Protector of the Spear series, (She Walks in Majesty, releasing Feb. 14th) I'm making the very first book in the series FREE on Kindle from today through Sunday, the 19th. So, if you haven't read it, now is your chance. Tell your friends too! This is a great series about the power, love, and majesty of God! It's also about faith, revenge, insecurity, greed, and a host of other important topics.  It also gives the reader a peek into the Spiritual Realm that exists all around us!

Another novel knocked out of the literary ballpark by author MaryLuTyndall! ~ Michelle Griep, author of THE CAPTIVE HEART and BRENTWOOD’S WARD

Alexia D'Clere didn't ask to be Protector of the Spear, but after her dying mother gave her the tiny metal object and made her promise to keep it safe, she had no choice. Orphaned at age eight, she began to take over the running of her parent's castle with the help of a trusted steward. Yet, when a plot to murder her was revealed, a friar whisked her away to live hidden in the forest. There, she learned to shoot expertly with bow and arrow and hone her skills to see into the spirit realm.

Now, at eighteen, Alexia continues to keep the Spear protected, provide meat for the starving village, while secretly caring for her ill sister who still lives in the castle. With Alexia's powers of spiritual discernment and her skill as an archer, she is no match for those who come for the spear. That is until she meets Ronar LePeine, one of the King's elite guard.

Ronar desires nothing more than to do his duty to God and King and pay penance for past sins. Yet a forest sprite with red, flaming hair blocks his every move, all the while enchanting him like no other.
Something evil lurks at Castle Luxley, and both Ronar and Alexia are soon thrust into the middle of a spiritual battle which will not only test their very beliefs, but put them both in mortal danger.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord.

 1 Thess 4:17




Monday, January 13, 2020

2019 Bible Prophecy Year in Review!

2019 was a very interesting year prophetically.  Most of what you will read below, you may not have heard from any news source. The powers that be (including the media) want to keep the masses in the dark about what is really going on.  

This is not a complete list, but it should give you a general idea of how close we are to seeing Jesus. Everything He predicted is happening, and it's happening at a very rapid pace. 

Next week, I hope to post the reasons why 2020 may be the year of our deliverance!  Until then, be safe and keep looking up!

The AntiChrist Beast System

  • Rise of Marxism and Socialism over the world and being embraced here in the US as a good thing!
  • Greta Thunberg, climate change hero, was named the successor to Jesus Christ by her home nation of Sweden.
  • The UN is hiring English-Speaking disarmament officers in New York!
  • The United Nations called for global government in less than 12 years. 
  • New technologies have emerged that reveal our every step is now being tracked. Someone is following our every move online and our "smart" devices, that seem smarter than humans, are spying on us 24/7. This is a set-up for Antichrist's empire, as is new technology utilizing artificial intelligence. 
  • UN pushing for cashless society and digital currency
  • Bill Gates to fund World Bank to adopt India's Biometric AADHAAR System around the world
  • UN Military and Financial powers around the world to be used to enforce the climate agenda 
  • Chips inserted into employees worldwide
  • GOOGLE, MICROSOFT and FACEBOOK support new "contract" launched by Internet inventor Tim Berners-Lee to end "Division". (Meaning everything they consider hate speech)
  • While you were sleeping:  The US Government created Internal passports they call the Real ID. The Real ID also represents the 'last mile' in the ability of the state to track individuals in real time
  • Majority of Americans believe the FIRST Amendment is outdated and want to jail those who commit "Hate Speech"
  • New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Pushing 'Green New Deal' - A Radical Mandate for Government Control of American Society (January 2019)
  • Trump Admin to use Google, Amazon, and Apple to collect Data on "Mentally Unstable" people.
  • TEN KINGS OF REVELATION 17 - TEN Nation European Military Intervention Initiative Created
  • 7,000 Universities, Colleges and Schools around World Declare 'Climate Emergency
  • WORLD FIRST - 'Hate Speech now same as Terrorism' - Facebook to hand over 'hate speech' suspects to French Courts (June 2019)
  • Mass Deployment of Biometric Systems coming and Bank of America CEO says "We want a Cashless Society"
  • The Club of Rome Admit to INVENTING Climate Change as a 'COMMON ENEMY' to UNITE the World! (March 2019)
  • 'No One Left Behind' In New Global Cradle-To-Cradle Biometric Database (May 2019)
  • Deception, lies, and criminal activity occurring in the US government at the highest levels. 


Immorality and Perversion

  • Drag Queen Story hour a new thing in schools and libraries
  • A 6'5" male won the "woman of the week" award at the University of Montana
    - From 'pariah' to 'demigod,' transgender leader a star at massive Indian festival (January 2019) 
  • 29 countries where homosexual marriage is now officially legal (June 2019)
  • Drag Queen in skirt exposes crotch to young children
  • America is number 1 in child sex trafficking and pedophila 
  • Teaching kids as young as Kindergarten that there are 25 genders and they can pick what they want. (At least here in CA, this was instituted)
  • Disney blatantly promoting LBGTQ to kids
Note: I don't think I need to post more here. the LBGTQ agenda is all around us and we cannot escape it.  



