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Legacy of the King's Pirates, 6


Captain Reena Charlisse Hyde always gets what she wants. She wanted to be the best female pirate on the Caribbean and she is. She wants to find the mythical Fountain of Youth and she knows the location of the map. And now after searching across the Caribbean for the man she intends to marry, she has found him. There are only two problems. He doesn't want to be found, and he's on board a Royal Navy frigate—the last place a pirate should venture.

Frederick Carlton thought he was finally safe from the woman who held his heart. But her attempt to rescue him labels him a deserter from the Royal Navy. He’s turned his life over to God and plans on being a preacher, but every moment he spends with Reena drives him deeper into a past he longs to forget.

Mutinies, deserted islands, treasure maps, battles, traitors, and villains send the couple sailing on a tsunami of adventure throughout the Caribbean in search of the Fountain of Youth. Frederick longs to escape the lure of the woman he loves. Reena longs for Frederick to love her again. But in the end, they will both have to choose between eternal youth or the lives of everyone they love.

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What Others are Saying

Once again, author MaryLu Tyndall delivers a swashbuckling tale with plenty of intrigue and a heartwarming romance to boot. Michelle Griep, award-winning author of The Captured Bride and The Innkeeper's Daughter.

There were so many things I loved about this book. I love the adventure, the romance, and the family support and commitment that is shown throughout the story....As always, I didn't want to put the book down until I was done!  Musings by Mandy

A multitude of exciting adventure to enjoy in the pages of this story! From the expected sword fights and a treasure map to villains, traitors, and mutinies. You are sure to enjoy this exciting, fast-paced tale of adventure. Joy of Reading

Marylu Tyndall has an awesome gift weaving the lives of her characters and their adventures with integrity, love and honor. Get your inner pirate ready for some fun Luv2Read

What I enjoyed most--aside from the pirate adventures, romance, and suspenseful action--was the realness of Ms. Tyndall's characters. Wordy Nerdy Blog

Love this classic MaryLu Tyndall work: Romance, Adventure, and real spirituality  Jamie Rohrbaugh reviews

The Reckless is, in a word, WOW. This book has so much to offer....romance, adventure, intrigue, pirates,familiar characters, visions of the spiritual realm and tears. Yes,tears. I found it hard to get through the last chapter of this wonderful book, because I couldn't see past the tears welling up inmy eyes.
Captain Reena Charlisse Hyde and Frederick Carlton will set your heart on such an adventure, you won'twant to step back into reality. Mutiny, treasure maps to the Fountain of Youth....and so much more!  Chaplain Debbie Mitchell reviews

I have read many historical fiction novels but never before have I been so captivated by a story as I have been with The Reckless.   The Redheaded Book lover reviews

Marylu is without a doubt my favorite author! She has a gift from the Lord to bring the supernatural kingdom of God and the love of God into fiction that is fresh revelation for the soul and life to the spirit, by the Spirit.  Peri Wood, reviewer

Legacy of the King's Pirates is by far one of the best collections to pour over. Each book is better than the last...I highly recommend this author! Every sense and emotion is engaged throughout the book displaying the high calibre of creativity from author.  Cheyenne reviews --This text refers to the paperback edition.

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