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Guardians of the Saints, 3


3 1/2 Years Into the Tribulation

Everything Thomas Benton ever wanted is finally within his reach. As Vice-Regent in the New World Faith Union, he is two steps beneath the spiritual adviser to Premier Immu Aali, the leader of the world. He has wealth, power, prestige and any pleasure he wishes. But memories of his best friend’s execution haunt him day and night. Why does he care? His job has been to eradicate all Deviants from the planet, and he’s been good at it...until one fateful day when he’s assigned to either break or execute a particularly powerful Deviant, the only woman he has ever loved.

Tori Griffin can hardly believe her high-school sweetheart has been ordered to send her to the guillotine. Not that she isn’t ready to die for her Lord, but she still has work to do, saints to protect, souls to save…especially Thomas, who still has a place in her mind, if not her heart.

When the couple is forced to run from the authorities, Tori isn’t sure that Thomas can be trusted. Yet with God’s guidance, she leads a rag-tag group of saints through a world devastated by more evil and wickedness than she’s ever seen. Angels surround them, protecting and cheering them on, as Tori must pass several tests to fulfill her mission. In the end, however, Thomas will be faced with the greatest test of all.

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What Others are Saying

A powerful ending to a series you're not going to want to miss! When Angels Rejoice is the stunning end to the Guardians of the Saints series that will have you biting your nails until the last page. Written in the style of Left Behind, this story takes you to the grand finale of planet Earth and will leave you cheering for the saints and the great Creator who is the author of time. If you're curious about End times, this is the series for you!"
--Michelle Griep, Christy award-winning author of Lost in Darkness


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