  • Seminary students in New York are praying and confessing sins to plants.
  • Gay Bishops and pastors
  • People following music icons instead of Jesus
  • Prosperity Gospel
  • New Apostolic Reformation theology sweeping the world. 
  • Once Saved Always Saved demonic theology accepted by most Christians
  • Very few pastors are warning their flock that we are in the end times and danger is coming. 
  • More and more people are leaving the church and all religion
  • For the first time ever, people who don't believe in anything spiritual, make up the largest demographic in the US
  • Laodicean church evident everywhere. Lukewarm Christians who have one foot in the world and one in church every Sunday, will be spit from Jesus's mouth.  
  • Apostasy is talked about more than just about any other end-time phenomenon.
  • Movements such as the New Apostolic Reformation gained new strength calling for Heaven on earth and emphasizing experiential Christianity. This is the fastest-growing “denomination” in the world.
  • Social justice and “critical race theory” became prominent in the evangelical church that once emphasized soul-winning.
  • Bible prophecy and Christian support for Israel fell deeper into obscurity in the church.

Evil and Satanism

  • Voodoo dolls are sold in retail stores. Witches continue to try to hex President Trump as well as all Christians or conservatives. Today this makes headlines and is the lead story on Fox News. 
  • Walmart, Amazon, Target, Barnes & Nobles, and others, are selling the "Children's Book of Demons", teaching them how to conjure demons and implement them in their lives. They advertise saying, "summoning demons has never been so much fun." 
  • Satanism on the rise in America
  • The world's largest Ouija Board made national headlines.
  • There are now more witches in America than there are Presbyterians according to the Pew Research Center.


Persecution of Christians

  • Netflix is releasing a new feature January 1 titled "Messiah" but in looking at the trailer, one has to wonder if it isn't promoting the Antichrist.
  • Joy Behar on "The View" is acclaimed for saying Mike Pence has mental illness because he hears the voice of God.
  • New movie on Netflix depicts Jesus as a homosexual
  • The Gatestone Institute reports, the numbers of Christians being killed for their faith is "too many to count."
  • Mass shootings a common occurrence now in churches
  • THE PUSH TO BAN BIBLE TRUTH - UN chief launches global push against hate speech (February 2019) 
  • Christians forbidden in some states to counsel transgenders using Scripture
  • Persecution of Christians coming close to genocide in the middle east 
  • Christian persecution at an all time high. According to Open Doors, 11 Christians are killed every day!



  • North Korea threatens shocking action with new advanced weapon
  • Russia unveiled new advanced weapons
  • US Embassy seized in Bagdah 
  • Iran and US and Russian tensions rise

Middle East / Gog-MaGog / Israel

  • The players in the Middle East are aligning according to the Bible since President Trump abandoned the Kurds this year. Aliiances have formed between Russia, Iran, and Turkey that would have been unheard of 5 years ago. 
  • Palestinian leader says millions of Arab fighters will enter Jerusalem to take control!
  • ARMAGEDDON COMING - Israel holds Massive Military drill, China warns world 'don't open Pandora's box in Middle East', and Iran says it's 'ready for war', after shooting down US drone (June 2019)
  • Gaza crisis: Israeli army poised to launch ground invasion after hundreds of rockets fired (May 2019)
  • Massive oil fields found in Israel and natural gas deposits off the shore, luring their enemies to attack "to take a spoil" 
  • Animal sacrifices resumed by priests on Mount of Olives
  • Plans to build the third temple are all set and construction is planned after the elections
  • Crazy election in Israel, leaving them without a leader after 2 elections. A third election set for March

The Coming Alien Deception

Increase in UFO sightings.. so much so that NASA plans to ramp up its search for aliens in the next 10 years. 
Tucker Carlson has been reporting on this often on FOX news. 

  Note: These are not beings from other planets or galaxies as you might hope. These are demonic inter-dimensional beings who plan on exposing themselves to the world soon in the great deception that will lead many astray

Earth Groaning

  • Weird massive animal deaths
  • Earthquakes in weird, unusual places
  • Volcanoes erupted
  • 3,000 Earthquakes in California in past 4 days! Plus Volcanoes, Records Heat Waves and Floods (July 2019)
  • Massive out of control fires!
  • THE WORLD IS SHAKING! Earthquakes, Storms, What is Going on? (June 2019) "Big One fears as 17 earthquakes strike Indonesia, Chile and USA ... 'Swarmageddon' of 1,000 earthquakes hit Southern California - Is the Big One coming? ... Another powerful earthquake strikes Kamchatka in Russia's Far East ... Large, shallow 6.3-magnitude quake hits border area near Costa Rica ... France earthquake: Magnitude-5.1 quake rocks cities across west of country ... 
  • Line of Storms Leaves 1,000 Mile Path of Destruction, Impacting Four US Major Cities ... China landslide sweeps cars away as floods kill dozens."

Note: There's a lot more I could add here, including weird insect invasions and behavior, odd and unusual weather, etc.. but I'm sure most of you are aware. The thing that struck me this year were the volcanoes.

The False Prophet is here?

  • The Pope of climate change has announced a global crisis. 
  • Pope Francis just stated that fundamentalist Christians are a "scourge." 
  • Jews and Christians are the "people of the book" and the predicted last days' condemnation on both has risen to new heights in the last year 
  • His holiness Pope Francis along with Grand Imam ... signed a moving testament for mutual respect. It stated that diversity of religions is willed by the Creator ... It is essential to preserve religious diversity in all parts of the world. We must reject those who falsely and maliciously invoke religion to build misconceptions to fill division, to spread fear and hatred ...
  • Pope Meets with Leadership of Mormon Church - President says 'It's what we have IN COMMON that's important' (March 2019)
  • Pope and the Grand Imam sign Historic declaration of peace (February 2019)
  • Pope tells believers not to try and convert unbelievers

Note: I do not hate Catholics. I'm just reporting what I see in this Pope. I also believe that many of the Protestant leaders are evil as well.  But from a prophetic perspective, this Pope is looking more and more like the False Prophet in Revelation.



  • The World is on edge: Protests, violence, and chaos reign.
  • Rise of Homelessness and crime in many big cities
  • Virginia Governor says it's okay to kill a baby after it's born

"We are living in a time like no other before us. Never before have we seen so much turmoil in so many areas of life like we see today. The civil world, natural world, economic world and religious world are ALL in turmoil. The whole world is convulsing and we need our lives to be consecrated and surrendered to Jesus Christ like never before! Just take a look at some of the recent news from around the world: "Catalonia decends into violence as Protestors battle with police." - "Hong Kong Protests reach a life threatening level." - "Mass protests in Iraq lead to 100 deaths and 6,000 injuries." - "Army deployed in Ecuador as protests descend into violence." - "Thousands of people arrested in UK as 'Extinction Rebellion' stretches police force." - "Scientists endorse mass civil disobedience to force climate action." 

MaryLu Here:
Even though things are bad and getting worse, this is no cause for Alarm. Fear and terror should not be a part of a true believer's vocabulary. The Lord warned us this would happen. Please take these signs as an encouragement that we are close to going home. In the meantime, the Lord will protect those who are His.  I encourage you to open your Bible and claim those promises of protection over your entire family. 

Psalm 91, Luke 10:19, Isaiah 54:7   and others!  He will never leave us!

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She Walks In Majesty Cover Reveal and Preorder!

I'm thrilled to announce the PRE-Order release of She Walks in Majesty, Book 3 of The Protectors of the Spear trilogy. I love the covers of the entire series, but this last one is my favorite. I hope you like it as much as I do.  Here's more about the book. 

A lady facing an impossible task
A knight seeking revenge for the murder of his family
A powerful man intent on killing them both
Will the power of the Spear be enough to save them?

With only a worn document in hand and the Spear of Destiny strapped to her thigh, Seraphina de Mobray, the new Protector of the Spear, must convince the king that her friends are innocent of treason and witchcraft. Who is she to embark on such a lofty task but a lowly servant, an orphan abandoned at birth? Yet each step of the way, the Spear grants her favor and opens a path for her to enter the royal palace. What she finds there is naught but lies, greed, and a danger that threatens her very existence.

Sir Damien LaRage, knight of the elite King's Guard would do anything to protect Seraphina and save his friends, anything except give up his quest for revenge against the person who murdered his parents. Returning to court, to a world of secrets, deceit, and power is exhilarating at first. Then things become dangerous when he must protect Seraphina from those would do her harm. Even
himself. For he soon discovers that he must choose between saving her or avenging his parents’ deaths.

The king is ill, and evil takes over the throne as Seraphina must run for her life, and Damien is left to battle against forces not of this world. Meanwhile, darkness suffocates the Knights of the Eternal realm. leaving them defenseless against wicked powers that have taken over Luxley. Only Seraphina and the Spear of Destiny can save them now.

The release date is set for February 14th!  What a great Valentine's Day gift!!  

Order the Kindle now at a special Pre-Order price of only $3.99!  I'm releasing it only on Kindle at first, but I plan on putting it on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Itunes at a later date.

Also I expect the paperback to be released around the same time as the Kindle version.  

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I love this story, and I hope you will too!  

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Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.
John 14:1-3